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Weaver, Richard

All Events
2017-10-142017 Australian Veterans Championships1349±37+361385±31
2017-09-302017 Australian National Championships1356±36−71349±34
2017-09-18TTSA Winter Pennant (Jul 31 - Sep 1) Round 131372±36−161356±33
2017-09-08TTSA Winter Pennant (Jul 24-25) Round 121372±3401372±34
2017-08-25TTSA Winter Pennant (Jul 17-18) Round 111376±33−41372±31
2017-08-16TTSA Winter Pennant (Jul 10-11) Round 101361±33+151376±31
2017-08-132017 City of Onkaparinga Open Veterans1361±3201361±32
2017-08-06TTSA Winter Pennant (Jul 3-4) Round 91359±33+21361±31
2017-08-01TTSA Winter Pennant (Jun 26-27) Round 81324±34+351359±32
2017-07-302017 State Veterans TTC Wakefield Emergency Dept.1312±38+121324±34
2017-07-21TTSA Winter Pennant (June 19-20) Round 71307±37+51312±36
2017-07-13TTSA Winter Pennant (June 12-13) Round 61287±39+201307±36
2017-06-252017 Woodville Vets Tournament1296±36−91287±35
2017-06-24TTSA Winter Pennant (June 5-6) Round 51303±39−71296±36
2017-06-19TTSA Winter Pennant (May 29-30) Round 41320±40−171303±38
2017-06-09TTSA Winter Pennant (May 22 - 23) Round 31334±41−141320±38
2017-06-042017 Campbelltown Veterans Tournament1293±44+411334±40
2017-05-282017 Woodville Open & Youth Tournament1362±47−691293±43
2017-04-30Brighton Open & Youth TTC1365±47−31362±43
2017-03-19City Of Mitcham Veterans Championships 20171352±43+131365±41
2017-03-18City Of Mitcham Open & Youth Championships 20171368±45−161352±43
2017-03-06Woodville 2017 Summer wk 81386±45−181368±43
2017-02-28Woodville 2017 Summer wk 71434±47−481386±44
2017-02-192017 BRIGHTON VETERANS TT CHAMPS.1383±54+511434±45
2017-01-292017 City of Adelaide Veterans1395±52−121383±51
2016-10-222016 Australian Veterans Championships1349±48+461395±38
2016-08-072016 SA State Veterans Table Tennis Championships1350±35−11349±35
2016-08-02TTSA Pennant [Mon-Tue, August 1-2] R111358±36−81350±34
2016-07-26TTSA Pennant [Mon-Tue, July 25-26] R101340±37+181358±34
2016-07-19TTSA Pennant [Mon-Tue, July 18-19] R091312±38+281340±35
2016-07-16Jamestown Open Tournament 20161321±38−91312±37
2016-07-12TTSA Pennant [Mon-Tue, July 11-12] R081305±39+161321±37
2016-06-28TTSA Pennant [Mon-Tue, June 27-28] R071288±38+171305±37
2016-06-21TTSA Pennant [Mon-Tue, June 20-21] R061306±39−181288±37
2016-06-19TTSA SA State Open & Youth Championships1329±39−231306±38
2016-06-14TTSA Pennant [Mon-Tue, June 13-14] R051356±41−271329±38
2016-06-07TTSA Pennant [Mon-Tue, June 6-7] {SL to D02} R041340±41+161356±39
2016-05-31TTSA Pennant [Mon-Tue, May 30-31] R031370±43−301340±40
2016-05-24TTSA Pennant [Mon-Tue, May 23-24] R021394±45−241370±42
2016-05-21TTSA Pennant [Mon-Tue, May 16-17] {D00_SL-SLR} R011403±49−91394±45
2016-05-15Woodville Vets Tournament 20161406±48−31403±48
2016-04-10Brighton Veterans Table Tennis Tournament1405±44+11406±43
2016-04-092016 Brighton Open & Youth TT Championships1452±50−471405±44
2016-02-212016 City of Adelaide Veterans TTC1464±44−121452±43
2016-02-142016 City of Adelaide Open & Youth Champs1469±44−51464±43
2015-12-09NTTC 2015 Spring Comp A Grade Finals1468±34+11469±32
2015-11-25NTTC 2015 Spring Comp A Grade R141459±32+91468±30
2015-11-18NTTC 2015 Spring Comp A Grade R131463±31−41459±30
2015-11-11NTTC 2015 Spring Comp A Grade R121470±30−71463±29
2015-11-04NTTC 2015 Spring Comp A Grade R111460±28+101470±28
2015-10-28NTTC 2015 Spring Comp A grade R101465±27−51460±26
2015-10-242015 Australian Veterans Championships1531±36−661465±26
2015-10-14NTTC 2015 Spring Comp A Grade R81544±36−131531±34
2015-10-07NTTC 2015 Spring Comp A Grade R71539±35+51544±34
2015-09-23NTTC 2015 Spring Comp A Grade R51535±33+41539±32
2015-09-16NTTC 2015 Spring Comp A Grade R41524±32+111535±31
2015-09-09NTTC 2015 Spring Comp A Grade R31534±31−101524±30
2015-09-05NSW City v Country 20151542±32−81534±30
2015-08-302015 NSW Metropolitan Open Championships1568±40−261542±31
2015-08-26NTTC 2015 Spring Comp A Grade R11563±40+51568±39
2015-07-27Newcastle PCYC 2015 Club Championship1543±38+201563±35
2015-07-262015 NSW Veterans Open Championships1536±40+71543±38
2015-06-15Round Robin Comp 15-6-20151535±33+11536±32
2015-05-312015 NSW Country Team Championships1509±38+261535±29
2015-05-172015 NSW Open1509±4001509±35
2015-04-152015 Autumn Comp A grade semis & Final 15,22 April1503±36+61509±34
2015-04-012015 Autumn Comp A Grade R71491±35+121503±33
2015-03-252015 Autumn Comp A Grade R61484±34+71491±34
2015-03-232015 NSW StGSSTTA Open1520±39−361484±34
2015-03-182015 Autumn Comp A Grade R51502±40+181520±38
2015-03-112015 Autumn Comp A Grade R41491±40+111502±39
2015-03-042015 Autumn Comp A Grade R31469±40+221491±39
2015-02-252015 Autumn Comp A Grade R21474±41−51469±38
2015-02-222015 NSW Closed1528±47−541474±40
2015-02-182015 Autumn Comp A grade R11536±49−81528±46
2014-11-23N’castle, CCoast, Port Mac Tri Series1547±37−111536±35
2014-11-192014 Spring Comp semi & Grand Final 19th, 26th Nov1538±39+91547±36
2014-11-09Port Macquarie v Newcastle1554±39−161538±37
2014-11-052014 Spring Comp A Grade R101543±39+111554±38
2014-10-292014 Spring Comp A grade R91531±39+121543±38
2014-10-222014 Spring Comp A Grade R81517±40+141531±38
2014-10-152014 Spring Comp A Grade R71519±40−21517±39
2014-10-012014 Spring Comp A Grade R61526±40−71519±38
2014-09-242014 Spring Comp A grade R51513±41+131526±39
2014-09-172014Spring Comp A grade R41489±42+241513±40
2014-09-102014 Spring Comp A grade R31460±43+291489±41
2014-09-032014 Spring Comp A Grade R21436±45+241460±42
2014-08-272014 Spring Comp A grade R11429±48+71436±44
2014-07-272014 NSW Veterans Open1438±45−91429±43
2014-07-21Newcastle 2014 Club Championship1332±56+1061438±44
2014-06-152014 NSW Veterans Closed1323±54+91332±51
2014-05-312014 NSW Country Team Championships1253±71+701323±52
2014-04-072014 NSW StGSSTTA Open1340±80−871253±66
2014-03-092014 NSW Open1334±100+61340±78
2014-02-092014 NSW Closed1355±107−211334±98
2013-07-142013 NSW Veterans Open1359±95−41355±93
2013-05-052013 NSW Veterans Closed1380±98−211359±90
2013-02-172013 NSW Closed1377±147+31380±93
2012-02-262012 NSW Closed1400±300−231377±130

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