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Henzell, William

All Events
10/23/20152015 National Senior Top 10 Ranking Tournament2574±71−822492±59
10/16/2015Men’s World Cup2593±78−192574±70
7/9/20152015 Australian Senior Nationals Individual Events2578±72+152593±68
6/3/2015World Tour Australian Open (Men)2647±75−692578±69
4/10/2015Oceania Cup (Men)2621±78+262647±70
10/24/2014Liebherr Men’s World Cup2642±69−212621±62
8/2/2014Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games (Singles)2637±63+52642±60
7/5/20142014 Australian Senior & Youth Open Championships2627±63+102637±60
5/21/2014World Tour Australian Open (Men)2571±66+562627±58
4/16/2014Oceania Cup & Championships (Men)2557±65+142571±62
2/23/20142014 Australian Commonwealth Games Qualifying2593±71−362557±60
10/25/2013Men’s World Cup2599±61−62593±59
7/13/20132013 Australian Closed Championships2614±55−152599±48
6/30/2013Oceania Cup (Men)2598±57+162614±54
6/16/20132013 NSW Mounties Invitational2590±61+82598±56
6/10/20132013 Australian Open and Youth Championships2616±65−262590±60
3/28/20132013 World Team Classic2622±59−62616±57
3/23/20132013 Australian Senior Top 102718±68−962622±58
9/28/2012Liebherr Men’s World Cup2728±53−102718±48
9/16/20122012 Victorian Senior Open2728±5102728±51
9/2/20122012 Australian Closed Championships2724±50+42728±49
8/8/2012Olympic Games 2012-Team Event2728±48−42724±47
7/28/2012Olympic Games (Men)2681±50+472728±46
7/8/2012Australian Open 20122681±4702681±47
5/5/20122012 Australian Senior Top 82680±37+12681±37
4/29/2012ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 11 (Dg. 2)2712±38−322680±36
4/28/2012ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 10 (Dg. 2)2697±40+152712±38
4/15/2012ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 9 (Dg. 2)2697±3802697±38
4/14/2012ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 8 (Dg. 2)2690±39+72697±38
4/1/2012World Team Table Tennis Championships 20122651±45+392690±37
3/11/2012ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 7 (Dg. 2)2651±4202651±42
3/8/20122012 Oceania Olympic Qualifying2646±42+52651±41
2/19/20122012 Australian Olympic Qualifying2638±41+82646±39
2/5/2012ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 3 (Dg. 2)2636±39+22638±38
2/4/2012ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 2 (Dg. 2)2663±41−272636±39
1/25/2012World Tour Slovenian Open (Men)2684±40−212663±39
1/17/2012World Tour Hungarian Open (Men)2699±41−152684±39
1/14/2012ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 1 (Dg. 2)2737±44−382699±40
12/3/2011ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 11 (Dg. 1)2722±39+152737±37
11/20/2011ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 10 (Dg. 1)2711±38+112722±36
11/19/2011ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 9 (Dg. 1)2704±39+72711±37
11/11/2011Liebherr Men’s World Cup2705±40−12704±37
11/6/2011World Team Cup (Men)2708±42−32705±39
11/6/2011ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 8 (Dg. 1)2696±45+122708±42
11/5/2011ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 7 (Dg. 1)2696±4402696±44
10/23/2011ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 6 (Dg. 1)2713±46−172696±42
10/22/2011ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 5 (Dg. 1)2713±4502713±45
10/19/2011Pro Tour Swedish Open (Men)2716±48−32713±45
10/16/2011ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 4 (Dg. 1)2676±52+402716±48
10/15/2011ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 3 (Dg. 1)2690±61−142676±52
9/21/2011Pro Tour Austrian Open (Men)2688±66+22690±58
9/18/2011ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 2 (Dg. 1)2729±75−412688±66
9/17/2011ÖTTV 1. Herren BL MS 11/12, Runde 1 (Dg. 1)2729±7502729±75
7/20/2011Oceania Cup (Men)2714±74+152729±69
6/12/20112011 Hobart BMW Australian Open - Mens2714±7002714±70
6/4/2011Brisbane Open: 20112712±70+22714±69
5/8/2011World Table Tennis Championships (Men)2700±75+122712±67
5/1/20112011 Australian Closed Championships2690±78+102700±74
9/5/20102010 Australian Closed Championships2673±57+172690±54
7/1/2010Spanish League2685±56−122673±48
6/26/20102010 Australian National Open/Youth Championships2862±93−1772685±55
6/14/2010Townsville Open 20102862±9202862±92
5/23/2010World Team Championship2842±100+202862±91
5/15/2010Brisbane Open 20102840±100+22842±99
7/11/20092009 Australian Open Championships2833±80+72840±77
4/28/2009World Table Tennis Championships (Men)2854±80−212833±74
8/13/2008Olympic Games (Men)2831±62+232854±55
7/26/20082008 Australian Open Championships2823±63+82831±60
6/1/20082008 Australian Closed Championships2822±57+12823±57
4/22/2008German Bundesliga2785±58+372822±52
3/24/2008Australian Olympic Games Qualifying Tournament2783±55+22785±54
1/15/2008Pro Tour Slovenian Open (Men)2808±48−252783±46
12/2/2007German Bundesliga2794±43+142808±41
11/19/2007German Bundesliga2793±41+12794±41
11/14/2007Pro Tour Swedish Open (Men)2763±45+302793±40
11/7/2007Pro Tour German Open (Men)2756±47+72763±44
11/3/2007German Cup2752±49+42756±46
10/31/2007Pro Tour French Open (Men)2767±56−152752±48
10/24/2007Pro Tour Austrian Open (Men)2771±58−42767±55
10/12/2007Men’s World Cup2779±60−82771±57
9/6/2007German Bundesliga2771±57+82779±55
9/3/2007German Bundesliga2760±59+112771±56
7/29/20072007 Australian Closed Championships2754±56+62760±54
6/30/20072007 Australian Open Championships2718±59+362754±52
6/1/2007Commonwealth Championship2731±63−132718±55
5/21/2007World Table Tennis Championships (Men)2735±63−42731±62
3/9/2007German Bundesliga2764±59−292735±55
1/16/2007Pro Tour Croatian Open (Men)2784±55−202764±52
11/15/2006Pro Tour Polish Open (Men)2760±53+242784±47
11/8/2006Pro Tour German Open (Men)2781±55−212760±52
10/26/2006Men’s World Cup2793±56−122781±53
10/19/2006Pro Tour Serbian Open (Men)2786±62+72793±55
9/3/2006German Bundesliga2779±58+72786±57
4/24/2006World Team Championships (Men)2722±57+572779±40
1/24/2006Pro Tour Croatian Open (Men)2730±48−82722±45
1/18/2006Pro Tour Slovenian Open (Men)2708±52+222730±47
11/24/2005Swedish Elite Serien2700±46+82708±45
11/17/2005Pro Tour Swedish Open (Men)2705±47−52700±45
11/9/2005Pro Tour German Open (Men)2683±49+222705±46
11/7/2005Swedish Elite Serien2666±52+172683±48
10/24/2005Swedish Elite Serien2682±55−162666±50
10/21/2005Men’s World Cup2683±55−12682±55
10/13/2005Swedish Elite Serien2668±61+152683±54
10/10/2005Swedish Elite Serien2573±70+952668±60
10/3/2005Swedish Elite Serien2585±81−122573±69
9/29/2005Swedish Elite Serien2595±84−102585±80
1/19/2005Pro Tour Croatian Open (Men)2610±65−152595±60
11/11/2004Pro Tour German Open (Men)2637±62−272610±58
10/21/2004Pro Tour Danish Open (Men)2657±67−202637±60
8/13/2004Olympic Games (Men)2636±65+212657±60
2/9/20042003/2004 Swedish League2638±45−22636±42
2/2/20042003/2004 Swedish League2629±46+92638±44
1/26/20042003/2004 Swedish League2642±47−132629±45
1/19/20042003/2004 Swedish League2626±50+162642±46
1/16/20042003/2004 Swedish League2604±53+222626±49
12/29/20032003/2004 Swedish League2613±54−92604±51
12/15/20032003/2004 Swedish League2587±58+262613±52
11/24/20032003/2004 Swedish League2543±65+442587±56
11/20/2003Pro Tour Swedish Open (Men)2535±67+82543±65
11/13/2003Pro Tour Danish Open (Men)2538±67−32535±66
11/4/20032003/2004 Swedish League2609±73−712538±66
10/24/20032003/2004 Swedish League2637±77−282609±72
10/14/20032003/2004 Swedish League2582±94+552637±76
9/23/20032003/2004 Swedish League2617±97−352582±92
5/19/2003World Individual Championships (Men)2583±116+342617±88
11/21/2002Pro Tour Farum Danish Open (Men)2466±152+1172583±105
1/23/2002Pro Tour Austrian Open (Men)2375±178+912466±138
11/21/2001Pro Tour Swedish Open (Men)2600±250−2252375±176

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