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Alden, Joan

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10/24/2016GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week05637±42−3634±41
10/19/2016GVTTC 2016 Weds Fall League Week 4627±43+10637±41
10/17/2016GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week04649±46−22627±43
10/10/2016GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week03630±48+19649±45
10/5/2016GVTTC 2016 Weds Fall League Week 2636±48−6630±47
10/3/2016GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week02637±49−1636±48
9/28/2016GVTTC 2016 Weds Fall League Week 1666±49−29637±48
8/10/2016GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week10658±47+8666±42
8/3/2016GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week09697±50−39658±46
7/27/2016GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week08714±51−17697±49
7/20/2016GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week07689±56+25714±50
6/29/2016GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week04690±55−1689±54
4/6/2016GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 13696±44−6690±43
3/30/2016GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 12693±46+3696±43
3/16/2016GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 10698±45−5693±44
3/9/2016GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 9693±45+5698±43
3/2/2016GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 8686±45+7693±44
2/24/2016GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 7688±45−2686±44
2/17/2016GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 6700±46−12688±44
2/10/2016GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 5697±45+3700±45
2/8/2016GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week19713±47−16697±45
2/3/2016GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 4704±49+9713±47
1/27/2016GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 3701±48+3704±48
1/13/2016GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 1717±49−16701±46
12/16/2015GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 12704±47+13717±45
12/9/2015GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 11734±46−30704±46
12/2/2015GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 10745±48−11734±45
11/4/2015GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 6737±47+8745±43
10/28/2015GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 5729±49+8737±45
10/21/2015GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 4725±49+4729±48
10/7/2015GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 2736±48−11725±47
9/30/2015GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 1727±49+9736±47
8/12/2015GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 10708±44+19727±42
8/5/2015GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 9745±46−37708±42
7/22/2015GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 7755±45−10745±43
7/15/2015GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 6746±46+9755±44
7/8/2015GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 5735±47+11746±45
6/17/2015GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 2738±45−3735±44
6/10/2015GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 1745±45−7738±44
4/8/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week13742±35+3745±35
4/6/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week27732±36+10742±35
4/1/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week12747±35−15732±35
3/30/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week26750±35−3747±35
3/25/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week11734±35+16750±34
3/23/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week25743±36−9734±35
3/18/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week10746±35−3743±35
3/16/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week24762±37−16746±35
3/11/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week09765±36−3762±36
3/9/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week23764±37+1765±36
3/4/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week08765±36−1764±36
3/2/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week22729±39+36765±36
2/25/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week07713±39+16729±38
2/16/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week20716±38−3713±38
2/11/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week05720±38−4716±37
2/4/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week04727±38−7720±37
1/28/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week03716±38+11727±36
1/26/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week17715±40+1716±38
1/21/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week02717±40−2715±39
1/19/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week16723±41−6717±39
1/14/2015GVTTC Spring Weds League Week01729±41−6723±40
1/12/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week15734±41−5729±40
1/5/2015GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week14731±41+3734±40
12/17/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League Week11712±41+19731±38
12/15/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week11721±42−9712±40
12/8/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week10720±42+1721±40
12/3/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League Week09698±42+22720±41
11/19/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League Week07699±41−1698±40
11/12/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League Week06698±40+1699±40
11/10/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week06708±42−10698±40
11/5/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League Week05709±42−1708±41
11/3/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week05711±43−2709±42
10/29/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League 2014 Week04711±420711±42
10/27/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week04708±43+3711±42
10/22/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League 2014 Week03723±44−15708±42
10/20/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week03722±46+1723±44
10/15/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League 2014 Week02684±48+38722±45
10/13/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week02661±50+23684±47
10/8/2014GVTTC Fall Weds League 2014 Week01649±53+12661±50
10/6/2014GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week01651±53−2649±52
8/6/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week09677±47−26651±45
7/30/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week08656±50+21677±46
7/23/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week07669±52−13656±49
7/16/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week06688±58−19669±51
7/9/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week05689±64−1688±57
6/25/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week03679±71+10689±62
6/18/2014GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week02689±74−10679±71
1/6/2014GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week14639±66+50689±57
12/2/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week9606±71+33639±62
11/11/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week6635±75−29606±69
11/4/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week5657±79−22635±74
10/28/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week4657±800657±79
10/21/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week3678±86−21657±80
10/7/2013GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week1600±100+78678±85

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