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Karasik, Isak

All Events
4/21/2015DTTC April League 2015 (III)1109±39+211130±36
4/14/2015DTTC April League 2015 (II)1104±40+51109±37
3/31/2015DTTC March League 2015 (V)1105±38−11104±38
3/17/2015DTTC March League 2015 (III)1097±39+81105±35
2/24/2015DTTC February League 2015 (IV)1083±36+141097±35
2/22/2015Dynamo TTC Cup 2015 (8)1083±3901083±36
2/17/2015DTTC February League 2015 (III)1069±42+141083±38
2/15/2015Dynamo TTC Cup 2015 (7)1085±43−161069±41
2/8/2015Dynamo TTC Cup 2015 (6)1092±44−71085±42
1/6/2015DTTC January League 2015 (I)1097±42−51092±38
12/30/2014DTTC December League 2014 (V)1101±42−41097±41
12/9/2014DTTC December League 2014 (II)1096±40+51101±38
11/18/2014DTTC November League 2014 (III)1101±37−51096±37
11/11/2014DTTC November League 2014 (II)1115±38−141101±36
11/4/2014DTTC November League 2014 (I)1125±38−101115±37
10/21/2014DTTC October Laegue 2014 (III)1124±38+11125±35
9/30/2014DTTC September League 2014 (V)1128±36−41124±34
9/23/2014DTTC September League 2014 (IV)1145±36−171128±35
9/16/2014DTTC September League 2014 (III)1162±37−171145±35
9/9/2014DTTC September League 2014 (II)1145±39+171162±36
9/2/2014DTTC September League 2014 (I)1143±38+21145±38
8/26/2014DTTC August League 2014 (IV)1147±40−41143±37
8/12/2014DTTC August League 2014 (II)1150±40−31147±37
7/29/2014DTTC July League 2014 (V)1139±40+111150±37
7/22/2014DTTC July League 2014 (IV)1127±40+121139±38
7/15/2014DTTC July League 2014 (III)1138±41−111127±39
7/8/2014DTTC July League 2014 (II)1138±4001138±40
7/1/2014DTTC July League 2014 (I)1109±41+291138±39
6/24/2014DTTC June League 2014 (IV)1116±42−71109±40
6/17/2014DTTC June League 2014 (III)1117±41−11116±40
6/10/2014DTTC June League 2014 (II)1101±41+161117±40
5/27/2014DTTC May League 2014 (IV)1101±3901101±39
5/20/2014DTTC May League 2014 (III)1101±3801101±38
5/13/2014DTTC May League 2014 (II)1123±38−221101±37
5/6/2014DTTC May Laegue 2014 (I)1104±36+191123±36
4/29/2014DTTC April League 2014 (IV)1095±36+91104±35
4/22/2014DTTC April League 2014 (III)1090±36+51095±35
4/8/2014DTTC April League 2014 (II)1112±35−221090±33
4/1/2014DTTC April League 2014 (I)1115±34−31112±33
3/30/2014Dynamo TTC Cup 2014 (13)1111±35+41115±34
3/18/2014DTTC March League 2014 (III)1125±33−141111±32
3/16/2014Dynamo TTC Cup 2014 (11)1111±37+141125±33
3/9/2014Dynamo TTC Cup 2014 (10)1118±38−71111±36
2/25/2014DTTC February League 2014 (IV)1118±3601118±36
2/18/2014DTTC February League 2014 (III)1124±36−61118±34
2/11/2014DTTC February League 2014 (II)1133±37−91124±35
2/4/2014DTTC February League 2014 (I)1143±37−101133±35
1/28/2014DTTC January League 2014 (IV)1133±37+101143±36
1/26/2014Dynamo TTC Cup 2014 (4)1143±39−101133±36
1/14/2014DTTC January league 2014 (II)1144±38−11143±37
1/12/2014Dynamo TTC Cup 2014 (2)1187±40−431144±37
1/7/2014DTTC January League 2014 (I)1170±40+171187±39
1/5/2014DynamoTTC Cup 2014 (1)1202±45−321170±40
12/24/2013DTTC December League 2013 (IV)1208±44−61202±43
12/17/2013DTTC December League 2013 (III)1214±45−61208±43
12/10/2013DTTC November League 2013 (II)1204±46+101214±44
12/3/2013DTTC December League 2013 (I)1204±4601204±45
11/26/2013DTTC November League 2013 (IV)1192±47+121204±45
11/19/2013DTTC November League 2013 (III)1193±47−11192±46
11/12/2013DTTC November League 2013 (II)1181±48+121193±46
10/15/2013DTTC October Laegue 2013 (III)1172±46+91181±44
10/8/2013DTTC October League 2013 (II)1166±46+61172±45
10/1/2013DTTC October League 2013 (I)1144±50+221166±45
9/17/2013DTTC September League 2013 (III)1147±49−31144±48
9/10/2013DTTC September League 2013 (II)1153±49−61147±48
9/3/2013DTTC September League 2913 (I)1156±49−31153±48
8/27/2013DTTC August League 2013 (iV)1156±4801156±48
8/20/2013DTTC August League 2013 (III)1162±49−61156±47
8/13/2013DTTC August League 2013 (II)1166±49−41162±48
7/9/2013DTTC July League 2013 (II)1177±46−111166±44
7/2/2013DTTC July League 2013 (I)1212±48−351177±45
6/17/2013DTTC June League 2013 (III)1224±48−121212±46
6/11/2013DTTC June League 2013 (II)1235±50−111224±47
6/4/2013DTTC June Laegue 2013 (I)1217±53+181235±49
5/21/2013DTTC May League 2013 (II)1239±55−221217±52
5/7/2013DTTC May League 2013 (I)1238±54+11239±53
4/30/2013DTTC April League 2013 (V)1207±57+311238±53
4/23/2013DTTC April League 2013 (IV)1252±58−451207±56
4/16/2013DTTC April League 2013 (III)1251±58+11252±57
4/9/2013DTTC April League 2013 (II)1251±5801251±57
4/2/2013DTTC April League 2013 (I)1290±62−391251±57
10/16/2012DTTC October League 2012 (III)1284±41+61290±39
9/23/2012Dynamo TTC Cup 2012 (35)1260±42+241284±37
9/11/2012DTTC September Laegue 2012 (II)1264±41−41260±40
9/4/2012DTTC September League 2012 (I)1244±41+201264±40
8/28/2012DTTC August League 2012 (IV)1250±41−61244±40
8/21/2012DTTC August League 2012 (III)1282±42−321250±39
8/7/2012DTTC August League 2012 (I)1278±41+41282±40
7/31/2012DTTC July League 2012 (V)1283±41−51278±40
7/24/2012DTTC July League 2012 (IV)1277±42+61283±40
7/3/2012DTTC July League 2012(I)1296±40−191277±39
6/19/2012DTTC June League 2012 (III)1280±39+161296±37
6/5/2012DTTC June League 2012 (I)1292±37−121280±36
5/29/2012DTTC May League 2012 (V)1303±37−111292±36
5/22/2012DTTC May League 2012 (IV)1293±38+101303±36
5/15/2012DTTC May League 2012 (III)1285±38+81293±36
5/8/2012DTTC May League 2012 (II)1268±37+171285±36
5/1/2012DTTC May League 2012 (I)1276±36−81268±35
4/24/2012DTTC April League 2012 (IV)1262±36+141276±35
4/22/2012Dynamo TTC Cup 2012 (15)1239±39+231262±36
4/17/2012DTTC April League 2012 (III)1248±39−91239±38
4/3/2012DTTC April League 2012 (I)1247±38+11248±36
3/27/2012DTTC March League 2012 (IV)1254±38−71247±37
3/20/2012DTTC March Laegue 2012 (III)1262±37−81254±36
3/13/2012DTTC March League 2012 (II)1269±37−71262±36
3/11/2012Dynamo TTC Cup 2012 (10)1283±40−141269±37
3/6/2012DTTC March League 2012 (I)1279±40+41283±39
2/21/2012DTTC February League 2012 (III)1269±39+101279±38
2/14/2012DTTC February League 2012 (II)1263±39+61269±38
1/31/2012DTTC January League 2012 (V)1246±38+171263±36
1/24/2012DTTC January League 2012 (IV)1228±37+181246±36
1/17/2012DTTC January League 2012 (III)1236±37−81228±36
1/10/2012DTTC January League 2012 (II)1243±36−71236±35
12/20/2011DTTC December Legue 2011 (III)1243±3201243±32
12/18/2011Dynamo TTC Cup 2011 (50)1232±35+111243±32
12/13/2011DTTC December League 2011(II)1207±36+251232±34
12/6/2011DTTC December League 2011 (I)1217±37−101207±35
11/29/2011DTTC November League 2011 (V)1221±37−41217±35
11/22/2011DTTC November League 2011 (IV)1231±36−101221±35
11/15/2011DTTC November League 2011 (III)1236±36−51231±35
11/8/2011DTTC November League 2011 (II)1241±36−51236±35
11/1/2011DTTC November Laegue 2011 (I)1234±35+71241±34
10/30/2011Dynamo TTC Cup 2011 (43)1222±40+121234±35
10/25/2011DTTC October League 2011 (IV)1234±40−121222±39
10/18/2011DTTC October League 2011 (III)1237±40−31234±39
10/11/2011DTTC October League 2011 (II)1246±40−91237±38
10/4/2011DTTC October League 2011 (I)1262±40−161246±38
9/27/2011DTTC September League 2011 (IV)1257±39+51262±38
9/20/2011DTTC September League 2011 (III)1263±39−61257±38
9/18/2011Dynamo TTC Cup 2011 (37)1280±44−171263±39
9/13/2011DTTC September League 2011 (II)1261±45+191280±43
8/23/2011DTTC August League 2011 (IV)1259±42+21261±42
8/16/2011DTTC August League 2011 (III)1259±4201259±41
8/9/2011DTTC August League 2011 (II)1275±42−161259±40
8/2/2011DTTC August League 2011 (I)1269±42+61275±40
7/26/2011DTTC July League 2011 (IV)1248±42+211269±41
7/19/2011DTTC July League 2011 (III)1252±42−41248±41
7/12/2011DTTC July League 2011 (II)1247±42+51252±40
7/5/2011DTTC July League 2011 (I)1247±4101247±41
6/28/2011DTTC June League 2011 (III)1236±41+111247±39
6/21/2011DTTC June League 2011 (II)1241±41−51236±40
6/14/2011DTTC June League 2011 (I)1221±41+201241±40
5/31/2011DTTC May League 2011 (V)1225±40−41221±39
5/24/2011DTTC May League 2011 (IV)1228±39−31225±38
5/3/2011DTTC May League 2011 (I)1238±36−101228±35
4/26/2011DTTC April League 2011 (III)1230±37+81238±34
4/12/2011DTTC April League 2011 (II)1229±34+11230±34
4/3/2011Dynamo TTC Cup 2011 (14)1244±36−151229±32
3/29/2011DTTC March League 2011 (V)1244±3601244±35
3/22/2011DTTC March League 2011 (IV)1231±36+131244±34
3/20/2011Dynamo TTC Cup 2011 (12)1233±41−21231±35
3/15/2011DTTC March League 2011 (III)1234±42−11233±40
3/8/2011DTTC March League 2011 (II)1237±41−31234±41
3/1/2011DTTC March League 2011 (I)1237±4101237±40
2/22/2011DTTC February League 2011 (IV)1236±40+11237±40
2/15/2011DTTC February League 2011 (III)1237±40−11236±39
2/8/2011DTTC February League 2011 (II)1239±39−21237±38
2/1/2011DTTC February League 2011 (I)1242±38−31239±37
1/25/2011DTTC January League 2011 (IV)1243±37−11242±37
1/11/2011DTTC January League 2011 (II)1245±35−21243±34
1/4/2011DTTC January League 2011 (I)1239±34+61245±33
12/21/2010DTTC December League 2010 (III)1233±32+61239±31
12/14/2010DTTC December League 2010 (II)1230±31+31233±30
12/7/2010DTTC December League 2010 (I)1230±3001230±29
12/5/2010Dynamo TTC Cup 2010 (45)1236±32−61230±29
11/23/2010DTTC November League 2010 (IV)1232±30+41236±29
11/21/2010Dynamo TTC Cup 2010 (44)1228±32+41232±30
11/16/2010DTTC November League 2010 (III)1242±33−141228±31
11/9/2010DTTC November League 2010 (II)1259±32−171242±31
11/2/2010DTTC November League 2010 (I)1260±31−11259±31
10/31/2010Dynamo TTC Cup 2010 (41)1263±34−31260±31
10/26/2010DTTC October League 2010 (IV)1253±34+101263±33
10/19/2010DTTC October League 2010 (III)1248±35+51253±33
10/12/2010DTTC October League 2010 (II)1241±35+71248±33
10/5/2010DTTC October Laegue 2010 (I)1229±35+121241±33
9/28/2010DTTC September League 2010 (IV)1228±33+11229±33
9/21/2010DTTC September League 2010 (III)1216±35+121228±32
9/14/2010DTTC September League 2010 (II)1211±35+51216±34
9/7/2010DTTC September League 2010 (I)1204±35+71211±34
8/31/2010DTTC August League 2010 (V)1229±35−251204±34
8/24/2010DTTC August League 2010(IV)1228±36+11229±34
8/17/2010DTTC August League 2010 (III)1211±38+171228±34
8/3/2010DTTC August League 2010 (I)1199±36+121211±35
7/27/2010DTTC July League 2010 (IV)1208±36−91199±35
7/20/2010DTTC July League 2010(III)1199±38+91208±35
7/13/2010DTTC July League 2010(II)1202±39−31199±37
7/7/2010DTTC July League 2010(I)1206±39−41202±38
6/22/2010DTTC June League 2010 (III)1209±37−31206±36
6/15/2010DTTC June League 2010 (II)1217±36−81209±35
6/8/2010DTTC June League 2010(I)1212±37+51217±35
6/1/2010DTTC May League 2010 (IV)1194±37+181212±36
5/25/2010DTTC May League 2010 (III)1180±37+141194±35
5/11/2010DTTC May League 2010 (II)1184±35−41180±34
5/4/2010DTTC May League 2010 (I)1162±35+221184±33
4/27/2010DTTC April League 2010 (IV)1148±34+141162±33
4/20/2010DTTC April League 2010(III)1156±33−81148±32
4/13/2010DTTC April League 2010(II)1145±33+111156±32
4/6/2010DTTC April League 2010(I)1133±32+121145±31
4/4/2010Dynamo TTC Cup 2010 (13)1150±34−171133±32
3/16/2010DTTC March League 2010 (III)1144±32+61150±30
3/14/2010Dynamo TTC Cup 2010(10)1128±34+161144±31
3/9/2010DTTC March League 2010 (II)1157±33−291128±33
3/2/2010DTTC March League 2010 (I)1143±32+141157±31
2/23/2010DTTC February League 2010(IV)1149±31−61143±30
2/16/2010DTTC February League 2010(III)1137±30+121149±29
2/14/2010Dynamo TTC Cup 2010 (7)1131±33+61137±30
2/9/2010DTTC February League 2010(II)1128±33+31131±32
2/7/2010Dynamo TTC Cup 2010 (6)1140±34−121128±32
2/2/2010DTTC February Laegue 2010 (I)1140±3301140±33
1/26/2010DTTC January League 2010 (IV)1135±32+51140±31
1/24/2010Dynamo TTC Cup 2010 (4)1147±34−121135±31
1/12/2010DTTC January League 2010(II)1142±34+51147±32
1/10/2010Dynamo TTC Cup 2010(2)1129±34+131142±33
1/5/2010DTTC January League 2010(I)1136±34−71129±33
1/3/2010Dynamo TTC Cup 2010(1)1169±38−331136±34
12/22/2009DTTC December League (IV) 20091187±35−181169±35
12/15/2009DTTC December League (III) 20091187±3701187±34
12/8/2009DTTC December League (II) 20091212±37−251187±35
12/1/2009DTTC December League (I) 20091218±36−61212±35
11/24/2009DTTC November League (IV) 20091220±35−21218±35
11/10/2009DTTC November League (II) 20091225±33−51220±32
11/3/2009DTTC November League (I) 20091211±32+141225±32
11/1/2009Dynamo TTC Cup 2009(3)1207±34+41211±32
10/20/2009DTTC October(III) League 20091211±34−41207±32
10/18/2009Dynamo TTC Cup 2009(1)1183±37+281211±34
10/13/2009DTTC October (II) League 20091169±39+141183±36
10/6/2009DTTC October (I) League 20091164±39+51169±37
9/29/2009DTTC September (V) League 20091156±40+81164±38
9/8/2009DTTC September (II) League 20091157±38−11156±36
9/1/2009DTTC September (I) League 20091178±39−211157±37
8/25/2009DTTC August (IV) League 20091179±38−11178±38
8/18/2009DTTC August (III) League 20091185±38−61179±37
8/11/2009DTTC August (II) League 20091189±37−41185±37
8/4/2009DTTC August (I) League 20091170±36+191189±36
7/28/2009DTTC July (IV) League 20091178±38−81170±35
7/21/2009DTTC July (III) League 20091181±39−31178±36
7/14/2009DTTC July (II) League 20091174±39+71181±38
7/7/2009DTTC July (I) League 20091185±39−111174±38
6/30/2009DTTC June (V) League 20091187±38−21185±38
6/23/2009DTTC June (IV) League 20091187±3701187±37
6/16/2009DTTC June (III) League 20091176±37+111187±36
6/9/2009DTTC June (II) League 20091170±37+61176±35
6/2/2009DTTC June (I) League 20091179±36−91170±35
5/26/2009DTTC May (IV) League 20091167±37+121179±35
5/19/2009DTTC May (III) League 20091151±38+161167±36
5/12/2009DTTC May (II) League 20091177±39−261151±36
5/5/2009DTTC May (I) League 20091173±39+41177±37
4/28/2009DTTC April (IV) League 20091136±39+371173±38
4/16/2009DTTC April (II) League 20091098±38+381136±37
4/7/2009DTTC April (I) League 20091092±38+61098±37
3/31/2009DTTC March (IV) League 20091100±40−81092±36
3/24/2009DTTC March (III) League 20091106±40−61100±39
3/10/2009DTTC March (II) League 20091107±38−11106±38
3/3/2009DTTC March (I) League 20091093±38+141107±36
2/17/2009DTTC February (III) League 20091093±3801093±35
2/3/2009DTTC February (I) League 20091106±37−131093±35
1/27/2009DTTC January (IV) League 20091108±37−21106±35
1/20/2009DTTC January (III) League 20091109±36−11108±36
1/13/2009DTTC January (II) League 20091116±36−71109±35
1/6/2009DTTC January (I) League 20091091±35+251116±35
12/30/2008DTTC December (V) League 20081088±34+31091±34
12/16/2008DTTC December (III) League 20081096±35−81088±31
12/9/2008DTTC December (II) League 20081079±36+171096±34
12/2/2008DTTC December (I) League 20081091±36−121079±34
11/25/2008DTTC November (IV) League 20081114±39−231091±34
11/18/2008DTTC November (III) League 20081108±40+61114±38
11/4/2008DTTC November (I) League 20081107±38+11108±37
10/28/2008DTTC October (IV) League 20081105±39+21107±37
10/16/2008DTTC October (III) League 20081100±39+51105±37
10/7/2008DTTC October (II) League 20081096±41+41100±38
10/2/2008DTTC October (I) League 20081094±41+21096±40
9/2/2008DTTC September (I) League 20081086±37+81094±36
8/26/2008DTTC August (IV) League 20081068±37+181086±35
8/19/2008DTTC August (III) League 20081071±38−31068±36
7/29/2008DTTC July (V) League 20081075±35−41071±34
7/22/2008DTTC July (IV) League 20081074±36+11075±34
7/15/2008DTTC July (III) League 20081076±37−21074±35
7/1/2008DTTC July (I) League 20081076±3401076±34
6/24/2008DTTC June (IV) League 20081077±34−11076±33
6/17/2008DTTC June (III) League 20081077±3401077±33
6/10/2008DTTC June (II) League 20081045±37+321077±33
6/3/2008DTTC June (I) League 20081051±36−61045±36
5/27/2008DTTC May (IV) League 20081075±37−241051±35
5/20/2008DTTC May (III) League 20081060±40+151075±36
5/13/2008DTTC May (II) League 20081051±41+91060±38
5/6/2008DTTC May (I) League 20081030±40+211051±39
4/29/2008DTTC April (V) League 20081029±44+11030±39
4/8/2008DTTC April (II) League 20081023±42+61029±40
3/25/2008DTTC March (IV) League 20081050±46−271023±39
3/4/2008DTTC March (I) League 20081026±43+241050±42
2/19/2008DTTC February (III) League 20081026±4101026±41
2/12/2008DTTC February (II) League 20081039±41−131026±40
2/5/2008DTTC February (I) League 20081019±41+201039±40
1/22/2008DTTC January (III) League 20081011±42+81019±38
12/19/2007DTTC December (III) League 20071012±38−11011±36
12/11/2007DTTC December (II) League 20071002±41+101012±37
11/27/2007DTTC November (IV) League 20071001±38+11002±38
11/20/2007DTTC November (III) League 2007975±40+261001±37
11/6/2007DTTC November (I) League 2007979±38−4975±38
10/30/2007DTTC October (V) League 2007973±39+6979±37
10/23/2007DTTC October (IV) League 2007989±42−16973±38
10/16/2007DTTC October (III) League 2007976±48+13989±41
10/2/2007DTTC October (I) League 2007982±47−6976±46
8/14/2007DTTC August (II) League 2007971±42+11982±39
8/7/2007DTTC August (I) League 2007972±41−1971±41
7/31/2007DTTC July (V) League 2007966±41+6972±40
7/24/2007DTTC July (IV) League 2007960±42+6966±40
7/17/2007DTTC July (III) League 2007947±44+13960±41
7/10/2007DTTC July (II) League 2007943±46+4947±43
7/3/2007DTTC July (I) League 2007944±45−1943±45
6/19/2007DTTC June (III) League 2007988±51−44944±43
5/8/2007DTTC May (I) League 2007975±48+13988±45
3/27/2007DTTC March (IV) League 2007977±44−2975±41
3/6/2007DTTC March (I) League 2007981±42−4977±41
2/27/2007DTTC February (IV) League 2007984±41−3981±41
1/30/2007DTTC January (V) League 20071013±39−29984±36
1/23/2007DTTC January (IV) League 20071009±39+41013±38
1/2/2007DTTC January (I) League 20071011±36−21009±35
12/26/2006DTTC December (IV) League 2006995±36+161011±34
12/19/2006DTTC December (III) League 20061022±39−27995±35
12/5/2006DTTC December (I) League 20061019±37+31022±36
11/28/2006DTTC November (IV) League 2006997±38+221019±36
11/21/2006DTTC November (III) League 2006987±39+10997±36
11/14/2006DTTC November (II) League 2006996±39−9987±38
10/31/2006DTTC October (V) League 20061000±40−4996±37
10/24/2006DTTC October (IV) League 2006999±40+11000±39
10/17/2006DTTC October (III) League 2006974±43+25999±39
10/3/2006DTTC October (I) League 2006972±41+2974±41
9/19/2006DTTC September (III) League 2006953±42+19972±39
9/12/2006DTTC September (II) League 2006963±43−10953±41
9/5/2006DTTC September (I) League 2006963±420963±42
8/29/2006DTTC August (V) League 2006961±43+2963±41
8/8/2006DTTC August (II) League 2006974±41−13961±40
8/1/2006DTTC August (I) League 2006974±400974±40
7/25/2006DTTC July (IV) League 2006969±40+5974±39
7/18/2006DTTC July (III) League 2006947±43+22969±38
7/11/2006DTTC July (II) League 2006948±42−1947±42
7/6/2006DTTC July (I) League 2006942±42+6948±41
6/27/2006DTTC June (IV) League 2006939±46+3942±41
6/6/2006DTTC June (I) League 2006964±42−25939±42
5/30/2006DTTC May (IV) League 2006966±41−2964±41
5/23/2006DTTC May (III) League 2006968±41−2966±40
5/16/2006DTTC May (II) League 2006972±44−4968±40
5/9/2006DTTC May (I) League 2006972±430972±43
5/2/2006DTTC April (IV) League 2006953±43+19972±41
4/25/2006DTTC April (III) League 2006969±44−16953±42
4/11/2006DTTC April (II) League 2006959±45+10969±42
4/4/2006DTTC April (I) League 2006943±46+16959±44
3/28/2006DTTC March (IV) League 2006943±450943±45
3/21/2006DTTC March (III) League 2006988±47−45943±44
3/14/2006DTTC March (II) League 2006971±53+17988±46
3/7/2006DTTC March (I) League 2006972±52−1971±52
2/28/2006DTTC February (IV) League 20061010±50−38972±51
2/21/2006DTTC February (III) League 20061010±5601010±49
2/7/2006DTTC February (I) League 20061012±54−21010±54
1/31/2006DTTC January (V) League 20061031±56−191012±53
1/24/2006DTTC January (IV) League 20061082±58−511031±55
1/17/2006DTTC January (III) League 20061103±61−211082±57
1/10/2006DTTC January (II) League 20061164±70−611103±60
1/3/2006DTTC January (I) League 20061198±76−341164±69
12/6/2005DTTC December (I) League 20051200±75−21198±74

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