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Williams, Matt

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3/19/2016Maine March Madness Table Tennis Tournament1087±137−135952±59
9/4/2012Bangor League Night1077±43+101087±39
8/21/2012Bangor League Night1087±44−101077±41
8/7/2012Bangor League Night1069±46+181087±42
7/3/2012Bangor League Night1079±45−101069±41
5/15/2012Bangor League Night1085±40−61079±37
5/1/2012Bangor League Night1114±41−291085±37
4/16/2012Maine Table Tennis League In-House Championship1122±40−81114±39
4/3/2012Bangor League Night1142±41−201122±38
3/20/2012Bangor League Night1124±41+181142±39
3/19/2012Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1134±43−101124±41
3/6/2012Bangor League Night1152±46−181134±41
2/7/2012Bangor League Night1148±43+41152±41
1/21/20122012 Bridgton Winter Carvnival Table Tennis1167±48−191148±41
1/10/2012Bangor League Night1203±51−361167±46
12/6/2011Bangor League Night1199±48+41203±46
11/19/2011Maine State Table Tennis Championships1152±55+471199±46
11/7/2011Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1114±57+381152±53
10/31/2011Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1071±62+431114±56
10/17/2011Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1079±63−81071±61
10/3/2011Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1080±62−11079±62
6/25/2011Maine Games 20111116±54−361080±50
5/3/2011Bangor League Night1103±51+131116±47
4/5/2011Bangor League Night1164±49−611103±47
3/21/2011Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1166±48−21164±47
3/14/2011Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1168±48−21166±47
1/31/2011Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1169±42−11168±41
1/25/2011Bangor and Lewiston Team Play1177±42−81169±40
1/22/2011Bridgton Winter Carnival Table Tennis Tournament1087±54+901177±42
12/6/2010Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1088±48−11087±48
11/20/2010Maine State Table Tennis Championship1080±48+81088±46
11/2/2010Bangor League Night1064±48+161080±45
10/24/2010MIT Fall Open 20101083±53−191064±47
9/7/2010Bangor League Night1110±51−271083±47
8/3/2010Bangor League Night1096±49+141110±46
7/6/2010Bangor League Night1089±47+71096±45
6/26/2010Maine Games1130±49−411089±46
6/11/2010Bangor League Night1153±52−231130±47
5/4/2010Bangor League Night1126±50+271153±47
4/5/2010Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1128±47−21126±46
2/23/2010Bangor League Night1124±44+41128±41
2/2/2010Bangor League Night1089±44+351124±40
1/23/2010Bridgton Winter Carnival1093±50−41089±42
12/29/2009Bangor League Night1070±50+231093±46
12/8/2009Bangor League Night1042±53+281070±47
11/23/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1051±53−91042±51
11/21/2009State of Maine Table Tennis Championships990±60+611051±53
11/16/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night988±61+2990±59
10/26/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night994±60−6988±58
10/20/2009Bangor League Night945±69+49994±59
10/12/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night877±71+68945±69
10/5/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night881±72−4877±71
4/20/2009Maine Table Tennis League In-House Open877±57+4881±54
4/6/2009Maine Table Tennis League915±60−38877±55
3/30/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night913±61+2915±59
3/23/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night913±600913±60
3/16/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night905±62+8913±60
3/9/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night906±62−1905±61
2/16/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night898±62+8906±60
2/9/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night898±610898±61
2/2/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night899±61−1898±60
1/26/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night892±62+7899±60
1/19/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night877±66+15892±61
12/15/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night883±64−6877±62
12/1/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night883±630883±63
10/25/2008Maine Table Tennis Giant Round Robin862±65+21883±59
5/10/2008Maine Spring Open 2008869±51−7862±45
4/14/2008Maine Table Tennis League-End of Year Tournament860±50+9869±47
4/8/2008Bangor League Night758±56+102860±49
2/4/2008Maine Table tennis League Monday Night754±49+4758±48
1/7/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night726±49+28754±45
12/10/2007Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night725±48+1726±44
11/19/2007Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night718±49+7725±45
11/12/2007Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night666±56+52718±48
11/5/2007Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night680±59−14666±56
10/8/2007Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night666±61+14680±55
10/1/2007Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night699±65−33666±60
5/5/2007Maine Spring Table Tennis Open681±52+18699±47
4/23/2007Maine TT League In-House Tournament695±53−14681±50
2/26/2007Maine TT Monday Night League696±45−1695±45
2/19/2007Maine TT Monday Night League691±45+5696±44
2/12/2007Maine TT Monday Night League706±48−15691±44
2/5/2007Maine TT Monday Night League756±57−50706±47
1/29/2007Maine TT Monday Night League802±58−46756±56
1/15/2007Maine TT Monday Night League806±61−4802±56
12/11/2006Maine TT Monday Night League803±58+3806±57
11/27/2006Maine TT Monday Night League803±560803±56
11/13/2006Maine TT Monday Night League846±57−43803±55
10/30/2006Maine TT Monday Night League843±56+3846±55
10/16/2006Maine TT Monday Night League839±56+4843±55
10/9/2006Maine TT Monday Night League876±62−37839±55
9/25/2006Maine TT League Monday Night League834±62+42876±60
9/18/2006Monday Night League 9/18/06802±68+32834±61
5/6/2006Maine Table Tennis League Spring Open 2006754±59+48802±52
4/3/2006Maine Table Tennis League B and C Division757±67−3754±55
3/27/2006Maine Table Tennis League March 2006746±69+11757±66
2/28/2006Maine Table Tennis League February 2006513±88+233746±67
1/29/2006Maine Table Tennis League January 2006554±98−41513±86
9/19/2005Monday 9/19500±100+54554±89

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