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Pham, Alex

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5/7/20167th Annual Northfield Table Tennis Tournament1381±62+11382±55
3/24/2016Minnsota Super League (Session 3 - Week 7)1360±71+211381±57
5/21/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 8)1358±31+21360±29
5/14/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 7)1368±31−101358±29
5/7/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 6)1364±31+41368±29
5/2/20152015 Northfield 6th Annual Tournament1377±30−131364±29
4/30/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 5)1370±31+71377±30
4/23/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 4)1375±31−51370±30
4/16/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 3)1392±31−171375±29
4/9/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 2)1371±32+211392±30
4/2/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 1)1376±33−51371±30
3/26/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 8)1382±33−61376±31
3/19/2015Minnsota Super League (Session Three - Week 7)1393±33−111382±32
3/12/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 6)1397±35−41393±32
3/5/2015Minnsota Super League (Session Three - Week 5)1407±35−101397±33
2/26/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 4)1427±34−201407±33
2/12/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 2)1437±33−101427±32
2/5/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 1)1437±3401437±31
1/29/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 8)1414±34+231437±32
1/22/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 7)1411±34+31414±32
1/15/2015Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 6)1433±35−221411±33
1/8/2015Minnsota Super League (Session Two - Week 5)1430±36+31433±34
12/18/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Two - Week 4)1424±34+61430±32
12/11/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 3)1415±35+91424±32
11/20/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 1)1413±32+21415±31
11/13/2014Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 8)1396±32+171413±30
11/6/2014Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 7)1403±34−71396±31
10/30/2014Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 6)1387±35+161403±32
10/23/2014Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 5)1338±37+491387±34
10/16/2014Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 4)1345±39−71338±35
10/9/2014Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 3)1367±43−221345±38
10/2/2014Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 2)1381±47−141367±41
9/18/2014Minnesota Super League1402±52−211381±45
5/22/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Eight)1402±3401402±32
5/15/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Seven)1392±33+101402±32
5/8/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Six)1416±35−241392±32
5/3/2014Northfield 5th Annual Tournament1415±35+11416±34
4/24/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Four)1424±35−91415±33
3/27/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Eight)1409±30+151424±28
3/20/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Seven)1415±31−61409±29
3/13/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Six)1429±31−141415±29
3/6/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Five)1413±31+161429±29
2/27/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Four)1420±32−71413±30
2/13/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Three)1412±31+81420±29
2/6/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week Two)1421±32−91412±30
1/30/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week One)1419±32+21421±30
1/23/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Eight)1425±33−61419±31
1/16/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Seven)1434±33−91425±31
1/9/2014Minnesota Super League1433±34+11434±32
1/2/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Five)1439±34−61433±33
12/19/2013Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Four)1420±33+191439±31
12/12/2013Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Three)1420±3401420±31
12/5/2013Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Two)1430±34−101420±32
11/21/2013Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week One)1418±33+121430±31
11/14/2013Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Eight)1408±34+101418±32
11/7/2013Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Seven)1394±36+141408±33
10/24/2013Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Five)1377±37+171394±33
10/17/2013Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Four)1377±3801377±35
10/10/2013Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Three)1377±4201377±37
10/3/2013Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Two)1416±46−391377±40
9/26/2013Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week One)1429±53−131416±45
5/9/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 8)1446±32−171429±30
5/4/20132013 Northfield Open1441±33+51446±31
5/2/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 7)1454±34−131441±32
4/25/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 6)1453±35+11454±32
4/18/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 5)1417±37+361453±33
4/11/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 4)1428±40−111417±36
4/4/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 3)1457±42−291428±38
3/28/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 2)1486±50−291457±41
3/21/2013Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 1)1541±59−551486±49
10/10/2012SATTC Wednesday Double Elimination Fall1535±39+61541±36
10/3/2012SATTC Wednesday Fall League1535±4101535±38
9/26/2012SATTC Wednesday Fall League1530±45+51535±40
9/19/2012SATTC Wednesday Summer League1535±53−51530±43
5/5/2012Northfield Open 20121547±32−121535±31
4/26/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 4 - Wk 4)1525±32+221547±30
4/19/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 4 - Wk 3)1532±32−71525±30
4/5/2012Minnesota Super League ( Sess 4 - Wk 1)1539±30−71532±29
3/29/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 8)1536±30+31539±28
3/22/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 7)1541±29−51536±28
3/15/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 6)1542±29−11541±28
3/8/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 5)1548±29−61542±27
3/1/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 4)1545±29+31548±27
2/23/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 3)1552±29−71545±27
2/16/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 - Wk 2)1550±28+21552±27
2/9/2012Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 - Wk 1)1539±28+111550±27
2/4/20122012 MN State Championships1571±29−321539±27
2/2/2012Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 8)1567±30+41571±28
1/28/2012Minnesota Saturday Open1569±29−21567±29
1/26/2012Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 7)1569±3001569±28
1/21/2012Minnesota Saturday Open1571±30−21569±29
1/19/2012Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 6)1578±31−71571±30
1/12/2012Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 6)1574±32+41578±29
1/5/2012Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 5)1577±32−31574±30
12/29/2011Minnesota Super League1562±32+151577±30
12/22/2011Minnesota Super League (Sess2 Wk3)1546±33+161562±30
12/15/2011Minnesota Super League (Sess 2 Wk 2)1553±32−71546±31
12/8/2011Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 1)1535±32+181553±31
12/1/2011Minnesota Super League1517±33+181535±31
11/17/2011Minnesota Super League1505±32+121517±30
11/10/2011Minnesota Super League1495±33+101505±30
11/3/2011Minnesota Super League1507±33−121495±31
10/29/20112011 Minnesota Fall Classic1535±33−281507±32
10/27/2011Minnesota Super League1532±35+31535±33
10/20/2011Minnesota Super League1508±37+241532±33
10/13/2011Minnesota Super League1491±39+171508±35
10/6/2011Minnesota Super League1450±45+411491±38
10/1/2011Minnesota Saturday Open1429±48+211450±45
9/3/2011Minnesota Saturday Open1413±54+161429±44
5/7/2011Northfield Open 20111423±39−101413±36
4/28/2011Minnesota Super League1384±43+391423±37
4/21/2011Minnesota Super League1394±47−101384±42
3/31/2011Minnesota Super League1398±49−41394±44
3/24/2011Minnesota Super League1412±51−141398±48
1/27/2011Minnesota Super League1449±48−371412±43
1/20/2011Minnesota Super Leagues1457±56−81449±46
1/13/2011Minnesota Super League1507±65−501457±55
11/18/2010Minnesota Super League1582±67−751507±58
9/12/20102010 Hai Hwa Table Tennis Tournament1636±67−541582±60
3/11/2010Minnesota Super League1675±49−391636±45
1/7/2010Minnesota Super League1696±45−211675±39
12/17/2009Minnesota Super League1658±47+381696±41
12/15/2009Minnesota Burnsville Elite League1678±48−201658±46
12/10/2009Minnesota Super League1630±58+481678±47
11/12/2009Minnesota Super League1670±61−401630±55
10/15/2009Minnesota Super League1687±69−171670±58
10/8/2009Minnesota Super Leagues1711±95−241687±68
5/16/2009Minnesota Saturday Open1500±200+2111711±84

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