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McLean, Doug

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10/26/20162016 STTTA Spring Vets R151562±46+131575±44
10/19/20162016 STTTA Spring Vets R141562±4401562±44
10/12/20162016 STTTA Spring Vets R131561±44+11562±43
10/5/20162016 STTTA Spring Vets R121559±43+21561±42
9/28/20162016 STTTA Spring Vets R111559±4201559±42
9/21/20162016 STTTA Spring Vets R101544±42+151559±41
9/14/20162016 STTTA Spring Vets R91543±41+11544±41
9/10/2016Tasmanian Closed1508±45+351543±40
9/7/20162016 STTTA Spring Vets R81506±45+21508±45
8/31/20162016 STTTA Spring Vets R71503±45+31506±44
8/24/20162016 STTTA Spring Vets R61502±44+11503±44
8/17/20162016 STTTA Spring Vets R51510±45−81502±43
8/10/20162016 STTTA Spring Vets R41508±44+21510±44
8/3/20162016 STTTA Spring Vets R31506±43+21508±43
7/27/20162016 STTTA Spring Vets R21502±43+41506±42
7/23/2016Tasmanian Open 20161494±44+81502±42
7/20/20162016 STTTA Spring Vets R11492±44+21494±43
6/29/20162016 STTTA Winter Vets SF1501±42−91492±40
6/22/20162016 STTTA Winter Vets R121512±44−111501±41
6/15/20162016 STTTA Winter Vets R111532±45−201512±43
6/1/20162016 STTTA Winter Vets R91530±43+21532±43
5/25/20162016 STTTA Winter Vets R81528±43+21530±42
5/18/20162016 STTTA Winter Vets R71539±44−111528±41
5/11/20162016 STTTA Winter Vets R61537±43+21539±43
5/7/2016Southern Open Table Tennis Championships 20161501±52+361537±43
5/4/20162016 STTTA Winter Vets R51519±56−181501±52
4/27/20162016 STTTA Winter Vets R41546±61−271519±55
4/13/20162016 STTTA Winter Vets R21542±60+41546±59
11/18/2015STTTA Spring Vets Finals1531±42+111542±41
11/11/2015STTTA Spring Vets SF1527±42+41531±41
11/4/2015STTTA Spring Vets R121514±42+131527±41
10/28/2015STTTA Spring Vets R111509±42+51514±41
10/14/2015STTTA Spring Vets R101504±41+51509±40
10/7/2015STTTA Spring Vets R91513±41−91504±40
9/30/2015STTTA Spring Vets R81512±40+11513±40
9/23/2015STTTA Spring Vets R71497±40+151512±39
9/16/2015STTTA Spring Vets R61489±40+81497±39
9/9/2015STTTA Spring Vets R51485±39+41489±39
9/2/2015STTTA Spring Vets R41486±39−11485±38
8/26/2015STTTA Spring Roster Vets R31483±38+31486±37
8/19/2015STTTA Spring Roster Vets R21487±38−41483±37
8/12/2015STTTA Spring Vets R11502±38−151487±36
7/25/2015Tasmanian Open 20151477±39+251502±34
7/15/2015STTTA Vets Roster R141481±38−41477±37
7/8/2015STTTA Vets Roster R131486±38−51481±37
7/1/2015STTTA Vets Roster R121500±38−141486±37
6/24/2015STTTA Vets Roster R111495±38+51500±37
6/17/2015STTTA Vets Roster R101490±37+51495±36
6/10/2015STTTA Vets Winter R91494±37−41490±36
5/27/2015STTTA Vets Winter R71488±35+61494±34
5/20/2015STTTA Vets Winter R61484±34+41488±34
5/13/2015STTTA Vets Winter R51496±34−121484±33
5/6/2015STTTA Vets Winter R41500±33−41496±32
5/2/2015Southern Tas Open1530±36−301500±32
4/29/2015STTTA Vets Winter R31537±37−71530±36
4/22/2015STTTA Winter Vets R21532±36+51537±35
4/11/2015Northern Open 20151535±40−31532±34
3/25/2015STTTA Autumn Vets SF1534±37+11535±37
3/21/2015NW Open 20151575±44−411534±37
3/18/2015STTTA AUtumn Roster Vets Wk 71568±45+71575±44
3/11/2015STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 61566±44+21568±44
3/4/2015STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 61577±45−111566±43
2/25/2015STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 51571±45+61577±44
2/18/2015STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 41585±46−141571±44
2/11/2015STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 31584±45+11585±45
1/28/2015STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 11579±44+51584±43
11/19/2014STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk1584±33−51579±32
11/12/2014STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk1581±32+31584±31
11/8/2014Tasmanian Closed 20141576±31+51581±31
11/5/2014STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk101573±31+31576±31
10/29/2014STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk91584±30−111573±29
10/25/20142014 Australian Veterans Championships1528±42+561584±29
10/15/2014STTTA Spring Roster Vets1536±41−81528±40
10/1/2014STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk61547±41−111536±39
9/24/2014STTTA Spring Vets Wk51552±41−51547±39
9/10/2014STTTA Spring Vets Wk 31546±39+61552±38
9/3/2014STTTA Spring Vets Wk21541±39+51546±38
8/27/2014STTTA Spring Vets Wk11529±39+121541±38
8/23/201428th City Of Hobart Open Championship1556±43−271529±38
8/13/2014STTTA Vtes Win Final1556±4101556±41
8/6/2014STTTA Vets SF1573±42−171556±40
7/30/2014STTTA Vets Wn Wk 141564±42+91573±41
7/23/2014STTTA Vets Wn Wk 131584±43−201564±41
7/16/2014STTTA Vets Wn Wk 121582±42+21584±42
7/12/2014Tasmanian Open 20141577±48+51582±42
7/9/2014STTTA Vets Wn Wk111591±51−141577±47
7/2/2014STTTA Vets Win Wk101584±51+71591±50
6/25/2014STTTA Vets Win Wk91578±51+61584±50
6/18/2014STTTA Vets Win Wk81575±51+31578±50
6/11/2014STTTA Vets Win Wk71560±53+151575±50
6/8/2014TTTA State League 2014 Day 21558±53+21560±52
6/7/2014TTTA State League 2014 Day 11557±53+11558±53
6/4/2014STTTA Vets Win Wk 61544±55+131557±52
5/28/2014STTTA Vets Win Wk51585±57−411544±54
5/21/2014STTTA Vets Win Wk41603±60−181585±56
5/14/2014STTTA Vets Win Wk31595±62+81603±59
12/4/2013STTTA Vets Spring Final1578±41+171595±40
11/27/2013STTTA Vets Spring SF1571±41+71578±40
11/13/2013STTTA Vets Spring R101582±41−111571±39
11/6/2013STTTA Vets Spring R91581±40+11582±39
10/30/2013STTTA Vets Spring R81576±39+51581±38
10/23/2013STTTA Vets Spring R71569±39+71576±38
10/16/2013STTTA Vets Spring R61574±39−51569±38
9/25/2013STTTA Vets Spring R41569±36+51574±35
9/11/2013STTTA Vets Spring R31566±33+31569±33
9/4/2013STTTA Vets Spring R21565±32+11566±32
8/31/20132013 Northern Open1567±34−21565±31
8/28/2013STTTA Vets Spring R11562±34+51567±33
8/10/2013Tasmanian Closed 20131567±34−51562±30
8/7/2013STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 141562±34+51567±33
7/31/2013STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 131575±33−131562±32
7/24/2013STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 121583±33−81575±32
7/20/2013Tasmanian Open 20131582±35+11583±32
7/17/2013STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 101575±35+71582±34
7/10/2013STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 101563±34+121575±33
7/3/2013STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 91558±33+51563±32
6/26/2013STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 81553±32+51558±32
6/22/20132013 NS Open1569±35−161553±31
6/19/2013STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 71579±35−101569±34
6/12/2013STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 61572±35+71579±34
6/5/2013STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 51577±34−51572±33
5/29/2013STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 41572±34+51577±33
5/22/2013STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 31567±33+51572±32
5/18/20132013 Southern Tas Open1569±39−21567±32
5/15/2013STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk21587±40−181569±39
4/24/2013STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk121583±37+41587±36
4/13/2013Statewide Veterans / Northern Junior Open 20131600±38−171583±35
4/10/2013STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk101591±39+91600±38
4/3/2013STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk91584±38+71591±37
3/27/2013STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk81570±39+141584±37
3/20/2013STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk71576±38−61570±37
3/16/2013North West Open 20131623±47−471576±38
3/13/2013STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk61614±48+91623±47
3/6/2013STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk51609±48+51614±47
2/20/2013STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk31590±48+191609±46
2/16/2013Eastside Open 20131651±54−611590±47
2/13/2013STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk21646±55+51651±54
2/6/2013STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk11623±57+231646±54
9/8/2012Northern Open 20121628±38−51623±35
8/18/20122012 Tasmanian Closed1651±42−231628±34
7/21/20122012 Tasmanian Open1632±46+191651±37
6/23/2012NS Open1642±50−101632±42
5/12/20122012 Southern Tasmanian Open1643±49−11642±44
4/14/2012Tas Veterans - Northern Juniors1628±56+151643±45
2/18/20122012 Eastside Open1617±59+111628±49
9/10/2011Northern Open Championships1654±42−371617±36
8/20/2011Tasmanian Closed1686±44−321654±38
7/23/2011Tasmanian Open1716±48−301686±40
5/14/20112011 Southern Open1708±43+81716±37
4/9/20112011 Tas Vets / Juniors1704±42+41708±37
3/19/20112011 North-West Open1729±45−251704±38
2/19/20112011 Eastside Open1717±50+121729±41
10/24/20102010 Australian Veterans Championships1763±44−461717±30
9/11/20102010 Tas Vets / Junior1772±39−91763±36
8/21/20102010 Tasmanian Closed1752±40+201772±35
7/24/20102010Tasmanian Open1774±40−221752±35
7/3/20102010 Northern Suburbs Open1764±42+101774±36
5/15/20102010 Southern Open1728±40+361764±33
4/10/20102010 Northern Open1706±40+221728±34
3/20/20102010 North-West Open1708±46−21706±37
2/27/20102010 Eastside Open1798±62−901708±42
8/15/20092009 Tasmanian Closed1798±4101798±36
7/25/20092009 Tasmanian Open1794±48+41798±37
5/16/20092009 Southern Open1806±45−121794±37
4/4/20092009 Northern Open1807±48−11806±38
3/14/20092009 Eastside Open1857±56−501807±45
10/18/20082008 Australian Veterans Championships1903±45−461857±34
8/23/2008Eastside Open1914±40−111903±35
8/9/2008Tasmanian Closed1866±47+481914±38
7/27/2008Statewide Vets / Junior1860±49+61866±45
7/26/2008Tasmanian Veterans1796±55+641860±48
7/5/2008Tasmanian Open1915±87−1191796±52
4/19/20082008 NS Open1938±149−231915±81
3/15/2008North West Open1500±450+4381938±147

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