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Masoud, Hassan

All Events
4/15/20112011 NCTTA College Nationals1819±95+501869±75
2/18/2011NCTTA Georgia Division Spring 2011 Tournament1817±92+21819±91
10/31/2010NCTTA Georgia Division Fall 2010 Tournament1817±8401817±84
4/10/20102010 NCTTA Collegiate Nationals1685±76+1321817±66
2/19/2010ACUI Region 6 2010 Tournament1609±79+761685±71
2/14/2010NCTTA Georgia Division Spring 2010 Tournament1658±95−491609±79
11/15/2009NCTTA Georgia Division Fall 2009 Tournament1732±125−741658±88
10/24/2009NCTTA Georgia Division Fall 2009 Tournament1732±12401732±124
2/10/2008NCTTA Upstate NY Division Spring 2008 Tournament2049±157−3171732±83
11/4/2007NCTTA Upstate NY Division Fall 2007 Tournament1900±200+1492049±153

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