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Reed, Daniel

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1/14/2017British Premier League2517±7502517±75
12/17/2016British Premier League2498±77+192517±72
12/4/2016British Premier League2524±85−262498±76
11/5/2016British Premier League2524±8302524±83
10/15/2016Premier British League2523±81+12524±81
8/27/2016Premier British League2522±78+12523±77
1/27/2016World Tour German Open (Men)2520±61+22522±56
1/20/2016World Tour Hungarian Open (Men)2543±67−232520±60
9/29/2015European Championship 2015 (Team)2563±58−202543±54
9/2/2015World Tour Austrian Open (Men)2549±60+142563±54
5/17/2015ÖTTV Bundesliga Finalturnier2567±50−182549±47
5/10/2015ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 14/15 (KW 18/2015)2549±52+182567±49
4/12/2015ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 14/15 (KW 14/2015)2544±50+52549±48
3/8/2015ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 14/15 (KW 09/2015)2559±50−152544±45
3/1/2015English Senior National Championships (Mens)2562±50−32559±49
2/22/2015ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 14/15 (KW 07/2015)2587±54−252562±49
12/14/2014ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 14/15 (KW 49/2014)2608±46−212587±44
12/7/2014ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 14/15 (KW 48/2014)2623±48−152608±45
11/9/2014ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 14/15 (KW 44/2014)2639±51−162623±44
11/2/2014ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 14/15 (KW 43/2014)2618±58+212639±50
10/26/2014ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 14/15 (KW 42/2014)2611±59+72618±57
9/14/2014ÖTTV Tischtennis-Cup 20142592±61+192611±54
5/11/2014ÖTTV BL Finalturnier 13/142616±48−242592±45
4/6/2014ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 13/14 (KW 13/2014)2602±46+142616±43
3/16/2014ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 13/14 (KW 10/2014)2597±43+52602±42
3/9/2014ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 13/14 (KW 09/2014)2592±43+52597±42
3/2/2014English Senior National Championships (Mens)2614±43−222592±42
2/23/2014ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 13/14 (KW 07/2014)2606±44+82614±42
2/16/2014ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 13/14 (KW 06/2014)2596±44+102606±43
2/9/2014ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 13/14 (KW 05/2014)2618±45−222596±43
1/29/2014World Tour Hungarian Open (Men)2620±45−22618±43
1/12/2014ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 13/14 (KW 01/2014)2606±45+142620±42
12/1/2013ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 13/14 (KW 47/2013)2597±40+92606±38
11/24/2013ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 13/14 (KW 46/2013)2605±40−82597±39
11/13/2013World Tour German Open (Men)2607±39−22605±38
11/10/2013ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 13/14 (KW 44/2013)2608±39−12607±38
11/6/2013World Tour Polish Open (Men)2615±39−72608±38
10/27/2013ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 13/14 (KW 42/2013)2611±39+42615±37
10/13/2013European Championship 2013 (Individual)2613±39−22611±37
10/7/2013European Championship 2013 (Team)2624±47−112613±37
9/29/2013ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 13/14 (KW 38/2013)2641±51−172624±46
9/15/2013ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 13/14 (KW 36/2013)2626±52+152641±49
9/1/2013ÖTTV Tischtennis-Cup 20132632±62−62626±50
5/13/2013World Table Tennis Championships (Men)2618±52+142632±49
3/12/2013European Championships Qualifications (Men R5)2622±44−42618±43
2/20/2013World Tour Qatar Open (Men)2628±43−62622±41
1/29/2013European Championships Qualifications (Men, R4)2627±39+12628±39
1/3/2013Swedish First League2683±54−562627±34
11/20/2012European Championships Qualifications (Men, R3)2682±48+12683±48
10/21/2012European Championships 20122669±47+132682±44
9/29/2012Swedish First League2650±63+192669±44
9/18/2012European Championships Qualifications (Men, R2)2625±66+252650±62
8/26/2012Växjö GP2651±68−262625±63
4/1/2012World Team Table Tennis Championships 20122603±59+482651±52
1/25/2012World Tour Slovenian Open (Men)2613±53−102603±51
1/17/2012World Tour Hungarian Open (Men)2592±57+212613±52
1/3/2012Swedish First League2611±58−192592±55
10/19/2011Pro Tour Swedish Open (Men)2584±52+272611±48
10/16/2011ETTU European Championships (Single Events)2585±52−12584±52
10/12/2011ETTU European Championships (Team Events)2577±61+82585±52
9/21/2011Pro Tour Austrian Open (Men)2581±61−42577±59
8/24/2011Pro Tour Harmony Open (Men)2609±63−282581±58
5/8/2011World Table Tennis Championships (Men)2594±57+152609±50
4/6/2011Pro Tour Spanish Open (Men)2599±55−52594±53
3/16/2011Pro Tour Polish Open (Men)2600±52−12599±52
3/8/2011European Nations League (Men)2624±54−242600±51
1/26/2011Pro Tour English Open (Men)2634±50−102624±48
1/5/2011European Nations League (Men)2651±50−172634±48
11/23/2010European Nations League (Round 4)2672±45−212651±44
11/10/2010Pro Tour Polish Open (Men)2688±50−162672±43
9/11/2010European Championships2704±48−162688±41
8/18/2010Pro Tour Harmony China Open (Men)2653±55+512704±45
7/1/2010Spanish League2579±57+742653±48
5/23/2010World Team Championship2559±57+202579±52
3/18/2010Pro Tour German Open (Men)2519±54+402559±49
3/2/2010European Nations League2497±55+222519±52
12/4/2009Finland Open2526±50−292497±43
11/25/2009Pro Tour Polish Open (Men)2553±51−272526±48
11/24/2009Polish Junior Open2549±51+42553±51
10/28/2009Pro Tour English Open (Men)2549±5502549±48
10/27/2009English Junior Open2578±58−292549±55
9/13/2009European Championship2468±71+1102578±53
8/12/2009Pro Tour China Open (Men)2460±86+82468±68
11/26/2008Pro Tour Polish Open (Men)2488±67−282460±62
10/29/2008Pro Tour Austrian Open (Men)2503±67−152488±64
10/10/2008European Championship2503±6602503±65
9/9/2008Flanders Open2534±66−312503±62
5/30/2008Korea Junior Open2535±55−12534±55
5/29/2008Pro Tour VW Open - Korea (Men)2538±56−32535±55
5/18/2008China Open (Teams)2538±5502538±55
5/15/2008Pro Tour VW China Open (Men)2542±56−42538±54
3/27/2008English Championship2520±56+222542±49
1/7/2008Championship of Denmark2518±50+22520±45
12/13/2007World Junior Championships2492±64+262518±46
11/7/2007Pro Tour German Open (Men)2495±61−32492±60
10/31/2007Pro Tour French Open (Men)2499±61−42495±60
8/31/2007Portugal Junior Open2515±59−162499±54
6/28/2007Pro Tour Volkswagen China Open (Men)2515±5102515±51
6/19/2007China Junior Open2516±54−12515±50
6/14/2007Pro Tour Korea Open (Men)2518±54−22516±53
5/21/2007World Table Tennis Championships (Men)2447±55+712518±50
5/9/2007Spanish Junior Open (Boys)2425±63+222447±53
4/12/2007Canadian Junior Open (Boys)2427±77−22425±60
3/30/2007European Championship2405±86+222427±76
9/21/2006Pro Tour Japan Open (Men)2367±76+382405±70
9/14/2006Pro Tour Panasonic China Open (Men)2370±77−32367±75
8/23/2006Funchal Portugal Junior Open (Boys)2338±91+322370±75
5/31/2006Polish Junior Open (Boys)2131±144+2072338±84
2/22/2006Swedish Junior Open (Boys)2065±224+662131±139
6/1/2005Polish Junior Open (Boys)2150±375−852065±215

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