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Excell, Marcus

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2017-09-062017 STTTA Spring Vets Roster R11160±40−101150±38
2017-08-162017 STTTA Winter Vets SF1175±38−151160±36
2017-08-022017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R111157±38+181175±36
2017-07-262017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R101175±38−181157±36
2017-07-192017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R91164±39+111175±37
2017-07-122017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R81157±39+71164±38
2017-06-282017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R61136±39+211157±36
2017-06-212017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R51147±39−111136±38
2017-06-142017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R41153±39−61147±38
2017-06-072017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R31159±40−61153±38
2017-05-242017 STTTA Winter Vets Roster R11158±41+11159±38
2017-04-262017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R121178±38−201158±35
2017-04-192017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R111210±39−321178±37
2017-04-122017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R101226±41−161210±37
2017-04-052017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R91224±42+21226±39
2017-03-222017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R71209±43+151224±40
2017-03-082017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R51225±44−161209±40
2017-03-012017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R41223±43+21225±43
2017-02-222017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R31216±46+71223±42
2017-02-152017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R21238±48−221216±45
2017-02-082017 STTTA Autumn Vets Roster R11227±50+111238±47
2016-11-022016 STTTA Spring Vets SF1237±35−101227±34
2016-10-262016 STTTA Spring Vets R151232±36+51237±33
2016-10-192016 STTTA Spring Vets R141229±35+31232±34
2016-10-122016 STTTA Spring Vets R131236±36−71229±34
2016-10-052016 STTTA Spring Vets R121243±36−71236±34
2016-09-282016 STTTA Spring Vets R111245±35−21243±34
2016-09-212016 STTTA Spring Vets R101242±36+31245±34
2016-09-142016 STTTA Spring Vets R91238±36+41242±35
2016-09-072016 STTTA Spring Vets R81215±37+231238±34
2016-08-312016 STTTA Spring Vets R71214±36+11215±36
2016-08-242016 STTTA Spring Vets R61204±36+101214±35
2016-08-172016 STTTA Spring Vets R51212±38−81204±35
2016-08-102016 STTTA Spring Vets R41206±38+61212±36
2016-08-032016 STTTA Spring Vets R31183±39+231206±36
2016-07-272016 STTTA Spring Vets R21187±40−41183±38
2016-07-202016 STTTA Spring Vets R11191±41−41187±38
2016-06-222016 STTTA Winter Vets R121196±36−51191±36
2016-06-152016 STTTA Winter Vets R111204±36−81196±35
2016-06-012016 STTTA Winter Vets R91209±35−51204±33
2016-05-252016 STTTA Winter Vets R81201±36+81209±34
2016-05-182016 STTTA Winter Vets R71183±36+181201±35
2016-05-112016 STTTA Winter Vets R61188±36−51183±35
2016-05-042016 STTTA Winter Vets R51202±37−141188±35
2016-04-272016 STTTA Winter Vets R41205±37−31202±36
2016-04-202016 STTTA Winter Vets R31204±38+11205±36
2016-04-062016 STTTA Winter Vets R11206±38−21204±36
2016-03-232016 STTTA Autumn Vets R81216±37−101206±36
2016-03-162016 STTTA Autumn Vets R71247±40−311216±36
2016-03-092016 STTTA Autumn Vets R61218±42+291247±38
2016-02-242016 STTTA Autumn Vets R41204±42+141218±39
2016-02-172016 STTTA Autumn Vets R31192±43+121204±41
2016-02-102016 STTTA Autumn Vets R21192±4601192±42
2016-02-032016 STTTA Autumn Vets R11137±51+551192±45
2015-11-04STTTA Spring Vets R121162±40−251137±37
2015-10-28STTTA Spring Vets R111165±41−31162±39
2015-10-14STTTA Spring Vets R101147±39+181165±38
2015-09-30STTTA Spring Vets R81150±38−31147±37
2015-09-23STTTA Spring Vets R71104±40+461150±37
2015-09-16STTTA Spring Vets R61103±40+11104±39
2015-09-09STTTA Spring Vets R51096±41+71103±39
2015-09-02STTTA Spring Vets R41085±42+111096±40
2015-08-26STTTA Spring Roster Vets R31111±43−261085±41
2015-07-15STTTA Vets Roster R141105±38+61111±36
2015-07-08STTTA Vets Roster R131115±38−101105±36
2015-07-01STTTA Vets Roster R121114±38+11115±36
2015-06-24STTTA Vets Roster R111125±37−111114±36
2015-06-17STTTA Vets Roster R101098±38+271125±36
2015-06-10STTTA Vets Winter R91116±39−181098±37
2015-06-03STTTA Vets Winter R81104±40+121116±38
2015-05-27STTTA Vets Winter R71124±39−201104±38
2015-05-20STTTA Vets Winter R61118±40+61124±38
2015-05-13STTTA Vets Winter R51114±41+41118±39
2015-04-29STTTA Vets Winter R31125±40−111114±38
2015-04-22STTTA Winter Vets R21100±41+251125±39
2015-04-15STTTA Winter Vets R11104±41−41100±40
2015-04-01STTTA Autumn Vets Final1111±39−71104±38
2015-03-25STTTA Autumn Vets SF1098±40+131111±38
2015-03-18STTTA AUtumn Roster Vets Wk 71123±40−251098±38
2015-03-11STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 61127±40−41123±39
2015-03-04STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 61123±41+41127±38
2015-02-25STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 51097±43+261123±39
2015-02-18STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 41101±43−41097±42
2015-02-11STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 31103±44−21101±42
2015-02-04STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 21122±46−191103±43
2015-01-28STTTA Autumn Roster Vets Wk 11126±49−41122±45
2014-11-19STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk1132±39−61126±38
2014-11-12STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk1127±40+51132±38
2014-11-05STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk101122±41+51127±39
2014-10-29STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk91129±41−71122±40
2014-10-15STTTA Spring Roster Vets1127±41+21129±39
2014-10-01STTTA Spring Roster Vets Wk61112±40+151127±38
2014-09-24STTTA Spring Vets Wk51120±40−81112±39
2014-09-17STTTA Spring Vets Wk 41115±42+51120±39
2014-09-10STTTA Spring Vets Wk 31106±43+91115±40
2014-08-06STTTA Vets SF1121±38−151106±36
2014-07-23STTTA Vets Wn Wk 131137±36−161121±35
2014-07-16STTTA Vets Wn Wk 121134±36+31137±35
2014-07-09STTTA Vets Wn Wk111131±37+31134±35
2014-07-02STTTA Vets Win Wk101144±37−131131±35
2014-06-25STTTA Vets Win Wk91139±36+51144±35
2014-06-18STTTA Vets Win Wk81117±37+221139±35
2014-06-11STTTA Vets Win Wk71113±37+41117±36
2014-06-04STTTA Vets Win Wk 61108±37+51113±36
2014-05-28STTTA Vets Win Wk51103±38+51108±36
2014-05-21STTTA Vets Win Wk41090±38+131103±36
2014-05-14STTTA Vets Win Wk31104±39−141090±37
2014-05-07STTTA Vets Win Wk21096±39+81104±37
2014-05-03Southern Open (Tas)1096±3901096±39
2014-04-30STTTA Vets Winter1088±41+81096±38
2014-04-16STTTA Vets Aut Wk 121100±40−121088±38
2014-04-09STTTA Vets Aut Wk 111067±42+331100±39
2014-04-02STTTA Vets Aut Wk101055±44+121067±41
2014-03-26STTTA Vets Aut Wk91047±45+81055±43
2014-03-12STTTA Vets Aut Wk71054±44−71047±43
2014-03-05STTTA Vets Aut Wk61060±44−61054±42
2014-02-26STTTA Vets Aut Wk51074±44−141060±43
2014-02-19STTTA Vets Aut Wk41062±46+121074±43
2014-02-12STTTA Vets Aut Wk31042±48+201062±44
2014-02-05STTTA Vets Aut Wk21052±48−101042±47
2014-01-29STTTA Vets Aut1028±51+241052±47
2013-12-04STTTA Vets Spring Final1035±44−71028±43
2013-11-27STTTA Vets Spring SF1023±45+121035±43
2013-11-20STTTA Vets Spring R11998±47+251023±44
2013-11-13STTTA Vets Spring R101011±47−13998±46
2013-11-06STTTA Vets Spring R9984±49+271011±46
2013-10-30STTTA Vets Spring R8991±50−7984±48
2013-10-16STTTA Vets Spring R61003±50−12991±48
2013-09-25STTTA Vets Spring R41009±47−61003±47
2013-09-18STTTA Vets Spring R41014±47−51009±46
2013-09-11STTTA Vets Spring R31019±47−51014±46
2013-09-04STTTA Vets Spring R21028±47−91019±46
2013-08-28STTTA Vets Spring R11031±47−31028±46
2013-08-21STTTA Vets Win Roster Final1032±46−11031±46
2013-08-14STTTA Vets Win Roster SF1002±46+301032±45
2013-08-07STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 14982±48+201002±45
2013-07-31STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 13982±470982±47
2013-07-24STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 12988±47−6982±46
2013-07-17STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 10989±47−1988±46
2013-07-10STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 10991±46−2989±45
2013-07-03STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 91001±47−10991±45
2013-06-26STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 81001±4601001±46
2013-06-12STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 61003±44−21001±44
2013-06-05STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 51005±44−21003±43
2013-05-29STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 41013±44−81005±42
2013-05-22STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk 31014±43−11013±43
2013-05-15STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk21019±43−51014±42
2013-05-08STTTA Vets Win Roster Wk1995±42+241019±42
2013-04-24STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk121013±41−18995±39
2013-04-17STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk111003±43+101013±40
2013-04-10STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk10986±45+171003±42
2013-04-03STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk9976±47+10986±44
2013-03-27STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk8946±49+30976±45
2013-03-20STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk7937±52+9946±48
2013-03-06STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk5897±57+40937±50
2013-02-27STTTA Vets Aut Roster R1903±64−6897±56
2013-02-20STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk3967±69−64903±63
2013-02-13STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk2945±82+22967±68
2013-02-06STTTA Vets Aut Roster Wk11000±100−55945±81

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