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Bracker, Ken

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2018-01-15GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week17508±45−2506±45
2017-12-20GVTTC 2017 Wed Fall League Week 13488±43+20508±41
2017-12-18GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week13475±46+13488±43
2017-12-11GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week12461±47+14475±45
2017-12-04GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week11447±50+14461±46
2017-11-27GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week10441±51+6447±49
2017-11-20GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week09461±52−20441±50
2017-11-13GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week08473±53−12461±51
2017-10-30GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week06497±54−24473±51
2017-10-23GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week05497±550497±53
2017-10-16GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week04509±56−12497±54
2017-09-25GVTTC Mon League ’17-’18 Week01536±59−27509±54
2017-09-05GVTTC Classic League ’17-’18 Tryouts Week 1489±58+47536±57
2017-07-24GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week08509±56−20489±53
2017-06-19GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week03509±520509±52
2017-06-12GVTTC Monday Summer League ’17 Week02550±53−41509±51
2017-03-27GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week27532±45+18550±42
2017-03-20GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week26534±45−2532±44
2017-03-13GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week25530±45+4534±44
2017-03-06GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week24531±44−1530±44
2017-02-27GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week23532±43−1531±43
2017-02-20GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week22552±44−20532±42
2017-02-13GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week21547±45+5552±43
2017-02-06GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week20512±47+35547±44
2017-01-30GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week19515±47−3512±46
2017-01-23GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week18520±47−5515±46
2017-01-16GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week17524±47−4520±46
2017-01-09GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week16528±47−4524±46
2017-01-04GVTTC 2017 Wed Spring League Week 1515±49+13528±46
2016-12-12GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week12512±46+3515±45
2016-12-05GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week11513±45−1512±45
2016-11-28GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week10523±45−10513±44
2016-11-21GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week09533±46−10523±44
2016-11-16GVTTC 2016 Weds Fall League Week 8539±46−6533±45
2016-11-14GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week08543±47−4539±46
2016-11-09GVTTC 2016 Weds Fall League Week 7533±49+10543±46
2016-11-07GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week07528±51+5533±48
2016-10-31GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week06451±54+77528±50
2016-10-26GVTTC 2016 Weds Fall League Week 5466±56−15451±54
2016-10-24GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week05473±58−7466±56
2016-10-17GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week04477±59−4473±57
2016-10-12GVTTC 2016 Weds Fall League Week 3487±61−10477±58
2016-10-03GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week02491±62−4487±60
2016-09-26GVTTC Mon League ’16-’17 Week01487±62+4491±61
2016-06-22GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week03486±52+1487±51
2016-06-15GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week02486±510486±51
2016-06-08GVTTC Weds Summer League ’16 Week01481±52+5486±50
2016-03-30GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 12470±43+11481±41
2016-03-23GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 11456±44+14470±42
2016-03-16GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 10453±44+3456±43
2016-03-09GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 9466±44−13453±43
2016-03-02GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 8469±44−3466±43
2016-02-24GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 7474±44−5469±43
2016-02-17GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 6487±45−13474±43
2016-02-10GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 5509±46−22487±44
2016-02-03GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 4495±47+14509±45
2016-01-27GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 3505±49−10495±45
2016-01-20GVTTC 2016 Weds Spring League Week 2497±50+8505±48
2015-12-16GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 12499±46−2497±45
2015-12-09GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 11476±46+23499±45
2015-11-18GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 8486±46−10476±43
2015-11-11GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 7502±49−16486±45
2015-11-04GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 6525±50−23502±47
2015-10-28GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 5527±50−2525±49
2015-10-21GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 4521±52+6527±49
2015-09-30GVTTC 2015 Weds Fall League Week 1548±52−27521±50
2015-08-12GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 10557±50−9548±45
2015-08-05GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 9555±50+2557±49
2015-07-29GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 8551±50+4555±49
2015-07-22GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 7537±51+14551±49
2015-07-15GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 6539±51−2537±50
2015-07-08GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 5538±51+1539±50
2015-06-24GVTTC Summer League 2015 week 3527±51+11538±49
2015-06-17GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 2527±500527±50
2015-06-10GVTTC Summer League 2015 Week 1522±51+5527±49
2015-04-08GVTTC Spring Weds League Week13547±43−25522±42
2015-04-01GVTTC Spring Weds League Week12544±43+3547±41
2015-03-25GVTTC Spring Weds League Week11543±43+1544±41
2015-03-18GVTTC Spring Weds League Week10528±44+15543±42
2015-03-16GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week24532±45−4528±44
2015-03-11GVTTC Spring Weds League Week09547±47−15532±44
2015-02-25GVTTC Spring Weds League Week07544±46+3547±44
2015-02-09GVTTC Mon League 14-15 Week19530±45+14544±44
2015-02-04GVTTC Spring Weds League Week04533±48−3530±45
2015-01-28GVTTC Spring Weds League Week03518±49+15533±47
2015-01-21GVTTC Spring Weds League Week02514±49+4518±48
2015-01-14GVTTC Spring Weds League Week01528±51−14514±48
2014-12-17GVTTC Fall Weds League Week11533±50−5528±47
2014-11-19GVTTC Fall Weds League Week07537±48−4533±46
2014-11-12GVTTC Fall Weds League Week06548±48−11537±47
2014-11-05GVTTC Fall Weds League Week05557±50−9548±47
2014-10-29GVTTC Fall Weds League 2014 Week04559±51−2557±49
2014-10-22GVTTC Fall Weds League 2014 Week03550±52+9559±50
2014-10-15GVTTC Fall Weds League 2014 Week02529±55+21550±51
2014-08-06GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week09534±47−5529±46
2014-07-30GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week08554±49−20534±46
2014-07-23GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week07591±50−37554±48
2014-07-09GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week05603±50−12591±48
2014-06-25GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week03615±51−12603±48
2014-06-18GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week02616±50−1615±50
2014-06-11GVTTC Summer League 2014 Week01609±51+7616±49
2014-04-09GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week13608±42+1609±41
2014-04-07GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week27622±42−14608±41
2014-04-02GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week12626±42−4622±41
2014-03-31GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week26627±42−1626±42
2014-03-26GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week11627±410627±41
2014-03-24GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week25630±42−3627±41
2014-03-19GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week10626±42+4630±41
2014-03-17GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week24639±43−13626±42
2014-03-10GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week23640±43−1639±42
2014-03-05GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week08646±43−6640±42
2014-03-03GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week22650±43−4646±42
2014-02-26GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week07636±45+14650±42
2014-02-24GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week21634±45+2636±45
2014-02-19GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week06627±46+7634±45
2014-02-17GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week20635±47−8627±46
2014-02-12GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week05637±47−2635±47
2014-02-10GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week19659±49−22637±47
2014-02-03GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week18658±48+1659±48
2014-01-29GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week03661±48−3658±47
2014-01-27GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week17640±51+21661±48
2014-01-22GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week02661±53−21640±50
2014-01-20GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week16622±55+39661±53
2014-01-15GVTTC Spring League 2014 Week01619±55+3622±54
2014-01-13GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week15609±58+10619±55
2013-12-16GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week11603±59+6609±55
2013-12-09GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week10627±60−24603±58
2013-12-02GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week9629±60−2627±59
2013-11-11GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week6596±64+33629±58
2013-11-04GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week5618±68−22596±63
2013-10-28GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week4581±76+37618±68
2013-10-21GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week3474±85+107581±76
2013-10-14GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week2484±89−10474±85
2013-10-07GVTTC Mon League 13-14 Week1400±100+84484±89

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