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Jones, Ken

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2017-11-152017STTTA Spring Vets Roster731±420731±40
2017-11-012017 STTTA Spring Vets Roster727±41+4731±40
2017-10-042017 STTTA Spring Vets Roster R734±37−7727±36
2017-09-272017 STTTA Spring Vets Roster742±39−8734±36
2017-09-132017 STTTA Spring Vets Roster R2737±38+5742±36
2017-09-062017 STTTA Spring Vets Roster R1733±39+4737±37
2017-08-092017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R12749±36−16733±34
2017-08-022017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R11762±36−13749±34
2017-07-262017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R10760±36+2762±35
2017-07-192017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R9766±36−6760±34
2017-07-122017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R8768±36−2766±34
2017-07-052017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R7786±37−18768±35
2017-06-212017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R5785±35+1786±34
2017-06-142017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R4774±35+11785±34
2017-06-072017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R3775±35−1774±34
2017-05-312017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R2777±35−2775±33
2017-05-242017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R1778±36−1777±34
2017-05-102017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster Final794±36−16778±33
2017-05-032017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster SF802±35−8794±34
2017-04-262017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R12792±35+10802±34
2017-04-192017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R11782±36+10792±34
2017-04-122017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R10791±36−9782±34
2017-04-052017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R9791±380791±35
2017-03-292017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R8825±38−34791±36
2017-03-222017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R7818±39+7825±37
2017-03-152017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R6822±40−4818±38
2017-03-082017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R5801±41+21822±39
2017-03-012017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R4801±420801±39
2017-02-222017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R3818±44−17801±41
2017-02-152017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R2810±47+8818±43
2017-02-082017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R1793±51+17810±46
2016-10-262016 STTTA Spring Vets R15785±36+8793±35
2016-10-192016 STTTA Spring Vets R14797±36−12785±35
2016-10-122016 STTTA Spring Vets R13780±37+17797±35
2016-10-052016 STTTA Spring Vets R12804±37−24780±35
2016-09-212016 STTTA Spring Vets R10808±36−4804±35
2016-09-142016 STTTA Spring Vets R9822±36−14808±35
2016-09-072016 STTTA Spring Vets R8818±36+4822±35
2016-08-312016 STTTA Spring Vets R7806±37+12818±34
2016-08-242016 STTTA Spring Vets R6830±38−24806±36
2016-08-172016 STTTA Spring Vets R5828±38+2830±36
2016-08-032016 STTTA Spring Vets R3840±37−12828±35
2016-07-272016 STTTA Spring Vets R2853±38−13840±35
2016-07-202016 STTTA Spring Vets R1848±38+5853±37
2016-07-062016 STTTA Winter Vets Final850±35−2848±35
2016-06-292016 STTTA Winter Vets SF844±35+6850±34
2016-06-222016 STTTA Winter Vets R12840±35+4844±33
2016-06-152016 STTTA Winter Vets R11838±36+2840±34
2016-06-082016 STTTA Winter Vets R10814±37+24838±34
2016-05-252016 STTTA Winter Vets R8812±36+2814±34
2016-05-182016 STTTA Winter Vets R7804±36+8812±34
2016-05-112016 STTTA Winter Vets R6837±38−33804±35
2016-05-042016 STTTA Winter Vets R5833±37+4837±36
2016-04-272016 STTTA Winter Vets R4847±38−14833±36
2016-04-202016 STTTA Winter Vets R3834±39+13847±37
2016-04-062016 STTTA Winter Vets R1855±38−21834±36
2016-03-232016 STTTA Autumn Vets R8848±37+7855±35
2016-03-162016 STTTA Autumn Vets R7847±38+1848±35
2016-03-092016 STTTA Autumn Vets R6837±38+10847±36
2016-03-022016 STTTA Autumn Vets R5834±40+3837±37
2016-02-242016 STTTA Autumn Vets R4827±41+7834±38
2016-02-172016 STTTA Autumn Vets R3818±42+9827±40
2016-02-102016 STTTA Autumn Vets R2813±44+5818±41
2016-02-032016 STTTA Autumn Vets R1796±47+17813±43
2015-11-18STTTA Spring Vets Finals800±36−4796±34
2015-11-11STTTA Spring Vets SF786±35+14800±34
2015-11-04STTTA Spring Vets R12793±36−7786±34
2015-10-28STTTA Spring Vets R11802±36−9793±34
2015-10-14STTTA Spring Vets R10792±35+10802±33
2015-10-07STTTA Spring Vets R9805±35−13792±33
2015-09-30STTTA Spring Vets R8808±36−3805±33
2015-09-23STTTA Spring Vets R7801±36+7808±34
2015-09-16STTTA Spring Vets R6809±36−8801±35
2015-09-09STTTA Spring Vets R5818±37−9809±35
2015-09-02STTTA Spring Vets R4813±38+5818±35
2015-08-19STTTA Spring Roster Vets R2822±37−9813±35
2015-08-12STTTA Spring Vets R1811±38+11822±36
2015-07-15STTTA Vets Roster R14815±34−4811±32
2015-07-08STTTA Vets Roster R13807±34+8815±32
2015-07-01STTTA Vets Roster R12799±35+8807±32
2015-06-24STTTA Vets Roster R11818±35−19799±34
2015-06-17STTTA Vets Roster R10797±35+21818±34
2015-06-10STTTA Vets Winter R9802±36−5797±34
2015-06-03STTTA Vets Winter R8797±36+5802±34
2015-05-27STTTA Vets Winter R7784±38+13797±35
2015-05-20STTTA Vets Winter R6789±38−5784±37
2015-05-13STTTA Vets Winter R5796±38−7789±36
2015-05-06STTTA Vets Winter R4818±39−22796±36
2015-04-22STTTA Winter Vets R2804±39+14818±36
2015-04-15STTTA Winter Vets R1810±40−6804±38
2015-04-01STTTA Autumn Vets Final832±39−22810±37
2015-03-18STTTA AUtumn Roster Vets Wk 7835±38−3832±36
2015-03-11STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 6804±39+31835±36
2015-03-04STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 6767±40+37804±37
2015-02-25STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 5795±41−28767±38
2015-02-18STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 4785±43+10795±40
2015-02-04STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 2791±44−6785±41
2015-01-28STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 1803±45−12791±43
2014-11-26STTTA Spring Vets SF796±35+7803±34
2014-11-19STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk795±36+1796±33
2014-11-12STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk798±36−3795±34
2014-11-05STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk10798±370798±35
2014-10-29STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk9812±37−14798±36
2014-10-15STTTA Spring Roster Vets803±37+9812±35
2014-10-01STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk6809±35−6803±34
2014-09-24STTTA Spring Vets Wk5810±36−1809±33
2014-09-17STTTA Spring Vets Wk 4815±37−5810±34
2014-09-10STTTA Spring Vets Wk 3822±38−7815±35
2014-09-03STTTA Spring Vets Wk2820±39+2822±36
2014-08-27STTTA Spring Vets Wk1826±40−6820±38
2014-08-06STTTA Vets SF829±37−3826±36
2014-07-30STTTA Vets Wn Wk 14837±38−8829±36
2014-07-23STTTA Vets Wn Wk 13834±39+3837±37
2014-07-09STTTA Vets Wn Wk11846±39−12834±37
2014-07-02STTTA Vets Win Wk10813±41+33846±37
2014-06-25STTTA Vets Win Wk9803±43+10813±39
2014-06-18STTTA Vets Win Wk8800±44+3803±41
2014-06-11STTTA Vets Win Wk7823±44−23800±42
2014-04-30STTTA Vets Winter828±38−5823±37
2014-04-09STTTA Vets Aut Wk 11835±36−7828±34
2014-04-02STTTA Vets Aut Wk10822±37+13835±35
2014-03-26STTTA Vets Aut Wk9805±38+17822±35
2014-03-19STTTA Vets Aut Wk8807±38−2805±37
2014-03-12STTTA Vets Aut Wk7824±39−17807±37
2014-03-05STTTA Vets Aut Wk6820±40+4824±37
2014-02-19STTTA Vets Aut Wk4829±40−9820±37
2014-02-12STTTA Vets Aut Wk3836±42−7829±39
2014-02-05STTTA Vets Aut Wk2870±44−34836±41
2014-01-29STTTA Vets Aut857±46+13870±43
2013-12-04STTTA Vets Spring Final856±38+1857±36
2013-11-27STTTA Vets Spring SF855±37+1856±36
2013-11-20STTTA Vets Spring R11852±38+3855±36
2013-11-13STTTA Vets Spring R10856±38−4852±36
2013-11-06STTTA Vets Spring R9855±38+1856±37
2013-10-30STTTA Vets Spring R8856±38−1855±37
2013-10-23STTTA Vets Spring R7841±38+15856±37
2013-10-16STTTA Vets Spring R6859±39−18841±36
2013-09-25STTTA Vets Spring R4843±36+16859±35
2013-09-18STTTA Vets Spring R4860±36−17843±35
2013-09-11STTTA Vets Spring R3878±36−18860±34
2013-09-04STTTA Vets Spring R2872±36+6878±35
2013-08-28STTTA Vets Spring R1867±35+5872±34
2013-08-21STTTA Vets Win Roster Final869±35−2867±33
2013-08-14STTTA Vets Win Roster SF867±36+2869±33
2013-07-31STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 13850±35+17867±33
2013-07-24STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 12834±35+16850±33
2013-07-17STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 10828±35+6834±34
2013-07-10STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 10829±36−1828±33
2013-07-03STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 9828±36+1829±34
2013-06-26STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 8859±37−31828±35
2013-06-12STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 6864±37−5859±34
2013-06-05STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 5888±38−24864±36
2013-05-29STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 4868±38+20888±37
2013-05-22STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 3886±40−18868±37
2013-05-15STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk2879±41+7886±38
2013-05-08STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk1908±41−29879±40
2013-04-24STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk12903±41+5908±39
2013-04-17STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk11927±43−24903±40
2013-04-10STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk10917±45+10927±42
2013-04-03STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk9930±47−13917±43
2013-03-27STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk8952±49−22930±46
2013-03-20STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk7945±52+7952±48
2013-03-13STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk6986±55−41945±51
2013-03-06STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk5985±60+1986±54
2013-02-27STTTA Vets Aut Roster R11000±67−15985±59
2013-02-20STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk3857±101+1431000±66
2013-02-13STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk2598±211+259857±101
2013-02-06STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk11059±344−461598±211
2008-08-09Tasmanian Closed1200±400−1421058±311

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