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Chang, Ta-Min

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2017-10-16GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week04957±43+3960±42
2017-10-02GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week02954±43+3957±41
2017-09-25GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week01963±44−9954±42
2017-09-05GVTTC Classic League ’17-’18 Tryouts Week 1994±43−31963±40
2017-08-21GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week121003±42−9994±41
2017-08-14GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week111014±43−111003±41
2017-08-07GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week101022±43−81014±42
2017-07-31GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week091009±45+131022±42
2017-07-24GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week081023±46−141009±44
2017-07-10GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week061046±45−231023±44
2017-06-26GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week041057±45−111046±43
2017-06-19GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week031041±46+161057±44
2017-04-04GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 251052±34−111041±33
2017-03-27GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week271044±33+81052±32
2017-03-21GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 231055±34−111044±32
2017-03-20GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week261067±35−121055±33
2017-03-13GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week251055±35+121067±33
2017-03-07GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 221030±36+251055±33
2017-03-06GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week241029±36+11030±36
2017-02-28GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 211020±36+91029±35
2017-02-27GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week231019±36+11020±36
2017-02-21GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 201030±37−111019±35
2017-02-13GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week211030±3601030±35
2017-02-06GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week201030±3501030±35
2017-01-31GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 171039±34−91030±33
2017-01-30GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week191038±35+11039±34
2017-01-24GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 161006±36+321038±33
2017-01-23GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week181007±36−11006±36
2017-01-17GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 151008±35−11007±35
2017-01-16GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week171007±36+11008±35
2017-01-10GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 141013±36−61007±34
2017-01-09GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week161011±36+21013±35
2017-01-04GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 131009±36+21011±35
2016-12-19GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week131024±32−151009±32
2016-12-13GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 121007±33+171024±31
2016-12-12GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week12989±34+181007±33
2016-12-06GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 11992±33−3989±33
2016-12-05GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week11994±34−2992±33
2016-11-29GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 10999±33−5994±32
2016-11-28GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week101008±34−9999±33
2016-11-22GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 09997±34+111008±32
2016-11-21GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week09989±35+8997±34
2016-11-15GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 08996±35−7989±34
2016-11-14GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week081006±35−10996±34
2016-11-07GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week071003±35+31006±34
2016-11-01GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 06998±35+51003±34
2016-10-31GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week061002±36−4998±35
2016-10-25GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week 05987±35+151002±35
2016-10-24GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week05997±36−10987±35
2016-10-18GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week041002±35−5997±35
2016-10-17GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week041010±36−81002±35
2016-10-11GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week031010±3801010±35
2016-10-10GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week031015±39−51010±38
2016-10-04GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week021003±40+121015±38
2016-10-03GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week021008±40−51003±39
2016-09-27GVTTC Classic League ’16-’17 Week011014±40−61008±39
2016-09-26GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week011013±43+11014±40
2016-09-20GVTTC Classic League Tryouts ’16-’17 Week2994±47+191013±42
2016-09-13GVTTC Classic League Tryouts ’16-’17 Week1991±50+3994±45
2016-08-17GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week11970±49+21991±46
2016-08-03GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week09969±47+1970±47
2016-07-27GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week08950±49+19969±46
2016-06-29GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week04959±46−9950±45
2016-06-22GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week03965±46−6959±45
2016-06-15GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week02944±47+21965±45
2016-06-08GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week01944±460944±46
2016-04-19GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week26947±39−3944±38
2016-04-04GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week27940±38+7947±37
2016-03-29GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week23941±37−1940±37
2016-03-28GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week26944±38−3941±37
2016-03-23GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week22959±39−15944±37
2016-03-21GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week25958±39+1959±39
2016-03-16GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 10955±39+3958±38
2016-03-15GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week24946±40+9955±39
2016-03-09GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 9965±39−19946±39
2016-03-08GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week20992±43−27965±39
2016-03-07GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week231010±46−18992±43
2016-02-29GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week221039±45−291010±45
2016-01-05GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week111046±37−71039±36
2016-01-04GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week141052±38−61046±37
2015-12-16GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 121063±35−111052±35
2015-12-15GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week101071±36−81063±35
2015-12-14GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week111081±37−101071±36
2015-12-08GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week091092±39−111081±36
2015-12-07GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week101117±42−251092±39
2015-12-01GVTTC Classic League 2015 Week081105±43+121117±41
2015-11-30GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week091098±47+71105±43
2015-11-23GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week081100±46−21098±46
2015-11-18GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 81099±46+11100±46
2015-11-16GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week071118±48−191099±45
2015-10-19GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week031102±46+161118±43
2015-10-14GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 31091±47+111102±45
2015-10-12GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week021073±51+181091±47
2015-10-05GVTTC Mon League 15-16 Week011063±52+101073±49
2015-07-22GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 71069±42−61063±40
2015-07-08GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 51088±42−191069±40
2015-06-24GVTTC Summer League 2015 week 31082±43+61088±40
2015-06-17GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 21094±44−121082±42
2015-06-10GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 11114±44−201094±43
2015-04-08GVTTC Spring Weds League Week131115±33−11114±33
2015-04-06GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week271127±34−121115±33
2015-04-01GVTTC Spring Weds League Week121118±34+91127±33
2015-03-31GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week26 (Ladder)1096±36+221118±34
2015-03-30GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week261093±36+31096±36
2015-03-25GVTTC Spring Weds League Week111086±37+71093±35
2015-03-23GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week251090±37−41086±36
2015-03-17GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week24 (Ladder)1078±37+121090±36
2015-03-16GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week241060±38+181078±37
2015-03-11GVTTC Spring Weds League Week091044±39+161060±37
2015-03-09GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week231044±3901044±38
2015-02-23GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week211064±38−201044±36
2015-02-16GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week201043±38+211064±36
2015-02-11GVTTC Spring Weds League Week051051±38−81043±37
2015-02-09GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week191041±40+101051±38
2015-02-04GVTTC Spring Weds League Week041033±40+81041±39
2015-01-26GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week171032±39+11033±39
2015-01-20GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week16 (Ladder)1033±38−11032±38
2015-01-19GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week161026±39+71033±38
2015-01-12GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week151021±39+51026±38
2015-01-06GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week14 (Ladder)984±41+371021±38
2015-01-05GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week14988±42−4984±40
2014-12-17GVTTC Fall Weds League Week11985±42+3988±39
2014-12-16GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week11987±42−2985±41
2014-12-01GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week09997±41−10987±39
2014-11-17GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week071007±41−10997±39
2014-11-10GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week06999±41+81007±39
2014-11-03GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week05971±41+28999±39
2014-10-27GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week04987±43−16971±40
2014-10-21GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week03 (Ladder)976±43+11987±42
2014-10-20GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week03986±45−10976±43
2014-10-15GVTTC Fall Weds League 2014 Week021014±47−28986±44
2014-10-13GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week021054±51−401014±46
2014-10-07GVTTC Classic League 14-15 Week011057±51−31054±50
2014-10-06GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week011045±53+121057±51
2014-08-06GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week091062±48−171045±45
2014-07-30GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week081060±48+21062±46
2014-07-09GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week051065±46−51060±45
2014-06-25GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week031059±47+61065±44
2014-06-18GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week021053±50+61059±46
2014-06-11GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week011037±52+161053±49
2014-04-07GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week271061±43−241037±42
2014-04-02GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week121091±45−301061±42
2014-03-31GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week261114±46−231091±45
2014-03-25GVTTC Classic League 13-14 Week251115±46−11114±45
2014-03-24GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week251130±48−151115±45
2014-03-17GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week241121±48+91130±46
2014-03-10GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week231121±4801121±47
2014-03-05GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week081093±50+281121±47
2014-03-03GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week221128±50−351093±49
2014-02-24GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week211122±51+61128±49
2014-02-12GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week051108±51+141122±49
2014-02-10GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week191132±52−241108±51
2014-01-27GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week171169±52−371132±50
2014-01-20GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week161184±54−151169±51
2014-01-13GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week151159±58+251184±53
2014-01-06GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week141178±62−191159±57
2013-12-16GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week111233±68−551178±60
2013-12-09GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week101198±74+351233±67
2013-12-02GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week91193±75+51198±73
2013-11-18GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week71171±83+221193±74
2013-10-14GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week21211±90−401171±80
2013-10-07GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week11250±100−391211±90

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