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We are pleased to announce that, as of August 17, 2014, Ratings Central provides the official ratings/rankings for the Edinburgh and Lothians Table Tennis League! See the links at the top of the page for the other associations that Ratings Central provides official ratings/rankings for.

In addition to checking out your own table tennis (Ping-Pong) rating and those of your friends, be sure to check out the ratings and rankings of the players on the International Table Tennis Federation World Tour, as well as the players in many professional, collegiate, and club leagues.

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Recent Events
11/20/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 1)TTMMNUSATT
11/20/2014Minnesota Day Time PongTTMMNUSATT
11/19/2014Wed Mass @ The DojoTDTTCWAUSATT
11/19/2014Bloomington Elite LeagueMNUSATT
11/19/2014Rochester, MN Wednesday LeagueRTTCMNUSATT
11/19/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League Week07GVTTCNYUSATT
11/19/2014STTTA Spring Roster Vets WkSouthernAUSTT
11/18/2014Pong @ The Yard Tuesday LeaguePTYORUSATT
11/18/2014DTTC November League 2014 (III)DTTCNYUSATT
11/18/2014GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week07GVTTCNYUSATT
11/18/20142014-2015 Individuels 80 ā 70FSGTFRATT
11/18/2014NTTTA 2014 Spring Roster Round 10NorthernAUSTT
11/18/2014Minnesota Tuesday Open RRTTMMNUSATT
11/18/2014Minnesota Day Time PongTTMMNUSATT
11/18/2014Port Macquarie Club Champs Week 2PMTTCAUSTT
11/17/2014Pong @ The YardPTYORUSATT
11/17/2014Edinburgh & Lothians League: Nov 17 - Nov 23 2014SCOTT
11/17/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week07GVTTCNYUSATT
11/17/2014LIGA Cornilleau - Zala Mega Spin SofiaMSBULTT
11/17/2014WTTV Herren MS 14/15, Runde 9 (Dg. 1)WTTVAUTTT
11/16/2014Pong @ The Yard Sunday LeaguePTYORUSATT
11/16/2014Dynamo TTC Cup 2014 (44)DTTCNYUSATT
11/16/2014WTTV Wiener Meisterschaften AK, U21, U18 2014WTTVAUTTT
11/16/2014WTTV Damen/Senioren/Nachwuchs 14/15 (KW 45/2014)WTTVAUTTT
11/16/2014StTTV STM Senioren 2014 (Mannschaft)StTTVAUTTT

TT = Table Tennis. HTT = Hardbat Table Tennis. STT = Sandpaper Table Tennis.
Events: 15,011. Players: 60,698. Matches: 1,791,395.

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