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Yee, Joshua

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2017-10-192017 NTTC Spring comp A grade round 81432±35+111443±34
2017-10-122017 NTTC Spring comp A grade round 71424±35+81432±34
2017-09-282017 NTTC Spring comp A grade round 61427±33−31424±32
2017-09-212017 NTTC Spring comp A grade round 51425±32+21427±32
2017-09-162017 ACT Open Championships1464±35−391425±31
2017-09-142017 NTTC Spring comp A grade round 41473±36−91464±34
2017-09-072017 NTTC Spring comp A grade round 31464±36+91473±35
2017-09-02NSW City v Country 20171458±39+61464±35
2017-08-312017 NTTC Spring comp A grade round 21445±41+131458±39
2017-08-242017 NTTC spring comp A grade round 11429±41+161445±40
2017-07-102017 NTTC Club Championship Finals1406±34+231429±33
2017-07-032017 NTTC Club Championships1375±35+311406±33
2017-06-262017 NTTC Club Championship1378±34−31375±33
2017-06-192107 NTTC Club Championship1376±33+21378±33
2017-06-12BTTA Fixtures Monday (12/06/2017)1404±34−281376±31
2017-05-10NTTC 2017 Autumn Comp A Grade Finals1408±29−41404±27
2017-05-072017 NSW Country Championships1372±36+361408±28
2017-04-26NTTC 2017 Autumn Comp A Grade R101352±36+201372±34
2017-04-06NTTC 2017 Autumn Comp A Grade R91331±34+211352±32
2017-04-05NTTC 2017 Autumn Comp A Grade R81312±34+191331±33
2017-03-29NTTC 2017 Autumn Comp A Grade R71295±34+171312±33
2017-03-262017 NSW Junior Open Championships1325±35−301295±34
2017-03-22NTTC 2017 Autumn Comp A Grade R61309±35+161325±34
2017-03-182017 NSW Junior Invitational Round Robin1337±36−281309±34
2017-03-15NTCC 2017 Autumn Comp A Grade R51330±38+71337±36
2017-03-08NTTC 2017 Autumn Comp A Grade R41321±38+91330±36
2017-03-01NTTC 2017 Autumn Comp A Grade R31316±38+51321±36
2017-02-262017 NSW Junior and Under 18 Closed Championships1342±40−261316±37
2017-02-22NTTC 2017 Autumn Comp A grade R21321±41+211342±39
2017-02-15NTTC 2017 Autumn Comp A grade R11313±42+81321±40
2017-02-122017 NSW Junior Division and Youth Closed Champs1343±43−301313±42
2017-01-142017 Fiji Open and Para Table Tennis Open1282±46+611343±38
2016-11-27Port Macquarie Club Championships 20161233±42+491282±38
2016-10-26NTTC 2016 Spring Comp A Grade R91230±37+31233±37
2016-10-19NTTC 2016 Spring Comp A Grade R81248±37−181230±36
2016-10-12NTTC 2016 Spring Comp A Grade R71241±37+71248±35
2016-09-28NTTC 2016 Spring Comp A grade R61238±34+31241±34
2016-09-14NTTC 2016 Spring Comp A Grade R41241±32−31238±31
2016-09-03NSW City v Country 20161211±32+301241±30
2016-08-31NTTC 2016 Spring Comp A Grade R31212±32−11211±31
2016-08-24NTTC 2016 Spring Comp A grade R21218±31−61212±30
2016-08-21Northern Region Teams at Goonellabah1152±35+661218±30
2016-08-17NTTC 2016 Spring Comp A Grade R11141±35+111152±34
2016-08-072016 NSW Youth and Junior Division Open Champs1172±34−311141±33
2016-07-312016 NSW Metropolitan Open Championships1225±36−531172±33
2016-07-11NTTC 2016 Club Championships Week 21216±33+91225±32
2016-07-05Port Mac Tuesdays1215±33+11216±31
2016-07-04NTTC 2016 Club Championships Week 11215±3301215±33
2016-06-192016 New South Wales Open Championships1249±32−341215±30
2016-06-14NTTC 2016 Autumn Comp A2 Grade Semis & Final1249±3301249±31
2016-05-30NTTC 2016 Autumn Comp A2 Grade R141251±30−21249±29
2016-05-23NTTC 2016 Autumn Comp A2 Grade R131245±29+61251±28
2016-05-16NTTC 2016 Autumn Comp A2 Grade R121246±28−11245±27
2016-05-09NTTC 2016 Autumn Comp A2 grade R111239±27+71246±26
2016-05-072016 Elisa Lee Cup TTNSW Open Championships1260±29−211239±27
2016-05-012016 Country Table Tennis Championships1233±36+271260±27
2016-04-18NTTC 2016 Autumn Comp A2 Grade R91233±3501233±33
2016-04-172016 NSW Junior Open Championships1274±36−411233±35
2016-04-11NTTC 2016 Autumn Comp A2 Grade R81269±35+51274±35
2016-04-07NTTC 2016 Autumn Comp A Grade R71253±35+161269±35
2016-04-04NTTC 2016 Autumn Comp A2 Grade R71255±36−21253±34
2016-03-24NTTC 2016 Autumn Comp A Grade R61240±34+151255±34
2016-03-21NTTC 2016 Autumn Comp A2 Grade R61232±35+81240±34
2016-03-14NTTC 2016 Autmn Comp A2 Grade R51216±35+161232±33
2016-03-07NTTC 2016 Autumn Comp A2 Grade R41192±36+241216±34
2016-03-062016 NSW Junior Closed Championships1213±39−211192±36
2016-02-22NTTC 2016 Autumn Comp A2 Grade R21187±39+261213±37
2016-02-15NTTC 2016 Autumn Comp A2 Grade R11159±40+281187±37
2016-02-072016 NSW Junior and Youth Closed1211±41−521159±38
2016-01-19Port Mac Tuesdays1202±45+91211±38
2015-11-17Port Mac Tuesdays1184±38+181202±34
2015-11-08Coffs Harbour v Port Macquarie1165±41+191184±36
2015-11-01Port Macquarie 2015 Club Championships1099±43+661165±39
2015-09-05NSW City v Country 20151089±35+101099±33
2015-08-302015 NSW Metropolitan Open Championships1113±37−241089±33
2015-08-162015 Northern NSW Regional Teams Comp Div 2979±46+1341113±34
2015-07-192015 NSW Junior Open Championships972±45+7979±41
2015-06-212015 NSW Junior Closed995±43−23972±40
2015-05-172015 NSW Open987±41+8995±38
2015-04-252015 Elisa Lee Cup967±48+20987±38
2015-03-232015 NSW StGSSTTA Open1006±55−39967±44
2015-02-152015 NSW Junior Div & Youth Closed1001±57+51006±50
2014-10-042014 Australian Open Junior Championships1078±55−771001±39
2014-07-132014 NSW Junior Open1104±49−261078±43
2014-06-222014 NSW Junior Div & Youth OPEN1162±46−581104±46
2014-05-312014 NSW Country Team Championships984±51+1781162±42
2014-05-22CCTTA 2014 Comp 2 Round 2912±49+72984±50
2014-04-072014 NSW StGSSTTA Open876±49+36912±43
2014-03-092014 NSW Open803±50+73876±45
2014-02-242014 NSW Junior Closed826±53−23803±48
2014-02-092014 NSW Closed745±59+81826±51
2013-10-052013 Australian Open Junior Championships768±62−23745±42
2013-07-282013 NSW Junior Open761±64+7768±54
2013-06-242013 NSW Junior Div & Youth Open794±71−33761±60
2013-06-022013 NSW Open758±83+36794±69
2013-05-192013 NSW Junior Closed797±99−39758±82
2013-02-172013 NSW Closed831±101−34797±93
2013-02-032013 NSW Junior Div & Youth Closed800±299+31831±100

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