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Green, Isaac

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2017-10-18BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant A R21036±39−341002±37
2017-10-11BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant A R11035±38+11036±38
2017-09-14BDTTA 2017 Winter S/F A1044±34−91035±33
2017-09-06BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R181042±33+21044±32
2017-08-30BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R171049±32−71042±31
2017-08-23BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R161044±32+51049±31
2017-08-16BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R151050±31−61044±30
2017-08-09BDTTA 2017 WINTER PENNANT A R141041±30+91050±29
2017-08-062017 Yarrawonga Mulwala Table Tennis Junior Open1057±33−161041±30
2017-08-02BDTTA2017 WINTER PENNANT A R131059±33−21057±32
2017-07-26BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R121073±32−141059±31
2017-07-19BDTTA 2017 WINTER PENNANT A R111096±30−231073±30
2017-07-152017 Australian National Junior Championships1071±34+251096±29
2017-06-28BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R101095±31−241071±30
2017-06-21BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R91108±30−131095±29
2017-06-14BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R81106±28+21108±28
2017-06-12TTV 2017 Country Champs Monday A to D21108±29−21106±28
2017-06-112017 Country Championships1118±29−101108±29
2017-06-11TTV 2017 Country Champs Sunday A to D21065±32+531118±29
2017-06-10TTV 2017 Country Champs Saturday A to D21042±35+231065±32
2017-05-31BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R71035±34+71042±33
2017-05-24BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R61026±33+91035±32
2017-05-17BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R51030±33−41026±32
2017-05-10BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R41034±33−41030±32
2017-05-062017 Victorian Open Junior Championships1009±34+251034±32
2017-05-03BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R31008±33+11009±33
2017-04-292017 Albury Wodonga Junior1023±36−151008±32
2017-04-26BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R21009±37+141023±35
2017-04-19BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R11003±36+61009±35
2017-04-152017 Dandenong Junior Open1041±37−381003±36
2017-03-29BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A Finals1023±35+181041±33
2017-03-192017 CVGT Bendigo Senior Junior1023±3501023±33
2017-03-122017 Croydon Masters Junior Open996±34+271023±33
2017-03-08BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R15987±34+9996±33
2017-03-04Ballarat Junior Senior Tournament 2017970±33+17987±34
2017-03-01BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R14954±34+16970±33
2017-02-262017 Victorian Closed Juniors966±36−12954±34
2017-02-22BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R13966±370966±35
2017-02-15BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R12950±38+16966±36
2017-02-08BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R11917±39+33950±37
2017-02-01BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R10889±40+28917±37
2017-01-28Melbourne Open 2017879±42+10889±40
2016-12-07BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R9885±33−6879±32
2016-11-30BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R8902±33−17885±32
2016-11-16BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R6905±32−3902±30
2016-11-062016 BDTTA Club Championships832±35+73905±29
2016-11-02BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R4829±36+3832±34
2016-10-19BDTTA 2016/6 Summer Pennant A R3841±34−12829±33
2016-10-12BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R2823±35+18841±33
2016-10-05BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R1832±35−9823±33
2016-09-14BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A Finals814±33+18832±30
2016-09-102016 Geelong Open Juniors, Seniors & Para817±33−3814±32
2016-09-032016 Melbourne Junior Open823±32−6817±31
2016-08-31BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R18829±33−6823±31
2016-08-24BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R17836±33−7829±32
2016-08-17BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R16858±32−22836±31
2016-08-142016 CVGT Bendigo Juniors & U21865±32−7858±31
2016-08-062016 Yarrawonga Mulwala Open Junior Championships808±33+57865±30
2016-08-03BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R14807±34+1808±33
2016-07-20BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R12808±33−1807±31
2016-07-13BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R11817±33−9808±31
2016-06-22BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R10821±28−4817±28
2016-06-132016 TTV Country Champs Monday C2-D3806±28+15821±26
2016-06-122016 Victorian Country Championships806±270806±27
2016-06-122016 TTV Country Champs Sunday C2-D3777±31+29806±27
2016-06-112016 TTV Country Champs Saturday C2-D3774±33+3777±30
2016-06-08BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R9766±34+8774±32
2016-06-01BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R8774±33−8766±32
2016-05-282016 Sunbury Junior Open776±35−2774±32
2016-05-25BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R7772±37+4776±35
2016-05-18BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R6760±38+12772±36
2016-05-142016 Ballarat Junior/Senior Championships762±37−2760±37
2016-05-04BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R4759±37+3762±35
2016-04-302016 MPTTA Junior Open765±37−6759±36
2016-04-27BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R3748±38+17765±36
2016-04-232016 Victorian Open Junior Championships767±38−19748±37
2016-04-20BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R2778±39−11767±38
2016-04-13BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R1769±40+9778±38
2016-03-262016 Dandenong Junior Open772±37−3769±36
2016-03-132016 Croydon Masters Open Junior776±36−4772±35
2016-03-02BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R16767±36+9776±34
2016-02-24BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R15775±36−8767±34
2016-02-212016 Victorian Closed Juniors776±36−1775±35
2016-02-17BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R14771±38+5776±35
2016-02-10BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R13768±39+3771±37
2016-02-03BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R12782±40−14768±38
2016-01-27BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R11802±40−20782±38
2015-12-09BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R10793±33+9802±31
2015-12-02BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R9774±33+19793±31
2015-11-25BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R8795±32−21774±31
2015-11-18BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R7792±32+3795±30
2015-11-152015 Melbourne Table Tennis Junior Open793±32−1792±31
2015-11-11BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R6768±33+25793±31
2015-11-082015 BDTTA Club Championships742±34+26768±32
2015-11-04BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R5749±34−7742±33
2015-10-28BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R4754±33−5749±33
2015-10-21BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R3761±33−7754±32
2015-10-172015 Mooroolbark Bendigo Bank Junior Open784±35−23761±32
2015-10-14BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R2780±36+4784±34
2015-10-07BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R1757±37+23780±35
2015-10-032015 Australian Junior Championships750±38+7757±36
2015-08-292015 Greater Dandenong Junior Open758±33−8750±31
2015-08-26BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R17769±33−11758±32
2015-08-19BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R16761±33+8769±31
2015-08-12BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R15768±32−7761±31
2015-08-012015 Victorian Closed Junior Championships781±31−13768±29
2015-07-29BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R13800±32−19781±31
2015-07-22BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R12789±32+11800±30
2015-07-15BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R11786±31+3789±30
2015-07-042015 Croydon Masters Juniors776±31+10786±28
2015-06-24BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R10770±29+6776±28
2015-06-202015 Albury Tournament793±30−23770±28
2015-06-17BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R9791±30+2793±29
2015-06-10BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R8780±30+11791±28
2015-06-08TTV Country Championships 2015 Monday776±30+4780±29
2015-06-07TTV Country Championships 2015 Sunday775±32+1776±30
2015-06-072015 Victorian Country Championships776±32−1775±32
2015-06-06TTV Country Championships 2015 Saturday747±35+29776±32
2015-06-03BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R7729±36+18747±34
2015-05-30Sunbury Open Juniors 2015722±40+7729±35
2015-05-27BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R6737±40−15722±39
2015-05-20BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R5741±39−4737±38
2015-05-13BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R4726±40+15741±38
2015-05-06BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R3743±38−17726±38
2015-05-02Ballarat Jnr Snr - 2015755±40−12743±38
2015-04-29BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R2769±41−14755±40
2015-04-22BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R1783±40−14769±40
2015-04-112015 Victorian Open Junior Championships803±41−20783±39
2015-03-28Yarrawonga Mulwala Junior Open Tournament 2015821±50−18803±39
2015-03-072015 Geelong Open Junior, Senior & AWD803±57+18821±47
2015-02-222015 CVGT Bendigo Juniors & U21 Tournament835±69−32803±56
2014-08-162014 Sunbury Junior Open610±90+225835±47
2014-08-022014 Victorian Closed Juniors679±103−69610±89
2014-07-122014 Croydon Masters Open Junior1002±445−323679±101

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