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Cao, Trac B.

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5/26/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 8)1571±31−11570±29
5/19/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 7)1571±3101571±29
5/12/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 6)1573±31−21571±29
5/7/20167th Annual Northfield Table Tennis Tournament1587±31−141573±30
5/5/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 5)1595±33−81587±31
4/28/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 4)1599±33−41595±31
4/21/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 3)1588±33+111599±32
4/14/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 2)1582±33+61588±32
4/7/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 1)1571±33+111582±31
3/31/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 8)1580±32−91571±31
3/17/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 6)1572±30+81580±29
3/10/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 5)1584±31−121572±28
3/3/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 4)1588±31−41584±29
2/25/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 3)1609±31−211588±29
2/18/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 2)1595±31+141609±30
2/11/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 1)1586±32+91595±30
2/4/2016Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 8)1594±31−81586±30
1/28/2016Minnesota Super League(Session 2 - Week 7)1594±3201594±30
1/21/2016Minnesota Super League(Session 2 - Week 6)1599±33−51594±30
1/14/2016Minnesota Super League(Session 2 - Week 5)1609±34−101599±32
1/7/2016Minnesota Super League ( Session 2 - Week 4 )1603±36+61609±33
12/17/2015Minnesota Super League (Session 2 - Week 3)1611±34−81603±31
12/10/2015Minnesota Super League (Session 2 - Week 2)1586±35+251611±32
12/3/2015Minnesota Super League(Session 2 - Week 1)1592±36−61586±34
11/19/2015Minnesota Super League(Session 1 - Week 8)1620±37−281592±33
11/12/2015Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 7)1640±40−201620±36
11/5/2015Minnesota Super League(Session 1 Week 6)1631±40+91640±38
10/29/2015Minnesota Super League(Session 1 Week 5)1618±40+131631±39
10/22/2015Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 4)1628±40−101618±39
10/15/2015Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 3)1636±42−81628±39
10/8/2015Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 2)1643±44−71636±40
10/1/2015Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 1)1608±51+351643±43
5/21/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 8)1603±31+51608±29
5/14/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 7)1617±30−141603±29
5/7/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 6)1630±30−131617±29
5/2/20152015 Northfield 6th Annual Tournament1631±30−11630±29
4/30/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 5)1629±30+21631±29
4/23/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 4)1628±31+11629±29
4/16/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 3)1627±31+11628±29
4/9/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 2)1640±31−131627±29
4/2/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 1)1654±31−141640±29
3/26/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 8)1634±31+201654±29
3/19/2015Minnsota Super League (Session Three - Week 7)1630±30+41634±29
3/12/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 6)1642±30−121630±28
3/5/2015Minnsota Super League (Session Three - Week 5)1647±30−51642±28
2/26/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 4)1645±31+21647±29
2/19/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 3)1647±31−21645±29
2/12/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 2)1646±31+11647±29
2/5/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 1)1656±31−101646±29
1/29/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 8)1647±31+91656±30
1/22/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 7)1659±32−121647±29
1/15/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 6)1664±33−51659±30
1/8/2015Minnsota Super League (Session Two - Week 5)1659±34+51664±31
12/18/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Two - Week 4)1646±33+131659±30
12/11/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 3)1660±33−141646±31
12/4/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 2)1671±35−111660±32
11/20/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 1)1664±34+71671±32
11/13/2014Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 8)1651±35+131664±32
11/6/2014Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 7)1620±35+311651±33
10/30/2014Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 6)1631±35−111620±34
10/23/2014Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 5)1632±36−11631±34
10/16/2014Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 4)1651±37−191632±34
10/9/2014Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 3)1637±41+141651±36
10/2/2014Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 2)1619±43+181637±39
9/18/2014Minnesota Super League1624±48−51619±41
5/22/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Eight)1622±29+21624±27
5/15/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Seven)1624±28−21622±27
5/8/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Six)1629±28−51624±27
5/3/2014Northfield 5th Annual Tournament1620±28+91629±27
5/1/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Five)1623±29−31620±28
4/24/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Four)1607±30+161623±28
4/17/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Four - Week Three)1592±30+151607±28
4/10/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Four - Week Two)1590±30+21592±28
4/3/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week One)1590±3001590±28
3/27/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Eight)1591±30−11590±28
3/20/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Seven)1581±30+101591±28
3/13/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Six)1601±31−201581±29
3/6/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Five)1592±31+91601±29
2/27/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Four)1589±31+31592±29
2/13/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Three)1590±30−11589±28
2/6/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week Two)1565±30+251590±28
1/30/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week One)1547±29+181565±28
1/25/20142014 Minnesota State Championships1536±32+111547±28
1/23/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Eight)1531±33+51536±31
1/16/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Seven)1545±34−141531±31
1/9/2014Minnesota Super League1544±35+11545±32
1/2/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Five)1553±35−91544±33
12/19/2013Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Four)1573±35−201553±32
12/12/2013Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Three)1582±36−91573±33
12/5/2013Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Two)1561±36+211582±34
11/21/2013Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week One)1601±35−401561±33
11/14/2013Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Eight)1611±36−101601±33
11/7/2013Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Seven)1611±3701611±35
10/24/2013Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Five)1621±37−101611±34
10/17/2013Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Four)1620±40+11621±36
10/10/2013Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Three)1604±42+161620±39
10/3/2013Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Two)1608±46−41604±41
9/26/2013Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week One)1647±52−391608±45
5/9/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 8)1636±30+111647±28
5/4/20132013 Northfield Open1640±30−41636±29
5/2/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 7)1624±32+161640±30
4/25/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 6)1630±31−61624±30
4/18/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 5)1633±30−31630±29
4/11/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 4)1646±30−131633±28
4/4/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 3)1654±30−81646±29
3/28/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 2)1639±30+151654±29
3/21/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 1)1630±30+91639±29
3/14/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 8)1643±30−131630±28
3/7/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 7)1655±30−121643±28
2/28/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 6)1651±30+41655±28
2/21/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 5)1655±30−41651±28
2/14/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 4)1650±29+51655±28
2/7/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 3)1661±29−111650±27
1/31/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 2)1669±28−81661±27
1/26/20132013 MN State Championships1672±31−31669±27
1/24/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 1)1649±32+231672±30
1/17/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 2 - Week 8)1655±32−61649±31
1/10/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 2 - Week 7)1674±33−191655±31
1/3/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 2 - Week 6)1673±34+11674±32
12/27/2012Minnesota Super League (Session 2 - Week 5)1679±36−61673±33
12/20/2012Minnesota Super League (Session 2, Week 4)1671±38+81679±35
12/13/2012Minnesota Super League (Session 2, Week 3)1658±39+131671±37
12/6/2012Minnesota Super League (Session 2, Week 2)1671±40−131658±38
11/29/2012Minnesota Super League (Session 2, Week 1)1671±3901671±39
11/3/20122012 Minnesota Fall Classic1704±40−331671±34
11/1/2012Minnesota Super League1695±46+91704±40
10/27/2012RTTC VS St. Adalberts TT Club1687±47+81695±45
10/10/2012SATTC Wednesday Double Elimination Fall1683±46+41687±44
10/3/2012SATTC Wednesday Fall League1682±46+11683±45
9/26/2012SATTC Wednesday Fall League1672±47+101682±45
9/19/2012SATTC Wednesday Summer League1680±53−81672±46
5/5/2012Northfield Open 20121678±31+21680±31
4/26/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 4 - Wk 4)1691±31−131678±29
4/19/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 4 - Wk 3)1715±32−241691±29
4/12/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 4 - Wk 2)1731±32−161715±30
4/5/2012Minnesota Super League ( Sess 4 - Wk 1)1729±32+21731±30
3/29/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 8)1726±31+31729±30
3/22/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 7)1716±31+101726±29
3/15/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 6)1720±31−41716±29
3/10/2012Minnesota Saturday Open1732±30−121720±29
3/8/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 5)1728±31+41732±29
3/1/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 4)1721±30+71728±29
2/23/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 3)1725±30−41721±28
2/16/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 - Wk 2)1714±29+111725±28
2/9/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 - Wk 1)1703±29+111714±27
2/4/20122012 MN State Championships1695±30+81703±27
2/2/2012Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 8)1696±31−11695±29
1/26/2012Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 7)1686±31+101696±29
1/19/2012Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 6)1672±31+141686±30
1/12/2012Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 6)1695±32−231672±29
1/5/2012Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 5)1720±33−251695±31
12/29/2011Minnesota Super League1719±34+11720±32
12/22/2011Minnesota Super League (Sess2 Wk3)1726±34−71719±32
12/15/2011Minnesota Super League (Sess 2 Wk 2)1716±34+101726±33
12/1/2011Minnesota Super League1708±34+81716±31
11/17/2011Minnesota Super League1706±32+21708±31
11/10/2011Minnesota Super League1730±33−241706±31
11/3/2011Minnesota Super League1708±34+221730±32
10/29/20112011 Minnesota Fall Classic1725±37−171708±33
10/27/2011Minnesota Super League1728±40−31725±36
10/20/2011Minnesota Super League1729±42−11728±38
10/13/2011Minnesota Super League1740±46−111729±41
10/6/2011Minnesota Super League1726±53+141740±44
5/26/2011Minnesota Super League1725±33+11726±32
5/19/2011Minnesota Super League1711±33+141725±32
5/12/2011Minnesota Super League1680±33+311711±32
5/7/2011Northfield Open 20111703±34−231680±32
5/5/2011Minnesota Super League1725±36−221703±33
4/28/2011Minnesota Super League1710±37+151725±34
4/21/2011Minnesota Super League1751±40−411710±35
4/7/2011Minnesota Super League1745±41+61751±38
3/31/2011Minnesota Super League1741±42+41745±39
3/24/2011Minnesota Super League1734±46+71741±41
2/5/20112011 Minnesota State Championships1722±40+121734±38
1/27/2011Minnesota Super League1711±41+111722±39
1/20/2011Minnesota Super Leagues1732±45−211711±40
1/13/2011Minnesota Super League1751±48−191732±44
12/9/2010Minnesota Super League1730±44+211751±43
12/2/2010Minnesota Super League1707±45+231730±43
11/11/2010Minnesota Super League1748±46−411707±41
11/4/2010Minnesota Super League1755±47−71748±44
10/28/2010Minnesota Super League1761±49−61755±46
10/21/2010Minnesota Super League1778±52−171761±48
10/14/2010Minnesota Super League1753±56+251778±51
9/12/20102010 Hai Hwa Table Tennis Tournament1767±55−141753±52
9/4/2010Minnesota Saturday Open1818±58−511767±53
3/25/2010Minnesota Super League1821±36−31818±35
3/18/2010Minnesota Super League1820±37+11821±35
3/11/2010Minnesota Super League1834±37−141820±35
3/4/2010Minnesota Super League1827±36+71834±35
2/25/2010Minnesota Super League1833±37−61827±35
2/18/2010Minnesota Super League1842±37−91833±35
2/11/2010Minnesota Super League1841±36+11842±36
1/29/20102010 Minnesota State Championships1834±39+71841±33
1/21/2010Minnesota Super League1817±39+171834±37
1/14/2010Minnesota Super League1817±3801817±38
1/7/2010Minnesota Super League1821±40−41817±36
12/17/2009Minnesota Super League1810±38+111821±36
12/10/2009Minnesota Super League1804±37+61810±36
12/3/2009Minnesota Supper Elite Thursday1787±38+171804±36
11/19/2009Minnesota Super League1788±37−11787±35
11/12/2009Minnesota Super League1784±37+41788±35
11/5/2009Minnesota Super League1797±38−131784±36
10/29/2009Minnesota Super League1805±39−81797±37
10/22/2009Minnesota Super Leage1806±41−11805±38
10/17/20092009 Porky’s Minnesota Fall Classic1803±42+31806±40
10/15/2009Minnesota Super League1805±46−21803±41
10/8/2009Minnesota Super Leagues1822±48−171805±45
10/1/2009Minnesota Super League1789±53+331822±47
5/16/2009Minnesota Saturday Open1781±31+81789±30
5/14/2009Minnesota Super League1782±32−11781±31
5/9/20092009 Minnesota Open1787±34−51782±31
5/7/2009Minnesota Super League1774±35+131787±34
4/30/2009Minnesota Super League1781±36−71774±34
4/23/2009Minnesota Super League1799±36−181781±34
4/16/2009Minnesota Super League1804±36−51799±34
4/9/2009Minnesota Super League1806±36−21804±35
4/2/2009Minnesota Super League1814±37−81806±35
3/26/2009Minnesota Super League1818±36−41814±35
3/19/2009Minnesota Super League1804±36+141818±35
3/12/2009Minnesota Super League1805±36−11804±35
3/5/2009Minnesota Super League1829±38−241805±35
2/26/2009Minnesota Super League1825±37+41829±36
2/19/2009Minnesota Super League1831±38−61825±36
2/12/2009Minnesota Super League1841±38−101831±36
2/5/2009Minnesota Super League1850±39−91841±37
1/23/20092009 Minnesota State Championships1887±46−371850±37
1/15/2009Minnesota Super League1875±46+121887±44
1/8/2009Minnesota Super League1860±47+151875±45
12/11/2008Minnesota Super League1849±45+111860±43
12/4/2008Minnesota Super League1845±49+41849±44
11/20/2008Minnesota Super League1868±51−231845±47
11/13/2008Minnesota Super League1860±52+81868±50
11/6/2008Minnesota Super League1867±54−71860±51
10/30/2008Minnesota Super League1851±57+161867±53
9/14/20082008 Minnesota Hai Hwa Table Tennis Tournament1850±54+11851±51
7/12/2008VCM Table Tennis Tournament1862±51−121850±46
3/20/2008Minnesota Super League1863±34−11862±33
3/15/2008RTTC vs SATTC - InterClub Competition1843±34+201863±33
3/13/2008Minnesota Super League1855±35−121843±33
3/6/2008Minnesota Super League1836±36+191855±34
2/28/2008Minnesota Super League1834±36+21836±34
2/21/2008Minnesota Super League1843±36−91834±34
2/7/2008Minnesota Super League1843±3501843±33
1/31/2008Minnesota Super League1847±35−41843±33
1/25/20082008 Minnesota State Championships1830±37+171847±34
1/24/2008Minnesota Super League1833±40−31830±37
1/17/2008Minnesota Super League1830±41+31833±38
1/12/2008Vietnamese MN New Year Table Tennis Tournament1853±41−231830±40
1/10/2008Minnesota Super League1858±45−51853±41
1/3/2008Minnesota Super League1854±47+41858±44
12/21/2007Minnesota Super League1883±50−291854±45
12/6/2007Minnesota Super League1883±5301883±48
11/1/2007Minnesota Super League1863±51+201883±48
10/27/20072007 Porky’s Fall Classic1861±51+21863±51
10/18/2007Minnesota Super League1857±58+41861±50
6/2/20072007 Minnesota Open1860±39−31857±38
5/30/2007Wednesday Night TT1881±40−211860±39
5/3/2007Minnesota Super League1879±38+21881±35
4/19/2007Minnesota Super League1876±36+31879±35
4/12/2007Minnesota Super League1872±36+41876±35
4/5/2007Minnesota Super League1860±36+121872±34
3/29/2007Minnesota Super League1851±37+91860±35
3/22/2007Minnesota Super League1832±37+191851±36
3/15/2007Minnesota Super League1807±39+251832±36
3/8/2007TTM Super League1823±41−161807±38
2/22/2007TTM Super League1833±41−101823±38
2/15/2007TTM Super League1804±41+291833±40
2/8/2007TTM Super League1777±42+271804±39
2/1/2007TTM Super League1788±44−111777±41
1/25/2007TTM Super League1741±49+471788±43
1/18/2007TTM Super League1785±53−441741±48
1/11/2007TTM Super League1803±61−181785±52
1/4/2007TTM Super League1829±74−261803±60
11/5/2006NCTTA Northern Division Fall Tournament1788±105+411829±68
5/24/2006Wednesday Night RR1900±200−1121788±93

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