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McCollum, Peter

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10/11/2016Minnesota Tuesday Open RR913±43−25888±39
8/16/2016Minnesota Tuesday Open RR917±36−4913±33
7/26/2016Minnesota Tuesday Open RR924±34−7917±31
7/19/2016Minnesota Tuesday Open RR921±35+3924±33
7/12/2016Minnesota Tuesday Open RR911±37+10921±33
5/31/2016Minnesota Tuesday Open RR922±30−11911±29
5/23/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League 2 RR903±30+19922±28
5/16/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League 2911±30−8903±29
5/9/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League 2 RR898±29+13911±28
5/2/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League 2 RR911±29−13898±27
4/25/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League 2 RR915±29−4911±27
4/19/2016Minnesota Tuesday Open RR921±28−6915±27
4/18/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League 2 RR918±30+3921±28
4/4/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR931±27−13918±26
3/28/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR927±27+4931±26
3/23/2016Rochester, MN 2016 Winter925±26+2927±26
3/21/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR915±27+10925±25
3/14/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR927±26−12915±25
3/8/2016Minnesota Tuesday Open RR932±26−5927±24
3/7/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR924±27+8932±25
3/1/2016Minnesota Tuesday Open RR922±26+2924±25
2/29/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR909±26+13922±26
2/23/2016Minnesota Tuesday Open RR897±26+12909±25
2/22/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR874±27+23897±26
2/16/2016Minnsota Tuesday Open RR871±27+3874±25
2/11/2016Minnesota Daytime Pong866±27+5871±25
2/9/2016Minnesota Tuesday Open RR865±27+1866±26
2/8/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR853±29+12865±27
2/1/2016Minnesota Monday Winter League RR845±28+8853±28
1/28/2016Minnesota Daytime Pong840±28+5845±27
1/26/2016Minnesota Tuesday Open RR847±28−7840±28
1/25/2016Minnesota Monday Winter League RR845±30+2847±28
1/19/2016Minnesota Tuesday Open RR851±30−6845±28
1/11/2016Minnesota Monday Winter League RR845±30+6851±28
1/4/2016Minnesota Monday Winter League RR842±30+3845±29
12/28/2015Minnesota Monday Winter League RR824±30+18842±28
12/21/2015Minnesota Monday Winter League RR816±29+8824±28
12/15/2015Minnesota Tuesday Open RR806±29+10816±27
12/14/2015Minnesota Monday Winter League RR792±30+14806±28
12/7/2015Minnesota Monday Winter League RR796±29−4792±28
11/30/2015Minnesota Monday Fall League RR801±28−5796±27
11/23/2015Minnesota Monday RR811±27−10801±26
11/21/2015NWTTC Saturday RR Match824±28−13811±27
11/17/2015Minnesota Tuesday Open RR817±28+7824±27
11/16/2015Minnesota Monday Fall League RR818±29−1817±28
11/10/2015Minnesota Tuesday Open RR821±28−3818±28
11/2/2015Minnesota Monday Fall League RR821±270821±26
10/27/2015Minnesota Tuesday Open RR805±26+16821±25
10/26/2015Minnesota Monday Fall League820±27−15805±26
10/20/2015Minnesota Tuesday Open RR828±28−8820±26
10/19/2015Minnesota Monday Fall League RR821±28+7828±28
10/13/2015Minnesota Tuesday Open RR834±29−13821±27
10/10/2015NWTTC Saturday RR Match818±30+16834±28
10/5/2015Minnesota Monday Fall League RR811±30+7818±29
9/28/2015Minnesota Monday RR791±29+20811±28
9/26/2015NWTTC Saturday RR Match790±29+1791±28
9/23/2015Rochester 2015 Summer Tournament802±29−12790±28
9/22/2015Minnesota Tuesday Open RR779±30+23802±28
9/19/2015NWTTC Saturday RR Match765±31+14779±29
9/15/2015Minnesota Tuesday Open RR758±31+7765±30
9/12/2015NWTTC Saturday RR Match758±300758±30
9/8/2015Minnesota Tuesday Open RR748±31+10758±29
8/31/2015Minnesota Monday RR753±30−5748±29
8/24/2015Minnesota Monday RR744±29+9753±29
8/22/2015Minnesota Saturday Open730±30+14744±29
8/20/2015Minnesota Daytime Pong734±31−4730±29
8/17/2015Minnesota Monday RR737±32−3734±30
8/12/2015Rochester, MN Wednesday League769±33−32737±31
8/3/2015Minnesota Monday RR758±32+11769±31
7/27/2015Minnesota Monday RR753±32+5758±31
7/20/2015Minnesota Monday RR744±31+9753±30
7/13/2015Minnesota Monday RR740±31+4744±29
7/8/2015Rochester, MN Wednesday League740±300740±30
7/7/2015Minnesota Tuesday Open RR709±32+31740±30
7/6/2015Minnesota Monday RR701±33+8709±32
7/1/2015Minnesota Monday RR692±33+9701±32
6/29/2015Minnesota Monday RR706±34−14692±33
6/25/2015Minnesota Daytime Pong709±35−3706±33
6/23/2015Minnesota Daytime Pong729±36−20709±35
6/16/2015Minnesota Daytime Pong736±36−7729±35
6/4/2015Minnesota Summer Super League (Session 1 - Week 2)720±37+16736±34
5/27/2015Rochester, MN Wednesday League762±37−42720±35
5/21/2015Minnesota Daytime Pong740±40+22762±36
5/19/2015Minnesota Daytiime Pong758±41−18740±39
5/14/2015Minnesota Daytime Pong763±47−5758±40
5/5/2015Minnesota Tuesday Open RR806±59−43763±46
4/30/2015Minnesota Daytime Pong770±119+36806±59
10/29/2013Minnesota Tuesday RR795±90−25770±83
10/26/2013Minnesota Saturday Open795±900795±90
8/20/2013Minnesota Tuesday RR823±95−28795±85
10/20/2012Minnesota Saturday Open816±73+7823±70
2/25/2012Minnesota Saturday Open836±48−20816±46
2/18/2012Minnesota Saturday Open835±47+1836±47
1/10/2012InterClub: St. Louis Park 1 vs. Fridley 1 at Fdly855±43−20835±41
1/2/2012InterClub: St. Louis Park 1 vs. Fridley 1 at SLP817±46+38855±42
12/19/2011InterClub: SLP 1 vs. Bloomington 1 at Blm777±50+40817±44
12/17/2011Minnesota Saturday Open780±54−3777±50
12/13/2011Minnesota Tuesday Open RR789±55−9780±54
11/29/2011Minnesota Tuesday Open RR820±59−31789±54
11/12/2011Minnesota Saturday Open842±64−22820±57
11/7/2011SLP MN LF 2011 Fall League Week 3 of 6760±76+82842±63
10/24/2011SLP MN LF 2011 Fall League Week 2 of 6760±740760±74
10/21/2011SLP MN LF 2011 Fall League Week 2 of 6760±740760±74
10/17/2011SLP MN LF 2011 Fall League Week 1 of 6661±98+99760±74
7/30/2011Minnesota Saturday Open661±920661±92
7/26/2011Minnesota Tuesday Open RR644±119+17661±92
3/5/2011Red Thread Charities TT Tournament554±136+90644±110
2/22/2011Minnesota Tuesday Open RR560±140−6554±135
8/10/2010Minnesota Tuesday Open RR561±130−1560±130
12/12/2009Minnesota Saturday Open700±149−139561±117
2/8/20092009 Minnesota State High School Championships800±250−100700±134

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