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Bernshteyn, Eduard

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6/28/2011DTTC June League 2011 (III)1036±47−11035±47
6/14/2011DTTC June League 2011 (I)1027±47+91036±45
5/31/2011DTTC May League 2011 (V)1035±46−81027±45
5/24/2011DTTC May League 2011 (IV)1047±47−121035±45
5/17/2011DTTC May League 2011 (III)1047±4601047±46
5/10/2011DTTC May League 2011 (II)1062±47−151047±45
5/3/2011DTTC May League 2011 (I)1064±47−21062±46
4/26/2011DTTC April League 2011 (III)1079±48−151064±46
4/12/2011DTTC April League 2011 (II)1076±47+31079±45
4/5/2011DTTC April League 2011 (I)1046±47+301076±45
3/29/2011DTTC March League 2011 (V)1050±46−41046±46
3/15/2011DTTC March League 2011 (III)1052±45−21050±44
3/8/2011DTTC March League 2011 (II)1041±46+111052±44
3/1/2011DTTC March League 2011 (I)1043±45−21041±45
2/22/2011DTTC February League 2011 (IV)1045±45−21043±44
2/15/2011DTTC February League 2011 (III)1047±44−21045±44
2/8/2011DTTC February League 2011 (II)1038±44+91047±43
1/18/2011DTTC January League 2011 (III)1031±42+71038±41
1/4/2011DTTC January League 2011 (I)1032±40−11031±40
12/14/2010DTTC December League 2010 (II)1047±39−151032±36
12/7/2010DTTC December League 2010 (I)1044±38+31047±37
11/23/2010DTTC November League 2010 (IV)1046±36−21044±36
11/16/2010DTTC November League 2010 (III)1069±37−231046±35
11/9/2010DTTC November League 2010 (II)1057±38+121069±36
11/2/2010DTTC November League 2010 (I)1058±37−11057±37
10/26/2010DTTC October League 2010 (IV)1051±39+71058±35
10/19/2010DTTC October League 2010 (III)1062±40−111051±38
10/12/2010DTTC October League 2010 (II)1041±41+211062±38
10/5/2010DTTC October Laegue 2010 (I)1034±42+71041±40
9/28/2010DTTC September League 2010 (IV)1060±41−261034±40
9/14/2010DTTC September League 2010 (II)1057±40+31060±38
8/24/2010DTTC August League 2010(IV)1051±39+61057±36
8/17/2010DTTC August League 2010 (III)1032±39+191051±38
8/10/2010DTTC August League 2010 (II)1030±40+21032±37
8/3/2010DTTC August League 2010 (I)1031±39−11030±39
7/20/2010DTTC July League 2010(III)1030±39+11031±36
7/13/2010DTTC July League 2010(II)1013±40+171030±38
7/7/2010DTTC July League 2010(I)1013±3901013±39
6/22/2010DTTC June League 2010 (III)1019±37−61013±36
6/15/2010DTTC June League 2010 (II)979±39+401019±36
6/8/2010DTTC June League 2010(I)976±39+3979±38
6/1/2010DTTC May League 2010 (IV)953±39+23976±37
5/25/2010DTTC May League 2010 (III)958±40−5953±38
5/11/2010DTTC May League 2010 (II)940±39+18958±38
5/4/2010DTTC May League 2010 (I)933±39+7940±38
4/27/2010DTTC April League 2010 (IV)949±39−16933±38
4/20/2010DTTC April League 2010(III)942±40+7949±38
4/13/2010DTTC April League 2010(II)935±41+7942±38
3/23/2010DTTC March League 2010 (IV)949±39−14935±37
3/16/2010DTTC March League 2010 (III)953±38−4949±37
3/9/2010DTTC March League 2010 (II)947±40+6953±37
3/2/2010DTTC March League 2010 (I)926±39+21947±38
2/16/2010DTTC February League 2010(III)940±38−14926±36
2/9/2010DTTC February League 2010(II)937±39+3940±37
2/2/2010DTTC February Laegue 2010 (I)949±39−12937±37
1/26/2010DTTC January League 2010 (IV)942±40+7949±37
1/19/2010DTTC January League 2010(III)942±400942±39
1/12/2010DTTC January League 2010(II)936±41+6942±39
1/5/2010DTTC January League 2010(I)936±400936±40
12/22/2009DTTC December League (IV) 2009933±39+3936±38
12/15/2009DTTC December League (III) 2009923±40+10933±37
12/8/2009DTTC December League (II) 2009913±41+10923±39
11/24/2009DTTC November League (IV) 2009925±40−12913±38
11/17/2009DTTC November League ( III) 2009918±42+7925±39
11/3/2009DTTC November League (I) 2009918±390918±39
10/27/2009DTTC October League (IV) 2009911±40+7918±38
10/20/2009DTTC October(III) League 2009910±40+1911±39
10/13/2009DTTC October (II) League 2009894±40+16910±38
9/29/2009DTTC September (V) League 2009911±39−17894±38
9/22/2009DTTC September (IV) League 2009932±39−21911±37
9/15/2009DTTC September (III) League 2009922±40+10932±37
9/8/2009DTTC September (II) League 2009918±40+4922±38
9/1/2009DTTC September (I) League 2009918±380918±38
8/25/2009DTTC August (IV) League 2009916±38+2918±37
8/18/2009DTTC August (III) League 2009890±39+26916±37
8/11/2009DTTC August (II) League 2009914±40−24890±38
8/4/2009DTTC August (I) League 2009915±39−1914±39
7/28/2009DTTC July (IV) League 2009913±39+2915±37
7/21/2009DTTC July (III) League 2009899±40+14913±37
7/14/2009DTTC July (II) League 2009901±39−2899±39
7/7/2009DTTC July (I) League 2009902±38−1901±38
6/30/2009DTTC June (V) League 2009898±39+4902±37
6/23/2009DTTC June (IV) League 2009898±380898±37
6/9/2009DTTC June (II) League 2009914±38−16898±35
6/2/2009DTTC June (I) League 2009914±370914±37
5/26/2009DTTC May (IV) League 2009936±37−22914±35
5/12/2009DTTC May (II) League 2009941±35−5936±35
5/5/2009DTTC May (I) League 2009947±35−6941±34
4/28/2009DTTC April (IV) League 2009932±37+15947±34
4/21/2009DTTC April (III) League 2009935±37−3932±36
4/16/2009DTTC April (II) League 2009922±37+13935±35
4/7/2009DTTC April (I) League 2009929±36−7922±35
3/31/2009DTTC March (IV) League 2009951±37−22929±35
3/24/2009DTTC March (III) League 2009937±37+14951±35
3/10/2009DTTC March (II) League 2009937±380937±35
3/3/2009DTTC March (I) League 2009932±37+5937±36
2/24/2009DTTC February (IV) League 2009948±38−16932±36
2/17/2009DTTC February (III) League 2009929±37+19948±36
2/3/2009DTTC February (I) League 2009919±36+10929±34
1/27/2009DTTC January (IV) League 2009932±35−13919±34
1/20/2009DTTC January (III) League 2009887±40+45932±34
1/13/2009DTTC January (II) League 2009901±41−14887±38
1/6/2009DTTC January (I) League 2009903±40−2901±39
12/30/2008DTTC December (V) League 2008921±39−18903±39
12/16/2008DTTC December (III) League 2008927±37−6921±36
12/9/2008DTTC December (II) League 2008933±37−6927±36
12/2/2008DTTC December (I) League 2008941±37−8933±36
11/25/2008DTTC November (IV) League 2008934±38+7941±35
11/18/2008DTTC November (III) League 2008953±38−19934±36
11/11/2008DTTC November (II) League 2008976±40−23953±37
11/4/2008DTTC November (I) League 2008958±40+18976±39
10/28/2008DTTC October (IV) League 2008960±40−2958±39
10/16/2008DTTC October (III) League 2008968±42−8960±38
10/7/2008DTTC October (II) League 2008921±47+47968±40
10/2/2008DTTC October (I) League 2008924±47−3921±46
9/23/2008DTTC September (IV) League 2008906±50+18924±45
9/16/2008DTTC September (III) League 2008901±51+5906±49
9/9/2008DTTC September (II) League 2008929±53−28901±50
9/2/2008DTTC September (I) League 2008895±59+34929±52
8/26/2008DTTC August (IV) League 2008850±69+45895±58
8/19/2008DTTC August (III) League 2008835±79+15850±68
8/12/2008DTTC August (II) League 2008836±79−1835±79
8/5/2008DTTC August (I) League 2008842±79−6836±78
7/22/2008DTTC July (IV) League 2008882±85−40842±78
7/15/2008DTTC July (III) League 2008764±115+118882±84
7/8/2008DTTC July (II) League 2008550±125+214764±114

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