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Tsao, Erny

All Events
10/7/20162016 Spring Premier W71934±38+11935±38
10/1/20162016 Australian National TT Champs1966±47−321934±37
10/1/20162016 Spring Premier W61977±50−111966±47
9/23/20162016 Spring Premier W51976±49+11977±48
9/10/20162016 Spring Premier W31945±50+311976±47
9/3/20162016 Spring Premier W11945±4901945±49
8/7/20162016 NSW Youth and Junior Division Open Champs1945±4501945±45
7/31/20162016 NSW Metropolitan Open Championships1919±44+261945±44
7/17/20162016 Seniot Top 10 Ranking Tournament1938±45−191919±42
6/19/20162016 New South Wales Open Championships1976±45−381938±40
6/8/2016World Tour Australian Open (Men)1984±49−81976±44
6/6/20162016 Autumn Premier W141984±4901984±49
6/4/20162016 Autumn Premier W131984±4801984±48
5/28/20162016 Autumn Premier W121983±48+11984±47
5/22/20162016 NSW Closed Championships1959±51+241983±47
5/20/20162016 Autumn Premier W111959±5101959±50
5/14/20162016 Autumn premier w101976±54−171959±50
5/7/20162016 Elisa Lee Cup TTNSW Open Championships1975±55+11976±53
3/20/2016Oceania Championships (Men)1934±53+411975±48
3/19/20162016 Autumn Premier W21933±53+11934±52
3/12/20162016 Autumn Premier W11923±54+101933±52
3/6/2016World Team Table Tennis Championships 20161937±56−141923±53
2/22/2016Australian Olympic Qualifying Tournament1982±64−451937±54
2/7/20162016 NSW Junior and Youth Closed2038±65−561982±62
10/23/20152015 National Senior Top 10 Ranking Tournament2003±54+352038±52
10/10/20152015 Spring Premier W82003±5302003±53
9/26/20152015 Spring Premier W61985±53+182003±51
9/19/20152015 Spring Premier W51983±53+21985±52
9/5/20152015 Spring Premier W31974±52+91983±51
8/30/20152015 NSW Metropolitan Open Championships1973±52+11974±51
7/9/20152015 Australian Senior Nationals Individual Events1993±49−201973±44
7/5/20152015 Australian Nationals - Teams Events2047±60−541993±48
6/28/20152015 NSW Junior Division Open2047±5902047±59
6/6/20152015 Autumn Premier W112037±59+102047±56
6/3/2015World Tour Australian Open (Men)1985±58+522037±59
5/17/20152015 NSW Open1878±57+1071985±56
5/16/20152015 Autumn Premier W81879±58−11878±57
5/2/20152105 Autumn Premier W61878±57+11879±57
4/18/20152105 Autumn Premier W41878±5501878±55
4/4/20152105 Autumn Premier W21876±54+21878±54
3/28/20152105 Autumn Premier W11875±53+11876±53
3/23/20152015 NSW StGSSTTA Open1836±56+391875±53
2/22/20152015 NSW Closed1870±56−341836±53
2/15/20152015 NSW Junior Div & Youth Closed1908±57−381870±55
1/29/20152014 Global Junior Circuit Finals (Boys)1914±57−61908±55
11/30/2014World Junior Table Tennis Championships (Boys)1912±49+21914±49
10/4/20142014 Australian Open Junior Championships1924±50−121912±41
9/5/20142014 Australian National Senior Top 101893±46+311924±46
8/8/20142014 Australian National Junior and Cadet Top 101892±42+11893±42
7/13/20142014 NSW Junior Open1891±38+11892±37
7/5/20142014 Australian Senior & Youth Open Championships1843±43+481891±36
6/23/2014China Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)1863±44−201843±41
5/26/2014Cook Islands Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)1854±41+91863±40
5/21/2014World Tour Australian Open (Men)1854±4001854±40
5/18/20142014 NSW Mounties Invitational1850±41+41854±40
5/10/2014Queensland Open 20141829±43+211850±39
4/10/2014Canadian Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)1814±43+151829±38
4/7/2014Road to Nanjing 2014 Series North America (Boys)1826±44−121814±42
3/9/20142014 NSW Open1801±43+251826±39
3/2/20142014 Australian Youth Olympic Qualifying1907±59−1061801±41
2/24/20142014 NSW Junior Closed1954±61−471907±58
2/9/20142014 NSW Closed1898±64+561954±59
7/28/20132013 NSW Junior Open1893±39+51898±39
7/13/20132013 Australian Closed Championships1816±45+771893±36
6/30/20132013 Australian Junior and Cadet Top 101762±61+541816±42
6/16/20132013 NSW Mounties Invitational1762±5901762±59
6/2/20132013 NSW Open1850±65−881762±58
5/19/20132013 NSW Junior Closed1843±66+71850±64
2/17/20132013 NSW Closed1840±57+31843±56
2/3/20132013 NSW Junior Div & Youth Closed1836±57+41840±56
10/6/20122012 Australian Open Junior Championships1880±57−441836±40
7/22/20122012 NSW Junior Open1872±49+81880±47
7/8/2012Australian Open 20121851±49+211872±47
6/17/20122012 NSW Mounties Invitational1837±52+141851±45
5/20/20122012 NSW Junior Closed1829±50+81837±48
5/5/20122012 Australian Senior Top 81799±52+301829±48
4/19/2012New Zealand Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)1810±53−111799±50
4/1/20122012 NSW Open1800±54+101810±51
2/26/20122012 NSW Closed1802±50−21800±49
2/19/20122012 Australian Olympic Qualifying1767±49+351802±49
2/12/20122012 NSW Junior Div & Youth Closed1740±52+271767±48
1/14/2012Global Cadet Challenge & Jr Circuit Finals (Boys)1769±52−291740±48
11/13/2011Volkswagen World Junior Championships (Boys)1769±4301769±43
10/1/20112011 Australian Open Junior Championships1789±56−201769±35
8/23/2011Korea Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)1788±53+11789±51
6/14/20112011 Hobart BMW Australian Open - Men Youths1748±54+401788±43
6/12/20112011 Hobart BMW Australian Open - Mens1686±59+621748±53
5/1/20112011 Australian Closed Championships1725±57−391686±54
4/22/2011Guam Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)1660±66+651725±56
10/2/20102010 Australian Open Junior Championships1694±68−341660±40
7/28/2010Korea Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)1708±67−141694±61
6/26/20102010 Australian National Open/Youth Championships1591±73+1171708±64
4/6/2010New Zealand Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)1567±78+241591±65
10/3/20092009 Australian Open Junior Championships1518±75+491567±60
6/30/2009Australia Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)1508±79+101518±65
10/4/20082008 Australian Junior Championships1250±200+2581508±51

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