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Ishikawa, Kasumi

All Events
8/6/2016Olympic Games (Women)2569±48−112558±46
6/22/2016World Tour Korea Open (Women)2586±43−172569±41
6/15/2016World Tour Japan Open (Women)2596±44−102586±41
6/1/2016World Tour Slovenia Open (Women)2610±46−142596±42
4/20/2016World Tour Polish Open (Women)2616±42−62610±39
4/13/2016Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament (Women)2601±44+152616±41
3/23/2016World Tour Qatar Open (Women)2623±42−222601±41
3/16/2016World Tour Kuwait Open (Women)2608±44+152623±41
3/6/2016World Team Table Tennis Championships 20162606±50+22608±42
1/27/2016World Tour German Open (Women)2589±49+172606±44
1/20/2016World Tour Hungarian Open (Women)2621±50−322589±48
12/10/2015World Tour Grand Finals (Women)2616±46+52621±44
11/11/2015World Tour Swedish Open (Women)2587±46+292616±42
10/30/2015Women’s World Cup2566±48+212587±44
10/21/2015World Tour Polish Open (Women)2598±48−322566±47
9/2/2015World Tour Austrian Open (Women)2609±44−112598±41
8/26/2015World Tour Czech Open (Women)2632±46−232609±43
8/19/2015World Tour Bulgaria Open (Women)2606±48+262632±44
8/5/2015World Tour China Open (Women)2585±50+212606±46
7/1/2015World Tour Korea Open (Women)2612±48−272585±45
6/24/2015World Tour Japan Open (Women)2598±49+142612±47
6/3/2015World Tour Australian Open (Women)2622±51−242598±46
5/27/2015World Tour Philippines Open (Women)2591±56+312622±50
4/26/2015World Table Tennis Championships (Women)2594±54−32591±52
3/25/2015World Tour Spanish Open (Women)2625±54−312594±49
3/18/2015World Tour German Open (Women)2657±58−322625±53
12/11/2014World Tour Grand Finals (Women)2626±50+312657±45
11/12/2014World Tour Swedish Open (Women)2623±48+32626±46
11/5/2014World Tour Russian Open (Women)2603±50+202623±47
10/17/2014Women’s World Cup2582±53+212603±48
8/27/2014World Tour Czech Open (Women)2584±52−22582±46
6/18/2014World Tour Japan Open (Women)2559±46+252584±42
6/11/2014World Tour Korea Open (Women)2574±49−152559±45
6/4/2014World Tour China Open (Women)2560±51+142574±48
4/30/2014ZEN-NOH 2014 World Team Championships Women Div 12542±58+182560±46
2/18/2014World Tour Qatar Open (Women)2578±51−362542±49
2/12/2014World Tour Kuwait Open (Women)2544±62+342578±50
11/20/2013World Tour Russian Open (Women)2542±55+22544±52
11/13/2013World Tour German Open (Women)2584±55−422542±54
9/21/2013Women’s World Cup2613±53−292584±48
8/14/2013World Tour Harmony Open (Women)2604±51+92613±48
6/19/2013World Tour Japan Open (Women)2619±45−152604±43
5/13/2013World Table Tennis Championships (Women)2630±41−112619±39
4/10/20132013 Asian Cup (Women)2624±41+62630±36
4/3/2013World Tour Korea Open (Women)2642±48−182624±40
3/29/20132013 Women World Team Classic2666±55−242642±47
2/14/2013World Tour Kuwait Open (Women)2670±55−42666±49
1/23/2013World Tour Austrian Open (Women)2633±57+372670±52
12/6/2012World Tour Grand Finals (Women)2654±58−212633±51
7/28/2012Olympic Games (Women)2641±45+132654±40
6/6/2012World Tour Japan Open (Women)2651±39−102641±36
5/23/2012World Tour China Open (Women)2663±40−122651±36
5/16/2012World Tour Korea Open (Women)2652±42+112663±39
4/25/2012World Tour Chile Open (Women)2663±41−112652±38
4/18/2012World Tour Spanish Open (Women)2658±44+52663±39
4/1/2012World Team Table Tennis Championships 20122667±50−92658±41
2/7/2012World Tour Qatar Open (Women)2674±46−72667±42
1/25/2012World Tour Slovenian Open (Women)2654±48+202674±44
11/24/2011Pro Tour Grand Finals (Women)2634±42+202654±38
11/13/2011Volkswagen World Junior Championships (Girls)2645±42−112634±40
11/5/2011World Team Cup (Women)2661±42−162645±40
10/28/2011Volkswagen Women’s World Cup2687±46−262661±40
10/19/2011Pro Tour Swedish Open (Women)2673±48+142687±44
9/21/2011Pro Tour Austrian Open (Women)2666±46+72673±43
8/24/2011Pro Tour Harmony Open (Women)2646±45+202666±42
8/18/2011Canada Junior & Cadet Open (Girls)2646±4402646±44
8/10/2011Pro Tour Chile Open (Women)2614±46+322646±43
8/4/2011Guatemala Junior & Cadet Open (Girls)2612±46+22614±45
7/14/2011Pro Tour Morocco Open (Women)2624±45−122612±43
7/7/2011Pro Tour Japan Open (Women)2608±50+162624±44
6/29/2011Pro Tour Korea Open (Women)2627±52−192608±49
5/8/2011World Table Tennis Championships (Women)2617±46+102627±44
4/27/2011French Junior & Cadet Open (Girls)2617±4502617±45
4/6/2011Pro Tour Spanish Open (Women)2600±48+172617±41
3/16/2011Pro Tour Polish Open (Women)2624±47−242600±44
2/23/2011Pro Tour German Open (Women)2618±47+62624±44
2/15/2011Pro Tour UAE Open (Women)2630±48−122618±46
1/26/2011Pro Tour English Open (Women)2575±51+552630±45
12/16/2010Pro Tour Grand Finals (Women)2584±47−92575±45
12/4/2010Volkswagen World Junior Championships (Girls)2582±51+22584±45
11/1/2010Global Cadet Challenge & Jr Circuit Finals (Girls)2578±47+42582±46
10/20/2010Pro Tour Austrian Open (Women)2596±47−182578±45
10/13/2010Pro Tour Hungarian Open (Women)2645±52−492596±46
9/30/2010World Team Cup (Women)2615±52+302645±50
9/8/2010Ecuador Junior & Cadet Open (Girls)2615±4902615±49
9/1/2010Funchal Portugal Junior Open (Girls)2615±4802615±48
8/18/2010Pro Tour Harmony China Open (Women)2612±48+32615±46
7/22/2010Pro Tour Morocco Open Hassan II (Women)2600±46+122612±44
7/1/2010Pro Tour Japan Open (Women)2580±48+202600±43
6/16/2010Pro Tour Indian Open (Women)2601±54−212580±46
5/30/2010World Team Championship (Women, Div1-4, 2nd stage)2574±55+272601±52
3/18/2010Pro Tour German Open (Women)2585±49−112574±46
2/23/2010Pro Tour Kuwait Open (Women)2593±53−82585±45
2/17/2010Pro Tour Qatar Open (Women)2538±62+552593±52
12/21/2009Japan League2549±57−112538±55
10/28/2009Pro Tour English Open (Women)2561±64−122549±50
8/12/2009Pro Tour China Open (Women)2567±57−62561±56
7/7/2009Pro Tour Morocco Open Hassan II (Women)2599±56−322567±53
6/11/2009Pro Tour Japan Open (Women)2626±56−272599±53
6/3/2009Pro Tour Harmony China Open (Women)2624±57+22626±55
4/28/2009World Table Tennis Championships (Women)2520±66+1042624±53
3/19/2009Pro Tour German Open (Women)2523±70−32520±61
2/17/2009Pro Tour Qatar Open (Women)2491±76+322523±67
6/5/2008Pro Tour VW Open - Singapore (Women)2450±55+412491±49
5/29/2008Pro Tour VW Open - Korea (Women)2455±58−52450±54
5/21/2008Pro Tour VW Open - Japan (Women)2401±75+542455±57
10/24/2007Pro Tour Austrian Open (Women)2414±55−132401±53
10/18/2007Pro Tour Russian Open (Women)2392±58+222414±55
8/29/2007Pro Tour Panasonic China Open (Women)2428±56−362392±52
6/28/2007Pro Tour Volkswagen China Open (Women)2433±50−52428±48
6/21/2007Pro Tour Japan Open (Women)2401±54+322433±49
6/14/2007Pro Tour Korea Open (Women)2412±57−112401±53
4/19/2007Pro Tour Chile Open (Women)2402±62+102412±50
4/12/2007Pro Tour Brazilian Open (Women)2386±77+162402±61
11/15/2006Pro Tour Polish Open (Women)2410±75−242386±62
9/21/2006Pro Tour Japan Open (Women)2385±87+252410±70
5/31/2006Polish Junior Open (Girls)2255±137+1302385±78
2/22/2006Swedish Junior Open (Girls)1850±325+4052255±132

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