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Anders, Chris

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10/22/20162016 Australian Veterans Championships1249±37+121261±30
10/12/2016Nagambie Spring Comp Wk 21249±3501249±35
10/10/2016Shepparton Spring Comp Week 21245±35+41249±34
10/5/2016Nagambie Spring Comp Wk 11247±34−21245±34
10/3/2016Shepparton Spring Comp Week 11244±34+31247±34
9/11/20162016 Geelong Open Veterans Championships1255±33−111244±30
8/31/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 181244±31+111255±30
8/24/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 171246±29−21244±29
8/22/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 151245±29+11246±29
8/21/2016MPTTA Veterans Tournament 20161248±32−31245±29
8/17/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 161248±3101248±31
8/15/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 141247±31+11248±31
8/10/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 141249±31−21247±30
8/8/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 131255±31−61249±30
8/7/20162016 Yarrawonga Mulwala Open Senior Championships1255±3401255±31
8/3/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 131258±33−31255±33
8/1/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 121283±34−251258±33
7/27/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 131283±3301283±33
7/25/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 111287±33−41283±33
7/20/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 121291±33−41287±32
7/18/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 101293±33−21291±32
7/16/20162016 Victoria Open Vets1303±34−101293±32
7/13/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 111303±3401303±34
7/11/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 91318±34−151303±33
6/20/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 81330±30−121318±30
6/12/20162016 Victorian Country Championships1339±29−91330±28
6/12/20162016 TTV Country Champs Sunday A - C11337±32+21339±29
6/11/20162016 TTV Country Champs Saturday A - C11338±33−11337±31
6/8/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 91338±3301338±33
6/6/2016Shep. Club Championships Monday1339±32−11338±32
6/5/2016Ballarat Vets 20161351±34−121339±32
6/1/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 81351±3301351±33
5/30/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 71347±34+41351±33
5/29/20162016 Sunbury Vets Open1329±37+181347±34
5/25/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 71329±3601329±36
5/23/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 61334±37−51329±36
5/18/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 61334±3601334±36
5/16/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 51336±36−21334±35
5/11/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 51336±3501336±35
5/9/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 41336±3501336±35
5/4/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 41344±35−81336±34
5/2/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 31336±35+81344±34
5/1/20162016 CVGT Bendigo Veterans1336±3801336±35
4/20/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 21336±3601336±36
4/18/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 21330±37+61336±36
4/16/20162016 Dandenong Veterans Open1339±39−91330±36
4/13/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 11339±3801339±38
4/11/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 11346±39−71339±37
3/21/2016Shepparton Summer Comp W8 Finals1361±35−151346±35
3/16/2016Nagambie Summer RR WK71361±3401361±34
3/14/2016Shepparton Summer Comp W7 Semi Final1358±34+31361±34
3/12/20162016 Croydon Masters Open Veterans1343±37+151358±34
3/9/2016Nagambie Summer RR WK61343±3601343±36
3/7/2016Shepparton Summer Comp W61339±37+41343±36
3/2/2016Nagambie Summer RR WK51338±36+11339±36
2/29/2016Shepparton Summer Comp W51340±36−21338±35
2/28/20162016 Victorian Closed Veterans1347±38−71340±35
2/24/2016Nagambie Summer RR WK41355±39−81347±38
2/22/2016Shepparton Summer Comp W41353±39+21355±39
2/17/2016Nagambie Summer RR WK31353±3801353±38
2/15/2016Shepparton Summer Comp W31346±39+71353±38
2/10/2016Nagambie Summer RR WK21334±39+121346±38
2/8/2016Shepparton Summer Comp W21336±39−21334±39
2/4/2016Shepparton Thursday RR Wk31332±40+41336±39
2/3/2016Nagambie Summer RR WK11332±4001332±40
2/1/2016Shepparton Summer Comp W11326±41+61332±40
1/28/2016Shepparton Thursday RR Wk21346±41−201326±40
1/27/2016Nagambie pre season wk 31346±4101346±41
1/21/2016Shepparton Thursday RR Wk11353±42−71346±40
1/20/2016Nagambie pre season wk 21353±4201353±42
1/13/2016Nagambie pre season wk 11338±42+151353±40
12/2/2015Nagambie Spring comp Wk 91325±36+131338±35
11/28/20152015 Albury Wodonga Veterans1316±38+91325±35
11/25/2015Nagambie Spring comp Wk 81316±3801316±38
11/23/2015Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 81314±38+21316±37
11/18/2015Nagambie Spring comp Wk 71299±38+151314±37
11/16/2015Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 71315±38−161299±37
11/11/2015Nagambie Spring comp Wk 61315±3701315±37
11/9/2015Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 61308±38+71315±37
11/4/2015Nagambie Spring comp Wk 51308±3701308±37
11/2/2015Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 51307±37+11308±37
10/28/2015Nagambie Spring comp Wk 2,3,41307±3601307±36
10/24/20152015 Australian Veterans Championships1341±40−341307±35
10/12/2015Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 21343±38−21341±38
10/5/2015Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 11341±37+21343±37
9/20/2015MPTTA 2015 Vets1332±38+91341±35
8/24/2015Shep. Winter Comp Semi Finals1321±34+111332±33
8/19/2015Nag. Winter Round 161326±33−51321±32
8/17/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 151339±33−131326±33
8/12/2015Nag. Winter Round 151339±3201339±32
8/10/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 141343±32−41339±32
8/3/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 131346±32−31343±31
7/27/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 121347±30−11346±30
7/22/2015Nag. Winter Round 121339±30+81347±29
7/20/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 111336±30+31339±29
7/15/2015Nag. Winter Round 111336±2801336±28
7/13/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 101334±28+21336±28
7/12/20152015 Victorian Open Veterans Tournament1326±30+81334±28
6/27/20152015 Aussie Table Tennis Croydon Masters Veterans1327±28−11326±26
6/22/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 91331±27−41327±26
6/17/2015Nag. Winter Round 101333±26−21331±25
6/15/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 81335±26−21333±25
6/14/2015Ballarat Vets 20151327±27+81335±25
6/10/2015Nag. Winter Round 91329±26−21327±26
6/8/2015TTV Country Championships 2015 Monday1335±27−61329±26
6/7/20152015 Victorian Country Championships1343±27−81335±26
6/7/2015TTV Country Championships 2015 Sunday1335±30+81343±27
6/6/2015TTV Country Championships 2015 Saturday1308±33+271335±29
6/3/2015Nag. Winter Round 81311±32−31308±32
6/1/2015Shep Club Championships1322±33−111311±32
5/31/2015Sunbury Open Veterans 20151333±37−111322±33
5/25/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 71333±3601333±36
5/18/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 61347±36−141333±35
5/17/20152015 CVGT Bendigo Veterans1336±41+111347±36
5/11/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 51328±42+81336±40
5/4/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 41332±41−41328±41
4/27/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 31333±43−11332±40
4/20/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 21337±43−41333±41
4/19/20152015 Victorian Closed Veterans1322±49+151337±42
4/13/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 11316±49+61322±48
3/8/20152015 Geelong Open Veterans1301±52+151316±44
11/29/20142014 Albury Wodonga Veterans Championships1304±40−31301±37
10/25/20142014 Australian Veterans Championships1352±53−481304±34
8/17/20142014 Sunbury Veterans1344±50+81352±43
7/13/20142014 Croydon Masters Veteran Open1314±55+301344±45
6/1/20142014 Victorian Open Veterans1363±53−491314±49
4/27/20142014 Geelong Open Veterans1273±73+901363±48
4/6/20142014 Victorian Closed Veterans1328±79−551273±71
9/14/20132013 Australian Veterans Championships1288±99+401328±60
10/20/20122012 Australian Veterans Championships1172±115+1161288±73
10/22/20112011 Australian Veterans Championships1100±300+721172±91

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