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Emord, Dan

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10/18/2016GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week041229±38−171212±37
10/17/2016GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week041228±38+11229±38
10/11/2016GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week031240±41−121228±37
10/10/2016GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week031236±41+41240±40
10/4/2016GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week021249±42−131236±40
10/3/2016GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week021230±44+191249±42
9/27/2016GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week011235±45−51230±43
9/26/2016GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week011240±47−51235±45
8/17/2016GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week111234±43+61240±41
8/10/2016GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week101234±4201234±41
8/3/2016GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week091241±42−71234±40
7/27/2016GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week081241±4201241±41
7/20/2016GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week071253±43−121241±41
7/13/2016GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week061253±4201253±42
6/29/2016GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week041233±41+201253±40
6/22/2016GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week031237±41−41233±40
6/15/2016GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week021237±4001237±40
6/8/2016GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week011228±41+91237±39
4/19/2016GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week261219±33+91228±32
4/12/2016GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week251228±33−91219±31
4/4/2016GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week271214±32+141228±32
3/29/2016GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week231215±31−11214±31
3/28/2016GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week261215±3101215±31
3/23/2016GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week221199±31+161215±30
3/21/2016GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week251200±31−11199±30
3/15/2016GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week211196±30+41200±29
3/15/2016GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week241193±31+31196±30
3/8/2016GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week201189±31+41193±29
3/7/2016GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week231193±32−41189±31
3/1/2016GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week191197±31−41193±31
2/29/2016GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week221205±32−81197±31
2/23/2016GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week181194±32+111205±31
2/22/2016GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week211190±33+41194±32
2/15/2016GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week201189±31+11190±31
2/9/2016GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week161185±31+41189±30
2/8/2016GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week191196±31−111185±30
2/2/2016GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week151179±31+171196±30
2/1/2016GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week181190±32−111179±31
1/26/2016GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week141204±32−141190±30
1/25/2016GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week171203±33+11204±32
1/19/2016GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week131187±33+161203±32
1/18/2016GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week161194±34−71187±32
1/12/2016GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week121216±35−221194±33
1/11/2016GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week151215±35+11216±35
1/5/2016GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week111195±36+201215±34
1/4/2016GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week141194±37+11195±35
12/15/2015GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week101193±34+11194±33
12/14/2015GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week111196±34−31193±34
12/8/2015GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week091181±35+151196±33
12/7/2015GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week101178±35+31181±34
11/30/2015GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week091196±36−181178±34
11/24/2015GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week071202±35−61196±34
11/23/2015GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week081190±37+121202±35
11/16/2015GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week071206±36−161190±36
11/10/2015GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week051224±37−181206±35
11/9/2015GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week061216±38+81224±37
11/3/2015GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week041236±38−201216±37
11/2/2015GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week051256±39−201236±38
10/27/2015GVTTC Classic League 15-16 Week03 (Ladder)1267±40−111256±37
10/26/2015GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week041295±43−281267±40
10/20/2015GVTTC Classic League 15-16 Week021324±44−291295±42
10/19/2015GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week031332±46−81324±44
10/13/2015GVTTC Classic League 15-16 Week011306±49+261332±45
10/12/2015GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week021318±52−121306±49
10/5/2015GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week011306±54+121318±51
8/5/2015GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 91313±47−71306±45
7/29/2015GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 81310±47+31313±46
7/22/2015GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 71308±47+21310±46
7/15/2015GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 61309±46−11308±45
7/8/2015GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 51316±47−71309±45
4/8/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week131315±31+11316±31
4/6/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week271323±31−81315±30
4/1/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week121333±31−101323±30
3/31/2015GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week26 (Ladder)1322±32+111333±30
3/30/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week261326±33−41322±32
3/25/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week111326±3201326±32
3/24/2015GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week251312±33+141326±32
3/23/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week251309±33+31312±32
3/18/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week101309±3201309±32
3/17/2015GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week24 (Ladder)1296±34+131309±31
3/16/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week241296±3401296±33
3/11/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week091295±33+11296±33
3/9/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week231301±33−61295±32
3/4/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week081313±33−121301±32
3/2/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week221308±33+51313±32
2/25/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week071308±3201308±32
2/24/2015GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week211309±32−11308±31
2/23/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week211305±33+41309±32
2/18/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week061304±32+11305±32
2/17/2015GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week20 (Ladder)1313±33−91304±32
2/16/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week201318±34−51313±33
2/11/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week051306±33+121318±33
2/10/2015GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week191308±34−21306±33
2/9/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week191312±34−41308±34
2/4/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week041319±34−71312±33
2/3/2015GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week18 (Ladder)1307±35+121319±34
1/28/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week031306±34+11307±34
1/27/2015GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week171291±35+151306±34
1/26/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week171286±35+51291±34
1/21/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week021285±34+11286±34
1/20/2015GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week16 (Ladder)1272±35+131285±34
1/19/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week161265±36+71272±35
1/14/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week011264±35+11265±35
1/13/2015GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week151266±36−21264±35
1/6/2015GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week14 (Ladder)1269±36−31266±34
1/5/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week141282±37−131269±36
12/17/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League Week111270±34+121282±33
12/15/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week111284±34−141270±34
12/9/2014GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week101292±34−81284±33
12/8/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week101283±35+91292±34
12/3/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League Week091268±35+151283±34
12/2/2014GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week09 (Ladder)1246±36+221268±35
12/1/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week091258±37−121246±36
11/25/2014GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week081280±37−221258±36
11/19/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League Week071299±36−191280±36
11/18/2014GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week071301±37−21299±36
11/17/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week071302±37−11301±36
11/11/2014GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week06 (Ladder)1274±39+281302±35
11/10/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week061306±40−321274±38
11/5/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League Week051295±41+111306±39
11/3/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week051299±41−41295±40
10/29/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League 2014 Week041298±41+11299±40
10/28/2014GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week041276±41+221298±40
10/27/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week041273±42+31276±41
10/21/2014GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week03 (Ladder)1263±44+101273±41
10/20/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week031244±47+191263±44
10/15/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League 2014 Week021273±47−291244±46
10/14/2014GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week021288±49−151273±46
10/13/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week021329±51−411288±49
10/8/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League 2014 Week011328±50+11329±50
8/13/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week101332±43−41328±42
8/6/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week091329±42+31332±42
7/30/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week081344±43−151329±41
7/23/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week071352±43−81344±42
7/16/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week061342±44+101352±42
7/9/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week051347±43−51342±42
6/25/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week031369±42−221347±41
6/18/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week021370±42−11369±41
6/11/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week011387±43−171370±41
4/15/2014GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week281391±34−41387±32
4/14/2014GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week281391±3401391±34
4/8/2014GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week271389±34+21391±33
4/7/2014GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week271390±34−11389±33
4/1/2014GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week261390±3301390±32
3/31/2014GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week261396±34−61390±33
3/26/2014GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week111395±33+11396±33
3/25/2014GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week251398±34−31395±33
3/24/2014GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week251398±3301398±33
3/19/2014GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week101397±32+11398±32
3/18/2014GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week241380±33+171397±32
3/17/2014GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week241392±34−121380±33
3/10/2014GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week231387±33+51392±32
3/4/2014GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week221379±33+81387±32
3/3/2014GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week221372±34+71379±33
2/25/2014GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week211374±34−21372±32
2/24/2014GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week211372±34+21374±33
2/18/2014GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week201363±34+91372±33
2/17/2014GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week201361±34+21363±34
2/11/2014GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week191366±34−51361±33
2/4/2014GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week181370±34−41366±32
2/3/2014GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week181352±35+181370±34
1/28/2014GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week171328±36+241352±34
1/27/2014GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week171321±36+71328±35
1/21/2014GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week161334±37−131321±35
1/20/2014GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week161340±39−61334±37
1/14/2014GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week151322±39+181340±38
1/13/2014GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week151339±40−171322±39
1/6/2014GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week141337±39+21339±38
12/17/2013GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week111343±37−61337±35
12/16/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week111343±3701343±36
12/10/2013GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week101332±37+111343±35
12/9/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week101332±3701332±36
12/3/2013GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week091306±39+261332±36
12/2/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week91310±40−41306±39
11/26/2013GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week081318±40−81310±39
11/19/2013GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week071330±41−121318±39
11/18/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week71330±4101330±40
11/12/2013GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week061359±42−291330±40
11/11/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week61372±44−131359±42
11/5/2013GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week051377±44−51372±43
11/4/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week51369±47+81377±44
10/29/2013GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week041365±50+41369±46
10/28/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week41335±55+301365±50
10/22/2013GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week031354±63−191335±54
10/21/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week31342±68+121354±63
10/15/2013GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week021384±78−421342±67
10/14/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week21377±84+71384±78
10/7/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week11400±100−231377±84

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