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Blitz Monday League
Summary Report

37062Antoniadis, Nikos1235±33−101225±31
16710Ardahan, Suha1300±38−191281±35
39355Battles, Derrin1032±32−81024±30
38841Birck, Jon1072±30+101082±29
47231Brody, Jay1023±25−11022±24
42707Bulochnik, Alex905±330905±31
36541Elardo, Rich1228±28−41224±27
41597Gifford, Jonathan907±33−17890±31
39262Hegarty, Mark974±31+3977±29
36863Kamens, David983±33+2985±30
34985Kimball, Anton936±35−19917±32
25644Lackie, Frank916±27−1915±26
47230Mandelbaum, Sean1123±30−81115±28
36547Oja, Doug889±260889±25
37518Potter, Allen959±35+19978±32
36862Ramage, Brian1225±32+111236±30
50380Schock, Phil1290±27+111301±26
34408Smith, Bryna1096±27+71103±26
7507Titrud, Tim1296±27−91287±26
40019Vanneman, Brian885±31+15900±30
7607Whitlow, Richard1258±32+131271±29
16713Yoder, Brian1341±32−41337±31

Detailed Report
Summary Report sorted by Initial Rating, Point Change, Final Rating

Players: 22. Matches: 40. Club: Blitz Table Tennis. State: Oregon. Country: United States (USA). Director: Titrud, Tim. Sport: Table Tennis. Event ID: 9685. Last modified: 8/18/2015 9:53 am EDT.

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