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Carlson, Doug

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5/23/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League 2 RR664±33−18646±32
5/16/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League 2671±34−7664±32
5/9/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League 2 RR682±34−11671±32
5/2/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League 2 RR678±35+4682±32
4/25/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League 2 RR692±35−14678±33
4/18/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League 2 RR697±35−5692±33
4/4/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR695±34+2697±32
3/28/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR716±35−21695±32
3/21/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR701±34+15716±33
3/14/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR720±36−19701±33
3/7/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR734±35−14720±34
2/29/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR737±36−3734±34
2/22/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR736±38+1737±34
2/8/2016Minnesota Monday Spring League RR725±38+11736±35
1/25/2016Minnesota Monday Winter League RR716±36+9725±35
1/11/2016Minnesota Monday Winter League RR702±35+14716±34
1/4/2016Minnesota Monday Winter League RR709±35−7702±34
12/21/2015Minnesota Monday Winter League RR677±36+32709±33
12/14/2015Minnesota Monday Winter League RR674±36+3677±34
12/7/2015Minnesota Monday Winter League RR659±36+15674±34
11/30/2015Minnesota Monday Fall League RR640±37+19659±35
11/23/2015Minnesota Monday RR626±37+14640±36
11/16/2015Minnesota Monday Fall League RR623±37+3626±36
11/9/2015Minnesota Monday Fall League RR625±36−2623±36
11/2/2015Minnesota Monday Fall League RR633±36−8625±35
10/26/2015Minnesota Monday Fall League641±36−8633±34
10/19/2015Minnesota Monday Fall League RR643±37−2641±34
10/5/2015Minnesota Monday Fall League RR642±35+1643±34
9/28/2015Minnesota Monday RR648±35−6642±34
9/21/2015Minnesota Monday RR649±35−1648±33
9/10/2015Minnesota Summer Super League (Session 4 - Week 2)659±34−10649±33
9/5/2015Minnesota Saturday Open659±330659±33
8/31/2015Minnesota Monday RR662±33−3659±32
8/27/2015Minnesota Summer Super League(Session 3 - Week 4)670±33−8662±32
8/6/2015Minnesota Summer Super League(Session 3 - Week 1)684±30−14670±28
8/3/2015Minnesota Monday RR675±30+9684±29
7/30/2015Minnesota Summer Super League(Session 2 - Week 5)678±30−3675±29
7/23/2015Minnesota Summer Super League(Session 2 - Week 4)684±30−6678±29
7/20/2015Minnesota Monday RR674±30+10684±29
7/16/2015Minnesota Summer Super League(Session 2 - Week 3)672±31+2674±29
7/13/2015Minnesota Monday RR663±32+9672±30
7/6/2015Minnesota Monday RR673±32−10663±30
7/2/2015Minnesota Summer Super League(Session 2 - Week 1)675±33−2673±31
7/1/2015Minnesota Monday RR689±34−14675±32
6/29/2015Minnesota Monday RR691±36−2689±33
6/25/2015Minnesota Summer Super League(Session 1 - Week 5)703±36−12691±35
6/22/2015Minnesota Monday RR716±38−13703±35
6/18/2015Minnesota Summer Super League(Session 1 - Week 4)707±41+9716±38
6/15/2015Minnesota Monday RR721±41−14707±40
6/11/2015Minnesota Summer Super League(Session 1 - Week 3)735±42−14721±41
6/8/2015Minnesota Monday RR739±43−4735±42
6/4/2015Minnesota Summer Super League (Session 1 - Week 2)749±48−10739±42
5/28/2015Minnesota Summer Super League (Session 1 - Week 1)721±57+28749±47
1/15/2015Minnesota Day Time Pong751±43−30721±38
12/11/2014Minnesota Day Time Pong733±40+18751±37
12/11/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 3)734±40−1733±40
12/4/2014Minnesota Day Time Pong748±42−14734±39
11/20/2014Minnesota Day Time Pong749±39−1748±39
11/6/2014Minnesota Day Time Pong752±42−3749±37
10/30/2014Minnesota Day Time Pong761±45−9752±40
10/23/2014Minnesota Daytime Pong750±50+11761±44
10/10/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit737±50+13750±49
10/3/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit706±52+31737±49
9/26/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit708±51−2706±51
9/12/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit708±490708±49
9/5/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit708±480708±48
8/29/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit708±470708±47
8/15/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit712±45−4708±45
8/8/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit712±440712±44
8/7/20142014 Minnesota Senior Games719±45−7712±44
8/1/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit707±47+12719±44
7/18/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit708±46−1707±45
7/11/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit699±49+9708±44
6/27/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit711±48−12699±47
6/20/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit721±49−10711±47
6/13/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit726±49−5721±48
5/22/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Eight)726±460726±46
5/16/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit704±48+22726±45
5/15/2014Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Seven)704±480704±48
5/2/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit710±47−6704±46
4/25/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit715±47−5710±46
4/18/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit705±48+10715±45
4/11/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit677±50+28705±47
4/10/2014Minnesota Super League(Session Four - Week Two)677±500677±50
4/4/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit685±50−8677±49
3/7/2014Minnesota Training Center RR684±48+1685±46
2/7/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit672±45+12684±44
1/29/2014Bloomington Armory Elite League697±47−25672±44
1/24/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit693±50+4697±46
1/22/2014Bloomington Armory Elite League729±55−36693±50
1/17/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit723±61+6729±55
1/15/2014Bloomington Armory Elite League743±75−20723±60
1/10/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit709±87+34743±75
1/3/2014Minnesota Training Center 8 bit709±860709±86
12/27/2013Minnesota training center 8 bit741±92−32709±85
12/20/2013Minnesota Training Center 8 bit744±92−3741±91
12/13/2013Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit809±101−65744±92
12/6/2013Minnesota Training Center 8 Bit809±1010809±101
10/10/2012SATTC Wednesday Double Elimination Fall813±68−4809±67
10/3/2012SATTC Wednesday Fall League825±69−12813±67
9/19/2012SATTC Wednesday Summer League787±86+38825±68
9/5/2012SATTC Wednesday Summer League839±95−52787±85
8/29/2012SATTC Wednesday Summer League852±97−13839±94
8/15/2012SATTC Wednesday Summer League984±141−132852±96
8/8/2012SATTC Wednesday Summer League1000±300−16984±140

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