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Osmanoff, Gary

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5/17/2016DTTC May League 2016 (III)1740±36−151725±33
5/10/2016DTTC May League 2016 (II)1714±38+261740±35
5/3/2016DTTC May League 2016 (I)1696±41+181714±37
4/26/2016DTTC April League 2016 (IV)1685±42+111696±40
3/15/2016DTTC March League 2016 (III)1691±39−61685±35
3/8/2016DTTC March League 2016 (II)1714±41−231691±38
3/1/2016DTTC March League 2016 (I)1688±42+261714±39
2/23/2016DTTC February League 2016 (IV)1714±47−261688±41
1/4/2016DTTC January League 2016 (I)1753±42−391714±39
12/22/2015DTTC December League 2015 (IV)1713±45+401753±40
12/16/2015DTTC December League 2015 (III)1684±46+291713±44
10/27/2015DTTC October League 2015 (IV)1721±41−371684±38
10/20/2015DTTC October League 2015 (III)1737±44−161721±40
10/6/2015DTTC October League 2015 (I)1754±48−171737±42
7/21/2015DTTC July League 2015 (III)1757±37−31754±35
7/14/2015DTTC July League 2015 (II)1737±38+201757±36
6/30/2015DTTC June league 2015 (IV)1749±37−121737±36
6/23/2015DTTC June League 2015 (IV)1737±38+121749±36
6/16/2015DTTC June League 2015 (III)1730±39+71737±36
6/9/2015DTTC June League 2015 (II)1722±39+81730±37
5/5/2015DTTC May League 2015 (I)1728±34−61722±32
4/28/2015DTTC April League 2015 (IV)1727±34+11728±32
4/21/2015DTTC April League 2015 (III)1721±34+61727±32
4/14/2015DTTC April League 2015 (II)1720±34+11721±32
4/7/2015DTTC April League 2015 (I)1735±35−151720±33
3/31/2015DTTC March League 2015 (V)1731±35+41735±34
3/22/2015DTTC March League 2015 (IV)1735±35−41731±33
3/17/2015DTTC March League 2015 (III)1726±36+91735±34
3/10/2015DTTC March League 2015 (II)1724±36+21726±35
3/3/2015DTTC March League 2015 (I)1738±36−141724±34
2/24/2015DTTC February League 2015 (IV)1736±36+21738±34
2/17/2015DTTC February League 2015 (III)1737±37−11736±34
2/10/2015DTTC February League 2015 (II)1758±39−211737±35
2/3/2015DTTC February League 2015 (I)1759±38−11758±37
1/20/2015DTTC January League 2015 (III)1761±38−21759±36
1/13/2015DTTC January League 2015 (II)1759±38+21761±36
12/30/2014DTTC December League 2014 (V)1750±37+91759±36
12/23/2014DTTC December League 2014 (IV)1744±37+61750±36
12/16/2014DTTC December Laegue 2014 (III)1742±37+21744±36
12/9/2014DTTC December League 2014 (II)1742±3701742±36
12/2/2014DTTC December Laegue 2014 (I)1737±36+51742±35
11/25/2014DTTC November League 2014 (IV)1742±37−51737±35
11/18/2014DTTC November League 2014 (III)1738±37+41742±35
11/11/2014DTTC November League 2014 (II)1739±38−11738±36
11/4/2014DTTC November League 2014 (I)1727±39+121739±37
10/28/2014DTTC October Laegue 2014 (IV)1710±42+171727±38
10/21/2014DTTC October Laegue 2014 (III)1719±43−91710±40
10/14/2014DTTC October League 2014 (II)1698±45+211719±42
8/26/2014DTTC August League 2014 (IV)1667±40+311698±36
7/22/2014DTTC July League 2014 (IV)1701±35−341667±33
7/1/2014DTTC July League 2014 (I)1693±32+81701±31
6/24/2014DTTC June League 2014 (IV)1695±33−21693±31
6/17/2014DTTC June League 2014 (III)1713±35−181695±31
6/10/2014DTTC June League 2014 (II)1694±36+191713±33
5/27/2014DTTC May League 2014 (IV)1692±35+21694±33
5/20/2014DTTC May League 2014 (III)1686±36+61692±33
5/6/2014DTTC May Laegue 2014 (I)1691±35−51686±33
4/8/2014DTTC April League 2014 (II)1678±31+131691±29
4/1/2014DTTC April League 2014 (I)1675±33+31678±30
3/25/2014DTTC March League 2014 (IV)1679±33−41675±31
3/18/2014DTTC March League 2014 (III)1694±33−151679±31
3/4/2014DTTC March League 2014 (I)1682±32+121694±30
2/25/2014DTTC February League 2014 (IV)1687±33−51682±31
2/18/2014DTTC February League 2014 (III)1702±34−151687±31
2/11/2014DTTC February League 2014 (II)1701±36+11702±33
2/4/2014DTTC February League 2014 (I)1724±37−231701±34
1/14/2014DTTC January league 2014 (II)1737±35−131724±33
12/24/2013DTTC December League 2013 (IV)1734±32+31737±30
12/17/2013DTTC December League 2013 (III)1740±32−61734±31
12/10/2013DTTC November League 2013 (II)1750±34−101740±31
11/26/2013DTTC November League 2013 (IV)1758±32−81750±30
11/19/2013DTTC November League 2013 (III)1748±33+101758±30
11/12/2013DTTC November League 2013 (II)1729±33+191748±31
11/5/2013DTTC November League 2013 (I)1731±33−21729±31
10/29/2013DTTC October League 2013 (V)1709±33+221731±31
10/15/2013DTTC October Laegue 2013 (III)1704±32+51709±30
10/8/2013DTTC October League 2013 (II)1715±34−111704±31
10/1/2013DTTC October League 2013 (I)1717±35−21715±32
9/24/2013DTTC September League 2013 (IV)1732±34−151717±33
9/17/2013DTTC September League 2013 (III)1732±3401732±32
9/10/2013DTTC September League 2013 (II)1734±34−21732±32
9/3/2013DTTC September League 2913 (I)1742±36−81734±33
8/27/2013DTTC August League 2013 (iV)1718±37+241742±34
8/20/2013DTTC August League 2013 (III)1698±39+201718±36
8/13/2013DTTC August League 2013 (II)1715±39−171698±37
8/6/2013DTTC August League 2013 (I)1732±41−171715±38
7/30/2013DTTC July League 2013 (V)1727±46+51732±40
7/23/2013DTTC July league 2013 (IV)1714±50+131727±45
7/16/2013DTTC July League 2013 (III)1745±63−311714±49
7/9/2013DTTC July League 2013 (II)1751±91−61745±62
1/31/2012DTTC January League 2012 (V)1742±36+91751±35
12/27/2011DTTC December League 2011 (IV)1745±32−31742±29
12/20/2011DTTC December Legue 2011 (III)1775±33−301745±31
12/13/2011DTTC December League 2011(II)1798±34−231775±32
12/6/2011DTTC December League 2011 (I)1805±35−71798±32
11/29/2011DTTC November League 2011 (V)1792±35+131805±34
11/1/2011DTTC November Laegue 2011 (I)1797±32−51792±29
10/25/2011DTTC October League 2011 (IV)1794±33+31797±30
10/18/2011DTTC October League 2011 (III)1799±33−51794±31
10/11/2011DTTC October League 2011 (II)1789±35+101799±32
10/4/2011DTTC October League 2011 (I)1820±34−311789±33
9/27/2011DTTC September League 2011 (IV)1809±35+111820±32
9/20/2011DTTC September League 2011 (III)1803±35+61809±33
9/13/2011DTTC September League 2011 (II)1824±36−211803±34
9/6/2011DTTC September League 2011 (I)1836±38−121824±35
8/30/2011DTTC August League 2011 (V)1841±39−51836±37
8/23/2011DTTC August League 2011 (IV)1825±40+161841±38
7/26/2011DTTC July League 2011 (IV)1808±38+171825±35
7/19/2011DTTC July League 2011 (III)1809±39−11808±36
6/14/2011DTTC June League 2011 (I)1799±35+101809±33
5/31/2011DTTC May League 2011 (V)1801±34−21799±32
5/17/2011DTTC May League 2011 (III)1793±33+81801±31
5/10/2011DTTC May League 2011 (II)1798±34−51793±32
5/3/2011DTTC May League 2011 (I)1809±36−111798±33
4/26/2011DTTC April League 2011 (III)1808±35+11809±34
4/12/2011DTTC April League 2011 (II)1789±34+191808±33
4/5/2011DTTC April League 2011 (I)1795±35−61789±32
3/29/2011DTTC March League 2011 (V)1764±35+311795±34
3/22/2011DTTC March League 2011 (IV)1775±37−111764±33
3/15/2011DTTC March League 2011 (III)1774±39+11775±35
3/8/2011DTTC March League 2011 (II)1768±41+61774±37
3/1/2011DTTC March League 2011 (I)1782±44−141768±40
2/22/2011DTTC February League 2011 (IV)1744±52+381782±43
1/25/2011DTTC January League 2011 (IV)1744±6201744±49
8/17/2010DTTC August League 2010 (III)1771±46−271744±41
8/10/2010DTTC August League 2010 (II)1810±52−391771±45
7/27/2010DTTC July League 2010 (IV)1799±59+111810±50
7/20/2010DTTC July League 2010(III)1688±72+1111799±58
7/13/2010DTTC July League 2010(II)1955±127−2671688±71
7/7/2010DTTC July League 2010(I)1955±12701955±127
9/8/20072007 September Open Sam Joyner Memorial1919±57+361955±49
3/20/2007DTTC March (III) League 20071913±33+61919±31
3/13/2007DTTC March (II) League 20071923±35−101913±32
2/27/2007DTTC February (IV) League 20071904±35+191923±32
2/20/2007DTTC February (III) League 20071897±39+71904±34
2/13/2007DTTC February (II) League 20071936±41−391897±37
2/6/2007DTTC February (I) League 20071936±4001936±40
12/26/2006DTTC December (IV) League 20061919±35+171936±32
12/19/2006DTTC December (III) League 20061931±37−121919±34
12/12/2006DTTC December (II) League 20061937±39−61931±35
11/11/2006NJTTC November Open1922±34+151937±33
10/24/2006DTTC October (IV) League 20061913±33+91922±30
10/17/2006DTTC October (III) League 20061931±33−181913±31
10/10/2006DTTC October (II) League 20061942±34−111931±32
9/26/2006DTTC September (IV) League 20061947±34−51942±31
9/19/2006DTTC September (III) League 20061965±35−181947±33
9/16/2006NJTTC September Open1923±36+421965±35
9/12/2006DTTC September (II) League 20061968±40−451923±35
8/22/2006DTTC August (IV) League 20061989±41−211968±36
8/15/2006DTTC August (III) League 20062018±46−291989±40
8/8/2006DTTC August (II) League 20061991±49+272018±45
7/11/2006DTTC July (II) League 20062013±51−221991±45
6/27/2006DTTC June (IV) League 20062014±59−12013±49
6/20/2006DTTC June (III) League 20062081±83−672014±58
4/1/20062006 New Jersey State Championships2100±100−192081±76

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