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Balling, Julian

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2017-03-19TTTV MM 16/17 M u A, F08911±37−2909±35
2017-03-12TTTV MM 16/17 M u A, F07918±38−7911±35
2017-03-05TTTV MM 16/17 M u A, F06914±40+4918±36
2017-02-26TTTV MM 16/17 M u A, F05888±41+26914±38
2017-02-19TTTV MM 16/17 M u A, F04893±41−5888±40
2017-02-12TTTV TEM AK 2017912±41−19893±40
2017-02-05TTTV MM 16/17 M u A, F03885±43+27912±40
2017-01-29TTTV MM 16/17 M u A, F02871±45+14885±42
2017-01-22TTTV MM 16/17 M u A, F01889±47−18871±44
2016-12-04TTTV MM 16/17, H11885±40+4889±39
2016-11-27TTTV MM 16/17, H10882±42+3885±39
2016-11-20TTTV MM 16/17, H09866±44+16882±41
2016-11-13TTTV MM 16/17, H08868±43−2866±43
2016-11-06TTTV MM 16/17, H07887±44−19868±42
2016-10-16TTTV MM 16/17, H05934±46−47887±41
2016-10-09TTTV MM 16/17, H04963±48−29934±44
2016-10-02TTTV MM 16/17, H03955±49+8963±47
2016-09-25TTTV MM 16/17, H02976±51−21955±48
2016-09-18TTTV MM 16/17, H011063±59−87976±50
2016-04-17TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F111067±40−41063±38
2016-04-03TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F091057±41+101067±37
2016-03-20TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F081069±40−121057±38
2016-03-13TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F071079±42−101069±39
2016-02-28TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F051056±43+231079±39
2016-02-21TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F041050±43+61056±41
2016-02-14TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F031036±45+141050±42
2016-01-24TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F011035±46+11036±41
2015-12-06TTTV MM 15/16, H111047±40−121035±38
2015-11-29TTTV MM 15/16, H101035±40+121047±39
2015-11-22TTTV MM 15/16, H091043±41−81035±39
2015-11-15TTTV MM 15/16, H081049±41−61043±39
2015-11-08TTTV MM 15/16, H071050±42−11049±39
2015-11-01TTTV MM 15/16, H061031±44+191050±41
2015-10-18TTTV MM 15/16, H051016±45+151031±42
2015-10-11TTTV MM 15/16, H041033±46−171016±44
2015-10-04TTTV MM 15/16, H031036±48−31033±45
2015-09-27TTTV MM 15/16, H02990±54+461036±47
2015-09-20TTTV MM 15/16, H011029±61−39990±53
2015-04-12TTTV MM 14/15 M u A, F101042±41−131029±39
2015-03-29TTTV MM 14/15 M u A, F091089±41−471042±39
2015-03-22TTTV MM 14/15 M u A, F081078±42+111089±39
2015-03-15TTTV MM 14/15 M u A, F071082±42−41078±41
2015-03-01TTTV MM 14/15 M u A, F051074±42+81082±39
2015-02-22TTTV MM 14/15 M u A, F041094±44−201074±41
2015-02-15TTTV MM 14/15 M u A, F031095±46−11094±42
2015-02-01TTTV MM 14/15 M u A, F021100±45−51095±44
2015-01-25TTTV MM 14/15 M u A, F011121±46−211100±44
2014-11-30TTTV MM 14/15, H111119±40+21121±37
2014-11-23TTTV MM 14/15, H101094±42+251119±39
2014-11-16TTTV MM 14/15, H091099±42−51094±41
2014-11-09TTTV MM 14/15, H081085±43+141099±41
2014-11-02TTTV MM 14/15, H071050±44+351085±42
2014-10-26TTTV MM 14/15, H061058±45−81050±43
2014-10-19TTTV MM 14/15, H051022±49+361058±44
2014-10-12TTTV MM 14/15, H041027±49−51022±48
2014-10-05TTTV MM 14/15, H031051±54−241027±48
2014-09-28TTTV MM 14/15, H021019±57+321051±53
2014-09-21TTTV MM 14/15, H011045±60−261019±56
2014-04-13TTTV MM 13/14, F111029±40+161045±38
2014-04-06TTTV MM 13/14, F101024±40+51029±39
2014-03-30TTTV MM 13/14, F091011±40+131024±39
2014-03-23TTTV MM 13/14, F081006±40+51011±39
2014-03-16TTTV MM 13/14, F071026±42−201006±38
2014-03-09TTTV MM 13/14, F061026±4401026±41
2014-03-02TTTV MM 13/14, F051040±46−141026±43
2014-02-23TTTV MM 13/14, F041036±46+41040±45
2014-02-16TTTV MM 13/14, F031059±48−231036±45
2014-02-02TTTV MM 13/14, F021052±50+71059±45
2014-01-26TTTV MM 13/14, F011049±50+31052±49
2013-12-08TTTV MM 13/14, H111028±46+211049±42
2013-12-01TTTV MM 13/14, H101024±46+41028±45
2013-11-24TTTV MM 13/14, H09999±46+251024±45
2013-11-17TTTV MM 13/14, H081003±47−4999±44
2013-11-03TMM MM 13/14, H06988±47+151003±45
2013-10-28TMM MM 13/14, H05969±49+19988±46
2013-10-21TMM MM 13/14, H04971±52−2969±47
2013-10-14TMM MM 13/14, H03996±56−25971±51
2013-09-29TMM MM 13/14, H021001±62−5996±54
2013-09-22TMM MM 13/14, H01991±64+101001±61
2013-04-21TTTV MM 12/13, F11997±47−6991±45
2013-04-14TTTV MM 12/13, F101015±49−18997±45
2013-04-07TTTV MM 12/13, F09996±51+191015±48
2013-03-10TTTV MM 12/13, F061012±48−16996±47
2013-02-24TTTV MM 12/13, F041015±47−31012±46
2013-02-17TTTV MM 12/13, F031032±49−171015±46
2013-02-03TTTV MM 12/13, F021024±52+81032±47
2013-01-27TTTV MM 12/13, F011047±55−231024±51
2012-12-02TTTV MM 12/13, H111080±54−331047±47
2012-11-25TTTV MM 12/13, H101107±58−271080±53
2012-11-18TTTV MM 12/13, H091146±63−391107±57
2012-11-11TTTV MM 12/13, H081103±67+431146±62
2012-11-04TTTV MM 12/13, H071111±70−81103±67
2012-10-28TTTV MM 12/13, H061178±88−671111±70
2012-10-07TTTV MM 12/13, H031533±125−3551178±86
2012-09-30TTTV MM 12/13, H021737±111−2041533±125
2012-09-23TTTV MM 12/13, H011900±150−1631737±111

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