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Stennard, Ian

All Events
2017-10-142017 Australian Veterans Championships1280±46−561224±34
2017-08-12Tasmanian Open Table Tennis Championships 20171290±39−101280±36
2017-08-092017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R121287±39+31290±38
2017-07-262017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R101280±38+71287±37
2017-07-192017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R91275±38+51280±37
2017-07-122017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R81297±40−221275±37
2017-07-052017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R71295±40+21297±39
2017-06-212017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R51289±39+61295±38
2017-06-142017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R41287±39+21289±38
2017-06-072017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R31277±41+101287±38
2017-05-312017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R21271±41+61277±40
2017-05-032017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster SF1268±37+31271±36
2017-04-262017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R121257±36+111268±36
2017-04-192017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R111276±38−191257±35
2017-04-122017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R101281±39−51276±37
2017-04-07Southern Open 20171309±42−281281±38
2017-04-052017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R91304±43+51309±42
2017-03-222017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R71304±4101304±41
2017-03-152017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R61320±42−161304±40
2017-03-082017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R51307±43+131320±41
2017-03-012017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R41301±43+61307±41
2017-02-222017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R31309±45−81301±42
2017-02-152017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R21307±45+21309±44
2017-02-082017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R11280±48+271307±44
2016-11-022016 STTTA Spring Vets SF1294±32−141280±31
2016-10-262016 STTTA Spring Vets R151305±32−111294±30
2016-10-222016 Australian Veterans Championships1342±39−371305±31
2016-10-052016 STTTA Spring Vets R121332±38+101342±36
2016-09-282016 STTTA Spring Vets R111338±39−61332±36
2016-09-212016 STTTA Spring Vets R101329±39+91338±37
2016-09-142016 STTTA Spring Vets R91330±38−11329±37
2016-09-072016 STTTA Spring Vets R81330±3701330±36
2016-08-312016 STTTA Spring Vets R71318±37+121330±35
2016-08-242016 STTTA Spring Vets R61303±37+151318±36
2016-08-172016 STTTA Spring Vets R51295±37+81303±36
2016-08-102016 STTTA Spring Vets R41288±37+71295±36
2016-08-032016 STTTA Spring Vets R31286±36+21288±36
2016-07-272016 STTTA Spring Vets R21287±37−11286±35
2016-07-23Tasmanian Open 20161332±40−451287±37
2016-07-202016 STTTA Spring Vets R11340±42−81332±39
2016-06-222016 STTTA Winter Vets R121336±38+41340±37
2016-06-152016 STTTA Winter Vets R111339±39−31336±36
2016-06-082016 STTTA Winter Vets R101335±39+41339±38
2016-06-012016 STTTA Winter Vets R91339±39−41335±38
2016-05-252016 STTTA Winter Vets R81337±39+21339±38
2016-05-182016 STTTA Winter Vets R71345±40−81337±37
2016-05-07Southern Open Table Tennis Championships 20161346±39−11345±38
2016-04-272016 STTTA Winter Vets R41354±40−81346±38
2016-04-202016 STTTA Winter Vets R31376±42−221354±39
2016-04-132016 STTTA Winter Vets R21377±43−11376±40
2016-04-09Northern Open 20161402±44−251377±42
2016-04-062016 STTTA Winter Vets R11400±44+21402±43
2016-03-232016 STTTA Autumn Vets R81420±44−201400±41
2016-03-162016 STTTA Autumn Vets R71417±43+31420±42
2016-03-092016 STTTA Autumn Vets R61410±43+71417±42
2016-03-022016 STTTA Autumn Vets R51427±45−171410±42
2016-02-242016 STTTA Autumn Vets R41433±46−61427±43
2016-02-172016 STTTA Autumn Vets R31425±46+81433±44
2016-02-102016 STTTA Autumn Vets R21403±46+221425±45
2016-02-032016 STTTA Autumn Vets R11398±47+51403±45
2015-11-11STTTA Spring Vets SF1398±3301398±32
2015-11-04STTTA Spring Vets R121385±32+131398±32
2015-10-28STTTA Spring Vets R111385±3101385±31
2015-10-242015 Australian Veterans Championships1415±41−301385±30
2015-10-07STTTA Spring Vets R91428±40−131415±38
2015-09-30STTTA Spring Vets R81417±40+111428±39
2015-09-16STTTA Spring Vets R61421±39−41417±38
2015-09-09STTTA Spring Vets R51414±39+71421±38
2015-09-02STTTA Spring Vets R41400±40+141414±38
2015-08-26STTTA Spring Roster Vets R31399±40+11400±39
2015-08-19STTTA Spring Roster Vets R21400±39−11399±38
2015-08-12STTTA Spring Vets R11381±40+191400±38
2015-07-25Tasmanian Open 20151397±39−161381±36
2015-07-15STTTA Vets Roster R141398±38−11397±37
2015-07-08STTTA Vets Roster R131399±39−11398±36
2015-07-01STTTA Vets Roster R121387±39+121399±37
2015-06-24STTTA Vets Roster R111389±39−21387±38
2015-06-17STTTA Vets Roster R101388±39+11389±38
2015-06-10STTTA Vets Winter R91389±39−11388±38
2015-06-03STTTA Vets Winter R81394±40−51389±38
2015-05-27STTTA Vets Winter R71401±41−71394±38
2015-05-20STTTA Vets Winter R61405±42−41401±40
2015-05-13STTTA Vets Winter R51405±4201405±40
2015-04-29STTTA Vets Winter R31411±41−61405±39
2015-04-22STTTA Winter Vets R21454±43−431411±40
2015-04-15STTTA Winter Vets R11453±42+11454±42
2015-04-11Northern Open 20151459±44−61453±42
2015-04-01STTTA Autumn Vets Final1462±43−31459±42
2015-03-25STTTA Autumn Vets SF1459±43+31462±42
2015-03-21NW Open 20151470±44−111459±42
2015-03-11STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 61468±43+21470±43
2015-03-04STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 61462±43+61468±42
2015-02-25STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 51467±44−51462±42
2015-02-18STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 41449±45+181467±42
2015-02-11STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 31441±45+81449±44
2015-02-04STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 21442±46−11441±44
2014-11-19STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk1462±34−201442±32
2014-11-12STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk1468±34−61462±32
2014-11-05STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk101470±33−21468±32
2014-10-29STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk91471±32−11470±31
2014-10-252014 Australian Veterans Championships1449±44+221471±31
2014-10-15STTTA Spring Roster Vets1450±43−11449±42
2014-09-17STTTA Spring Vets Wk 41453±39−31450±38
2014-09-10STTTA Spring Vets Wk 31455±40−21453±38
2014-09-03STTTA Spring Vets Wk21435±40+201455±38
2014-08-27STTTA Spring Vets Wk11435±3901435±39
2014-08-2328th City Of Hobart Open Championship1450±40−151435±38
2014-08-06STTTA Vets SF1464±39−141450±37
2014-07-30STTTA Vets Wn Wk 141452±39+121464±37
2014-07-23STTTA Vets Wn Wk 131444±39+81452±38
2014-07-16STTTA Vets Wn Wk 121449±39−51444±38
2014-07-12Tasmanian Open 20141450±39−11449±38
2014-07-09STTTA Vets Wn Wk111460±40−101450±39
2014-07-02STTTA Vets Win Wk101461±41−11460±39
2014-06-25STTTA Vets Win Wk91463±40−21461±39
2014-06-18STTTA Vets Win Wk81455±41+81463±39
2014-06-11STTTA Vets Win Wk71468±41−131455±39
2014-06-04STTTA Vets Win Wk 61439±42+291468±40
2014-05-28STTTA Vets Win Wk51445±42−61439±41
2014-05-21STTTA Vets Win Wk41453±43−81445±41
2014-05-14STTTA Vets Win Wk31455±44−21453±42
2014-05-07STTTA Vets Win Wk21457±43−21455±42
2014-04-16STTTA Vets Aut Wk 121471±42−141457±40
2014-04-09STTTA Vets Aut Wk 111457±43+141471±41
2014-04-02STTTA Vets Aut Wk101467±44−101457±42
2014-03-29North West Open 20141522±47−551467±44
2014-03-26STTTA Vets Aut Wk91522±4701522±47
2014-03-19STTTA Vets Aut Wk81518±47+41522±46
2014-02-19STTTA Vets Aut Wk41505±45+131518±43
2014-02-12STTTA Vets Aut Wk31492±46+131505±44
2014-02-05STTTA Vets Aut Wk21474±47+181492±44
2014-01-29STTTA Vets Aut1479±48−51474±46
2013-11-27STTTA Vets Spring SF1483±39−41479±38
2013-11-20STTTA Vets Spring R111493±40−101483±38
2013-11-06STTTA Vets Spring R91493±3801493±37
2013-10-30STTTA Vets Spring R81492±38+11493±37
2013-10-23STTTA Vets Spring R71496±38−41492±37
2013-10-16STTTA Vets Spring R61489±37+71496±36
2013-09-25STTTA Vets Spring R41486±34+31489±33
2013-09-142013 Australian Veterans Championships1475±39+111486±31
2013-09-04STTTA Vets Spring R21475±3801475±37
2013-08-28STTTA Vets Spring R11470±37+51475±37
2013-08-21STTTA Vets Win Roster Final1469±36+11470±36
2013-08-14STTTA Vets Win Roster SF1474±37−51469±35
2013-08-07STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 141477±36−31474±35
2013-07-31STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 131478±35−11477±35
2013-07-24STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 121467±36+111478±34
2013-07-20Tasmanian Open 20131465±37+21467±35
2013-07-17STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 101467±38−21465±37
2013-07-10STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 101470±38−31467±36
2013-07-03STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 91474±38−41470±37
2013-06-26STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 81487±38−131474±36
2013-06-19STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 71473±39+141487±37
2013-06-12STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 61478±39−51473±37
2013-06-05STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 51483±39−51478±37
2013-05-29STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 41487±39−41483±38
2013-05-22STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 31488±39−11487±38
2013-05-182013 Southern Tas Open1498±41−101488±38
2013-05-15STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk21509±43−111498±40
2013-05-08STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk11520±44−111509±41
2013-04-24STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk121533±43−131520±42
2013-04-17STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk111539±45−61533±42
2013-04-13Statewide Veterans / Northern Junior Open 20131550±46−111539±44
2013-04-10STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk101562±48−121550±46
2013-04-03STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk91573±49−111562±47
2013-03-20STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk71599±50−261573±47
2013-03-06STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk51628±51−291599±48
2013-02-27STTTA Vets Aut Roster R11609±53+191628±50
2013-02-20STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk31633±57−241609±52
2013-02-13STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk21665±60−321633±56
2013-02-06STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk11640±62+251665±59
2012-10-202012 Australian Veterans Championships1590±64+501640±48
2012-07-212012 Tasmanian Open1625±68−351590±54
2012-05-122012 Southern Tasmanian Open1550±72+751625±60
2012-04-14Tas Veterans - Northern Juniors1551±85−11550±69
2011-04-092011 Tas Vets / Juniors1550±59+11551±48
2010-10-242010 Australian Veterans Championships1618±54−681550±34
2010-09-112010 Tas Vets / Junior1651±54−331618±48
2010-07-242010Tasmanian Open1668±54−171651±47
2010-05-152010 Southern Open1660±54+81668±45
2010-04-102010 Northern Open1674±68−141660±49
2009-10-242009 Australian Veterans Championships1769±62−951674±49
2009-07-252009 Tasmanian Open1738±63+311769±52
2009-04-042009 Northern Open1690±59+481738±49
2008-10-182008 Australian Veterans Championships1857±55−1671690±36
2008-08-09Tasmanian Closed1824±52+331857±46
2008-07-27Statewide Vets / Junior1836±53−121824±50
2008-07-26Tasmanian Veterans1960±92−1241836±53
2008-07-05Tasmanian Open1808±121+1521960±90
2008-05-17Southern Open1500±450+3081808±119

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