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Liventsov, Alexey

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12/13/2016Europ. Champ. Team Quali. (Championship Div., R4)2561±59−402521±56
11/9/2016World Tour Austrian Open (Men)2551±60+102561±55
9/20/2016World Tour Belgium Open (Men)2524±63+272551±54
8/24/2016World Tour Bulgaria Open (Men)2577±61−532524±60
4/20/2016World Tour Polish Open (Men)2604±46−272577±45
4/12/2016European Olympic Qualification Tournament (Men)2593±54+112604±45
3/23/2016World Tour Qatar Open (Men)2584±56+92593±51
3/16/2016World Tour Kuwait Open (Men)2598±58−142584±55
1/27/2016World Tour German Open (Men)2627±54−292598±52
1/20/2016World Tour Hungarian Open (Men)2643±56−162627±53
11/11/2015World Tour Swedish Open (Men)2655±48−122643±47
10/21/2015World Tour Polish Open (Men)2666±47−112655±45
9/29/2015European Championship 2015 (Team)2702±51−362666±44
9/25/2015European Championships (Men)2687±56+152702±51
9/2/2015World Tour Austrian Open (Men)2694±57−72687±53
8/26/2015World Tour Czech Open (Men)2693±59+12694±56
6/24/2015World Tour Japan Open (Men)2688±54+52693±52
5/13/2015World Tour Belarus Open (Men)2717±50−292688±48
4/26/2015World Table Tennis Championships (Men)2716±51+12717±48
3/25/2015World Tour Spanish Open (Men)2732±50−162716±46
3/18/2015World Tour German Open (Men)2732±5202732±49
2/11/2015World Tour Kuwait Open (Men)2687±52+452732±47
1/28/2015World Tour Hungarian Open (Men)2683±54+42687±50
11/12/2014World Tour Swedish Open (Men)2677±47+62683±44
11/5/2014World Tour Russian Open (Men)2698±47−212677±46
9/28/2014European Championship 2014 (Team)2693±52+52698±42
8/27/2014World Tour Czech Open (Men)2669±53+242693±48
8/21/2014World Tour Belarus Open (Men)2693±55−242669±52
6/18/2014World Tour Japan Open (Men)2716±49−232693±47
6/11/2014World Tour Korea Open (Men)2720±52−42716±48
4/30/2014ZEN-NOH 2014 World Team Table Tennis Championships2740±56−202720±46
3/26/2014World Tour German Open (Men)2740±5602740±51
2/12/2014World Tour Kuwait Open (Men)2721±54+192740±51
1/29/2014World Tour Hungarian Open (Men)2757±53−362721±52
12/21/2013ETTU Cup (Men, Round 4)2788±53−312757±48
12/15/2013ETTU Cup (Men, Round 3)2786±53+22788±52
11/20/2013World Tour Russian Open (Men)2797±52−112786±49
11/13/2013World Tour German Open (Men)2829±54−322797±51
10/13/2013European Championship 2013 (Individual)2824±59+52829±50
8/21/2013World Tour Czech Open (Men)2853±57−292824±53
6/19/2013World Tour Japan Open (Men)2876±53−232853±50
6/12/2013World Tour China Open (Men)2858±55+182876±52
4/3/2013World Tour Korea Open (Men)2840±49+182858±46
2/14/2013World Tour Kuwait Open (Men)2830±44+102840±42
1/23/2013World Tour Austrian Open (Men)2854±41−242830±41
1/15/2013Russian Championship2783±53+712854±40
11/20/2012European Championships Qualifications (Men, R3)2774±47+92783±45
10/31/2012World Tour German Open (Men)2790±47−162774±44
10/21/2012European Championships 20122795±49−52790±45
9/18/2012European Championships Qualifications (Men, R2)2819±49−242795±45
9/12/2012World Tour Koltsovo Russian Open (Men)2796±51+232819±48
9/8/2012ETTU Cup 2012-2013 First Phase2828±64−322796±51
9/4/2012European Championships Qualifications (Men, R1)2795±72+332828±63
4/18/2012World Tour Spanish Open (Men)2803±61−82795±58
2/14/2012World Tour Kuwait Open (Men)2817±58−142803±53
2/7/2012World Tour Qatar Open (Men)2807±66+102817±57
9/21/2011Pro Tour Austrian Open (Men)2827±54−202807±50
8/24/2011Pro Tour Harmony Open (Men)2765±62+622827±50
4/17/2011ETTU Cup (Men, SF2)2774±47−92765±46
4/6/2011Pro Tour Spanish Open (Men)2756±51+182774±46
4/1/2011ETTU Cup (Men, SF1)2761±52−52756±50
3/16/2011Pro Tour Polish Open (Men)2759±54+22761±50
3/12/2011ETTU Cup (Men, QF2)2729±56+302759±53
2/9/2011Pro Tour Qatar Open (Men)2704±56+252729±52
1/18/2011Pro Tour Slovenia Open (Men)2732±59−282704±54
1/14/2011ETTU Cup (Men, QF1)2743±61−112732±58
12/12/2010ETTU Cup (Men, Round 4)2778±63−352743±58
11/25/2010ETTU Cup (Round 3)2776±62+22778±61
10/20/2010Pro Tour Austrian Open (Men)2795±67−192776±57
10/13/2010Pro Tour Hungarian Open (Men)2796±69−12795±66
8/18/2010Pro Tour Harmony China Open (Men)2800±68−42796±63
3/18/2010Pro Tour German Open (Men)2792±55+82800±50
2/17/2010Pro Tour Qatar Open (Men)2756±59+362792±52
1/19/2010Pro Tour Slovenia Open (Men)2765±63−92756±56
12/11/2009ETTU Cup2787±64−222765±59
11/25/2009Pro Tour Polish Open (Men)2782±79+52787±63
10/3/2009ETTU Cup2775±77+72782±74
2/11/2009Pro Tour Kuwait Open (Men)2781±59−62775±53
1/13/2009Pro Tour Slovenia Open (Men)2788±61−72781±56
11/26/2008Pro Tour Polish Open (Men)2791±58−32788±55
11/2/2008ETTU Cup2786±56+52791±55
10/29/2008Pro Tour Austrian Open (Men)2846±65−602786±55
6/5/2008Pro Tour VW Open - Singapore (Men)2836±51+102846±47
4/23/2008Pro Tour Chile Open (Men)2838±48−22836±45
4/17/2008Pro Tour Brazil Open (Men)2809±55+292838±47
3/13/2008Pro Tour Kuwait Open (Men)2813±54−42809±51
1/15/2008Pro Tour Slovenian Open (Men)2737±56+762813±46
11/14/2007Pro Tour Swedish Open (Men)2741±53−42737±48
10/31/2007Pro Tour French Open (Men)2738±56+32741±51
10/24/2007Pro Tour Austrian Open (Men)2730±59+82738±55
10/18/2007Pro Tour Russian Open (Men)2690±67+402730±58
6/21/2007Pro Tour Japan Open (Men)2722±61−322690±54
6/14/2007Pro Tour Korea Open (Men)2732±63−102722±61
2/13/2007Pro Tour Qatar Open (Men)2729±52+32732±49
1/23/2007Pro Tour Slovenian Open (Men)2731±54−22729±50
1/16/2007Pro Tour Croatian Open (Men)2733±60−22731±53
11/15/2006Pro Tour Polish Open (Men)2700±62+332733±53
11/8/2006Pro Tour German Open (Men)2719±65−192700±61
11/1/2006Pro Tour Russian Open (Men)2716±69+32719±64
10/19/2006Pro Tour Serbian Open (Men)2737±73−212716±68
6/15/2006Pro Tour Volkswagen China Open (Men)2760±65−232737±60
2/13/2006Pro Tour Qatar Open (Men)2772±54−122760±51
1/24/2006Pro Tour Croatian Open (Men)2761±59+112772±51
1/18/2006Pro Tour Slovenian Open (Men)2764±60−32761±58
11/17/2005Pro Tour Swedish Open (Men)2784±56−202764±52
11/9/2005Pro Tour German Open (Men)2750±67+342784±55
11/3/2005Pro Tour Eurosib Russian Open (Men)2739±77+112750±66
4/29/2005World Individual Championships (Men)2742±60−32739±59
2/21/2005Pro Tour Qatar Open (Men)2733±56+92742±52
1/19/2005Pro Tour Croatian Open (Men)2742±56−92733±52
11/25/2004Pro Tour St. Petersburg Open (Men)2734±51+82742±49
11/18/2004Pro Tour Austrian Open (Men)2738±55−42734±50
11/11/2004Pro Tour German Open (Men)2762±60−242738±54
10/21/2004Pro Tour Danish Open (Men)2692±69+702762±57
10/14/2004Pro Tour Polish Open (Men)2728±77−362692±69
7/1/2004Pro Tour US Open (Men)2728±7502728±67
5/4/2004Pro Tour Egypt Open (Men)2705±77+232728±69
1/29/2004Pro Tour Greek Open (Men)2713±71−82705±68
1/21/2004Pro Tour Croatia Open (Men)2714±82−12713±70
11/20/2003Pro Tour Swedish Open (Men)2686±86+282714±77
11/13/2003Pro Tour Danish Open (Men)2714±98−282686±85
5/19/2003World Individual Championships (Men)2688±99+262714±84
1/23/2003Pro Tour Croatian Open (Men)2760±106−722688±91
11/14/2002Pro Tour Polish Open (Men)2600±250+1602760±101

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