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McNinch, Jeff

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2018-02-26GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week23872±48+4876±47
2018-02-20GVTTC Classic League ’17-’18 Week 20872±470872±47
2018-02-19GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week22869±48+3872±47
2018-02-12GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week21867±47+2869±46
2018-02-05GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week20866±46+1867±46
2018-01-22GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week18865±45+1866±44
2018-01-15GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week17856±46+9865±44
2018-01-08GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week16853±45+3856±44
2017-12-18GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week13868±44−15853±42
2017-12-11GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week12852±45+16868±43
2017-12-04GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week11855±45−3852±44
2017-11-27GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week10862±45−7855±43
2017-11-20GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week09867±44−5862±43
2017-11-13GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week08855±45+12867±43
2017-11-06GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week07861±46−6855±44
2017-10-30GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week06877±46−16861±45
2017-10-23GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week05897±47−20877±45
2017-10-16GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week04903±47−6897±46
2017-10-09GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week03910±48−7903±46
2017-10-02GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week02890±49+20910±47
2017-09-25GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week01901±50−11890±48
2017-08-21GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week12899±46+2901±45
2017-08-14GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week11880±47+19899±45
2017-08-07GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week10892±49−12880±46
2017-07-31GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week09890±49+2892±48
2017-07-17GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week07904±49−14890±47
2017-07-10GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week06897±50+7904±48
2017-06-26GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week04889±50+8897±48
2017-06-19GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week03878±51+11889±49
2017-06-12GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week02872±51+6878±50
2017-06-05GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week01899±53−27872±50
2017-03-27GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week27909±46−10899±44
2017-03-20GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week26903±48+6909±45
2017-02-06GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week20901±42+2903±42
2017-01-30GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week19892±42+9901±41
2017-01-23GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week18914±43−22892±41
2017-01-17GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 15916±42−2914±42
2017-01-16GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week17911±43+5916±42
2017-01-09GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week16933±44−22911±42
2016-12-19GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week13924±42+9933±40
2016-12-12GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week12913±43+11924±41
2016-12-05GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week11897±45+16913±41
2016-11-28GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week10900±45−3897±44
2016-11-21GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week09908±46−8900±44
2016-11-14GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week08909±46−1908±44
2016-11-07GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week07884±46+25909±44
2016-10-31GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week06886±47−2884±45
2016-10-24GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week05887±47−1886±46
2016-10-17GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week04918±47−31887±46
2016-10-10GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week03902±49+16918±46
2016-10-03GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week02904±51−2902±48
2016-09-26GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week01879±53+25904±50
2016-09-20GVTTC Classic League Tryouts ’16-’17 Week2898±56−19879±52
2016-09-13GVTTC Classic League Tryouts ’16-’17 Week1894±65+4898±55
2016-04-04GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week27893±46+1894±45
2016-03-28GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week26890±46+3893±45
2016-03-21GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week25892±45−2890±44
2016-03-15GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week24888±45+4892±44
2016-03-07GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week23887±46+1888±43
2016-02-29GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week22895±47−8887±45
2016-02-22GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week21892±46+3895±46
2016-01-18GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week16911±43−19892±41
2016-01-11GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week15906±43+5911±42
2016-01-04GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week14895±44+11906±41
2015-12-14GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week11898±42−3895±41
2015-12-07GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week10906±42−8898±40
2015-11-30GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week09880±44+26906±41
2015-11-23GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week08892±45−12880±43
2015-11-16GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week07871±45+21892±43
2015-11-09GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week06911±47−40871±43
2015-11-02GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week05905±48+6911±46
2015-10-26GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week04908±49−3905±47
2015-10-19GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week03883±50+25908±48
2015-10-12GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week02894±55−11883±49
2015-10-05GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week01915±60−21894±54
2015-08-12GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 10922±55−7915±54
2015-07-08GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 5902±54+20922±51
2015-04-06GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week27911±43−9902±41
2015-03-30GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week26895±44+16911±42
2015-03-23GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week25891±45+4895±43
2015-03-16GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week24892±44−1891±44
2015-03-09GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week23907±46−15892±43
2015-03-02GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week22905±47+2907±45
2015-02-23GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week21950±47−45905±45
2015-02-16GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week20919±47+31950±46
2015-02-09GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week19925±48−6919±46
2015-01-12GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week15930±45−5925±44
2014-12-15GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week11901±43+29930±41
2014-12-08GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week10916±45−15901±42
2014-12-01GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week09919±46−3916±43
2014-11-17GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week07895±47+24919±44
2014-11-10GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week06915±48−20895±46
2014-11-03GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week05922±49−7915±47
2014-10-27GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week04899±52+23922±48
2014-10-20GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week03862±57+37899±51
2014-10-13GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week02826±60+36862±56
2014-10-06GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week01840±61−14826±59
2014-08-06GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week09881±56−41840±54
2014-07-16GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week06887±55−6881±53
2014-06-25GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week03878±55+9887±52
2014-06-18GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week02905±57−27878±54
2014-04-14GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week28873±50+32905±49
2014-04-07GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week27853±53+20873±49
2014-03-24GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week25853±510853±51
2014-03-17GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week24831±53+22853±50
2014-02-17GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week20860±53−29831±50
2014-02-10GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week19864±54−4860±52
2014-02-03GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week18861±54+3864±53
2014-01-27GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week17854±56+7861±53
2014-01-06GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week14871±57−17854±53
2013-12-16GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week11882±57−11871±54
2013-12-09GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week10912±61−30882±56
2013-11-18GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week7911±59+1912±58
2013-11-11GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week6919±60−8911±58
2013-11-04GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week5869±65+50919±59
2013-10-28GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week4829±70+40869±64
2013-10-21GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week3890±78−61829±70
2013-10-14GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week2835±87+55890±77
2013-10-07GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week1875±100−40835±86

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