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Moser, Florian

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2018-02-25TTTV MM 17/18 M u A, F051595±41−91586±39
2018-02-10TTTV TEM AK E 20181568±42+271595±38
2018-02-04TTTV MM 17/18 M u A, F031541±46+271568±41
2018-01-28TTTV MM 17/18 M u A, F021533±49+81541±45
2018-01-21TTTV MM 17/18 M u A, F011535±48−21533±48
2017-12-03TTTV MM 17/18, H111531±43+41535±41
2017-11-26TTTV MM 17/18, H101546±43−151531±42
2017-11-19TTTV MM 17/18, H091534±45+121546±42
2017-11-12TTTV MM 17/18, H081496±49+381534±44
2017-10-22TTTV MM 17/18, H061548±48−521496±46
2017-10-15TTTV MM 17/18, H051573±50−251548±46
2017-10-08TTTV MM 17/18, H041578±51−51573±49
2017-10-01TTTV MM 17/18, H031541±53+371578±50
2017-09-24TTTV MM 17/18, H021544±54−31541±52
2017-09-17TTTV MM 17/18, H011561±61−171544±53
2017-03-26TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F091598±40−371561±38
2017-03-19TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F081587±40+111598±38
2017-03-12TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F071579±41+81587±39
2017-03-05TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F061590±41−111579±39
2017-02-26TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F051601±43−111590±40
2017-02-19TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F041569±47+321601±42
2017-02-05TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F031537±47+321569±45
2017-01-29TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F021556±48−191537±46
2017-01-22TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F011570±51−141556±47
2016-12-04TTTV MM 16/17, H111576±46−61570±44
2016-11-27TTTV MM 16/17, H101587±49−111576±44
2016-11-20TTTV MM 16/17, H091581±49+61587±48
2016-11-13TTTV MM 16/17, H081577±49+41581±48
2016-11-06TTTV MM 16/17, H071568±50+91577±48
2016-10-30TTTV MM 16/17, H061588±53−201568±48
2016-10-16TTTV MM 16/17, H051583±53+51588±51
2016-10-09TTTV MM 16/17, H041576±53+71583±52
2016-10-02TTTV MM 16/17, H031606±58−301576±52
2016-09-25TTTV MM 16/17, H021599±59+71606±57
2016-09-18TTTV MM 16/17, H011597±59+21599±58
2016-04-17TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F111583±39+141597±37
2016-04-10TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F101585±40−21583±38
2016-04-03TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F091622±42−371585±39
2016-03-20TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F081598±43+241622±40
2016-03-13TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F071599±42−11598±42
2016-03-06TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F061598±42+11599±41
2016-02-28TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F051578±43+201598±41
2016-02-21TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F041577±46+11578±42
2016-02-14TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F031604±46−271577±44
2016-01-31TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F021594±46+101604±44
2016-01-24TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F011616±50−221594±45
2015-12-06TTTV MM 15/16, H111634±46−181616±43
2015-11-29TTTV MM 15/16, H101587±48+471634±45
2015-11-22TTTV MM 15/16, H091585±47+21587±47
2015-11-15TTTV MM 15/16, H081578±47+71585±46
2015-11-08TTTV MM 15/16, H071591±51−131578±46
2015-11-01TTTV MM 15/16, H061585±51+61591±50
2015-10-18TTTV MM 15/16, H051578±51+71585±49
2015-10-11TTTV MM 15/16, H041607±55−291578±50
2015-09-27TTTV MM 15/16, H021595±56+121607±53
2015-09-20TTTV MM 15/16, H011627±60−321595±55
2015-04-12TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F101620±40+71627±38
2015-03-29TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F091617±40+31620±37
2015-03-22TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F081607±41+101617±39
2015-03-15TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F071600±42+71607±40
2015-03-08TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F061560±43+401600±40
2015-03-01TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F051573±44−131560±42
2015-02-22TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F041591±46−181573±43
2015-02-15TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F031581±47+101591±45
2015-02-01TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F021583±46−21581±45
2015-01-25TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F011572±48+111583±45
2014-11-30TTTV MM 14/15, H111570±42+21572±39
2014-11-23TTTV MM 14/15, H101558±42+121570±41
2014-11-16TTTV MM 14/15, H091570±44−121558±41
2014-11-09TTTV MM 14/15, H081568±43+21570±43
2014-11-02TTTV MM 14/15, H071565±43+31568±42
2014-10-26TTTV MM 14/15, H061600±46−351565±42
2014-10-19TTTV MM 14/15, H051603±48−31600±45
2014-10-12TTTV MM 14/15, H041600±48+31603±47
2014-10-05TTTV MM 14/15, H031635±52−351600±47
2014-09-28TTTV MM 14/15, H021629±57+61635±51
2014-09-21TTTV MM 14/15, H011625±57+41629±56
2014-04-13TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F111631±35−61625±33
2014-04-06TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F101631±3501631±34
2014-03-30TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F091642±37−111631±34
2014-03-23TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F081673±38−311642±35
2014-03-16TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F071683±39−101673±37
2014-03-09TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F061687±40−41683±37
2014-03-02TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F051699±41−121687±39
2014-02-23TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F041720±43−211699±40
2014-02-16TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F031739±43−191720±41
2014-02-02TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F021773±45−341739±41
2014-01-26TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F011746±48+271773±44
2013-12-08TTTV MM 13/14, H111733±42+131746±40
2013-12-01TTTV MM 13/14, H101723±46+101733±41
2013-11-17TTTV MM 13/14, H081724±44−11723±43
2013-11-10TTTV MM 13/14, H071726±48−21724±42
2013-11-03TMM MM 13/14, H061701±53+251726±47
2013-10-28TMM MM 13/14, H051691±54+101701±52
2013-10-21TMM MM 13/14, H041695±55−41691±53
2013-10-14TMM MM 13/14, H031680±61+151695±54
2013-09-29TMM MM 13/14, H021623±72+571680±59
2013-09-22TMM MM 13/14, H011635±76−121623±72
2013-03-17TTTV MM 12/13 PO, F071732±65−971635±57
2012-12-02TTTV MM 12/13, H111719±56+131732±53
2012-11-25TTTV MM 12/13, H101770±59−511719±56
2012-11-18TTTV MM 12/13, H091785±66−151770±58
2012-11-11TTTV MM 12/13, H081766±70+191785±65
2012-10-14TTTV MM 12/13, H041785±73−191766±68
2012-01-29TTTV MM 11/12 PO, F021803±46−181785±43
2012-01-22TTTV MM 11/12 PO, F011785±49+181803±44
2011-12-04TTTV MM 11/12, H111779±46+61785±42
2011-11-27TTTV MM 11/12, H101796±47−171779±44
2011-11-20TTTV MM 11/12, H091793±50+31796±46
2011-11-06TTTV MM 11/12, H071817±52−241793±49
2011-10-30TTTV MM 11/12, H061838±54−211817±51
2011-10-23TTTV MM 11/12, H051832±61+61838±53
2011-10-16TTTV MM 11/12, H041839±63−71832±60
2011-10-09TTTV MM 11/12, H031852±67−131839±62
2011-10-02TTTV MM 11/12, H021814±87+381852±67
2011-09-25TTTV MM 11/12, H011733±110+811814±87
2011-03-20TTTV MM 10/11, Runde 81376±172+3571733±98
2011-03-06TTTV MM 10/11, Runde 61700±500−3241376±171

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