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Blitz, Aaron

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10/18/2016Blitz Tuesday League443±39+1444±38
10/4/2016Blitz Tuesday League455±38−12443±36
9/27/2016Blitz Tuesday League451±37+4455±36
9/20/2016Blitz Tuesday League450±37+1451±36
9/13/2016Blitz Tuesday League458±37−8450±36
9/6/2016Blitz Tuesday League452±39+6458±36
8/30/2016Blitz Tuesday League449±39+3452±38
8/23/2016Blitz Tuesday League461±40−12449±38
8/16/2016Blitz Tuesday League451±41+10461±38
7/26/2016Blitz Tuesday League451±380451±37
7/19/2016Blitz Tuesday League457±38−6451±37
7/12/2016Blitz Tuesday League446±38+11457±36
6/28/2016Blitz Tuesday League445±36+1446±35
6/21/2016Blitz Tuesday League449±36−4445±35
6/14/2016Blitz Tuesday League441±36+8449±34
6/7/2016Blitz Tuesday league436±35+5441±34
5/31/2016Blitz Tuesday League Finals433±36+3436±34
5/24/2016Blitz Tuesday League456±37−23433±34
5/10/2016Blitz Tuesday League460±36−4456±34
5/3/2016Blitz Tuesday League445±36+15460±35
4/26/2016Blitz Tuesday League464±37−19445±35
4/19/2016Blitz Tuesday League463±38+1464±36
4/12/2016Blitz Tuesday League449±37+14463±36
3/22/2016Blitz Tuesday League Finals463±35−14449±33
3/15/2016Blitz Tuesday League476±36−13463±34
3/8/2016Blitz Tuesday League451±38+25476±35
3/1/2016Blitz Tuesday League462±39−11451±37
2/23/2016Blitz Tuesday Tournament480±41−18462±37
2/16/2016Bltiz Tuesday league501±42−21480±40
1/26/2016Blitz Tuesday League506±42−5501±39
1/19/2016Blitz Tuesday League509±43−3506±40
1/5/2016Blitz Tuesday League526±42−17509±40
12/15/2015Blitz Tuesday League526±390526±39
12/8/2015Blitz Tuesday League511±40+15526±37
12/1/2015Blitz Tuesday League512±39−1511±38
11/17/2015Blitz Tuesday League520±37−8512±36
11/10/2015Blitz Tuesday Tournament525±37−5520±36
11/3/2015Blitz Tuesday League523±36+2525±36
10/27/2015Blitz Tuesday League543±37−20523±35
10/20/2015Blitz Tuesday League550±37−7543±36
10/13/2015Blitz Tuesday League566±38−16550±36
9/22/2015Blitz Tuesday League553±36+13566±35
9/15/2015Blitz Tuesday League560±36−7553±35
9/1/2015Blitz Tuesday League554±35+6560±34
8/25/2015Blitz Tuesday League550±34+4554±33
8/18/2015Blitz Tuesday League552±34−2550±32
8/11/2015Blitz Tuesday League542±34+10552±32
8/4/2015Blitz Tuesday League546±34−4542±32
7/21/2015Blitz Tuesday League550±33−4546±31
7/16/2015Blitz Thursday Tournament544±32+6550±31
7/14/2015Blitz Tuesday League547±34−3544±32
7/12/2015Blitz Sunday League549±35−2547±33
7/9/2015Blitz Thursday Tournament550±34−1549±34
7/2/2015Blitz Thursday Tournament551±33−1550±33
6/30/2015Blitz Tuesday League545±34+6551±32
6/25/2015Blitz Thursday Tournament544±34+1545±32
6/23/2015Blitz Tuesday League538±34+6544±33
6/21/2015Blitz Sunday League538±350538±34
6/16/2015Blitz Tuesday League527±35+11538±34
6/9/2015Blitz Tuesday League537±35−10527±34
6/2/2015Blitz Tuesday League531±35+6537±33
6/1/2015Blitz Monday Tournament531±340531±34
5/26/2015Blitz Tuesday League506±36+25531±33
5/21/2015Biltz Thursday Tournament506±360506±35
5/19/2015Blitz Tuesday League494±37+12506±35
5/12/2015Blitz Tuesday League Finals499±37−5494±36
5/5/2015Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League506±37−7499±36
4/28/2015Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League512±37−6506±36
4/21/2015Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League512±360512±36
4/14/2015Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League518±36−6512±34
4/7/2015Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League495±38+23518±35
3/31/2015Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League501±38−6495±36
3/10/2015Pong @ The Yard Tuesday Championship514±37−13501±34
3/3/2015Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League532±38−18514±35
2/24/2015Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League514±38+18532±37
2/10/2015Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League510±39+4514±36
2/3/2015Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League506±40+4510±37
1/27/2015Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League499±43+7506±39
1/13/2015Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League514±43−15499±40
1/6/2015Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League523±46−9514±42
12/2/2014Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League511±44+12523±40
11/25/2014Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League519±46−8511±42
9/21/2014Pong @ The Yard Sunday League523±36−4519±35
9/9/2014Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League517±35+6523±33
9/7/2014Pong @ The Yard Sunday League520±35−3517±34
8/26/2014Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League520±330520±32
8/24/2014Pong @ The Yard Sunday League514±34+6520±33
8/19/2014Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League500±34+14514±33
8/17/2014Pong @ The Yard Sunday League506±34−6500±33
8/12/2014Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League495±35+11506±33
8/11/2014Pong @ The Yard Monday League495±350495±35
8/10/2014Pong @ the Yard Sunday League494±35+1495±34
8/5/2014Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League482±35+12494±34
8/3/2014Pong @ The Yard Sunday League484±37−2482±35
7/29/2014Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League482±37+2484±36
7/27/2014Pong @ The Yard Sunday League485±37−3482±36
7/20/2014Pong @ The Yard Sunday League485±370485±36
7/6/2014Pong @ The Yard Sunday League Finals486±35−1485±34
7/1/2014Pong @ the Yard Tuesday League491±34−5486±34
6/29/2014Pong @ The Yard Sunday League497±36−6491±34
6/24/2014Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League503±36−6497±35
6/22/2014Pong @ The Yard Sunday League494±37+9503±35
6/17/2014Pong @ the Yard Tuesday league493±37+1494±36
6/15/2014Pong @ The Yard Sunday League467±39+26493±37
6/10/2014Pong @ The Yard Tuesday league468±38−1467±38
6/8/2014Pong @ The Yard Sunday League479±40−11468±37
6/3/2014Pong @ The Yard Tuesday League469±41+10479±39
6/1/2014Pong @ the Yard Sunday League473±44−4469±41
5/27/2014Pong @ the Yard Tuesday League470±46+3473±43
5/20/2014Lumberyard Tuesday League449±48+21470±45
5/18/2014Lumberyard Sunday League426±53+23449±48
4/29/2014Blitz Tuesday league451±58−25426±51
4/15/2014Blitz Tuesday League463±60−12451±56
4/8/2014Blitz Tuesday League517±67−54463±59
4/1/2014Blitz Tuesday League555±72−38517±66
3/27/2014Blitz Thursday Tournament448±122+107555±71
3/25/2014Blitz Tuesday League700±200−252448±122

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