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Boyarskiy, Vladislav

All Events
5/31/2016DTTC May League 2016 (V)1838±45+191857±42
4/5/2016DTTC April League 2016 (I)1837±37+11838±35
3/29/2016DTTC March League 2016 (V)1821±38+161837±36
3/22/2016DTTC March League 2016 (IV)1817±39+41821±37
3/15/2016DTTC March League 2016 (III)1788±40+291817±38
3/8/2016DTTC March League 2016 (II)1807±40−191788±39
2/16/2016DTTC February League 2016 (III)1817±38−101807±36
2/9/2016DTTC February League 2016 (II)1814±39+31817±37
1/26/2016DTTC January League 2016 (IV)1823±38−91814±37
1/19/2016DTTC January League 2016 (III)1825±38−21823±37
1/12/2016DTTC January League 2016 (II)1824±39+11825±37
12/22/2015DTTC December League 2015 (IV)1817±38+71824±35
12/16/2015DTTC December League 2015 (III)1822±38−51817±37
12/15/2015DTTC December League 2015 (II)1803±40+191822±38
12/1/2015DTTC December League 2015 (I)1789±39+141803±37
11/24/2015DTTC November League 2015 (IV)1797±41−81789±38
11/17/2015DTTC November League 2015 (III)1807±41−101797±39
11/10/2015DTTC November League 2015 (II)1818±43−111807±40
10/20/2015DTTC October League 2015 (III)1810±42+81818±40
10/13/2015DTTC October League 2015 (II)1813±42−31810±41
9/15/2015DTTC September League 2015 (III)1793±39+201813±38
9/8/2015DTTC September League 2015 (II)1797±40−41793±38
9/1/2015DTTC September League 2015 (I)1799±40−21797±38
8/18/2015DTTC August League 2015 (III)1769±39+301799±37
8/4/2015DTTC August League 2015 (I)1770±37−11769±37
7/28/2015DTTC July League 2015 (IV)1773±38−31770±36
7/21/2015DTTC July League 2015 (III)1775±38−21773±36
7/14/2015DTTC July League 2015 (II)1783±38−81775±37
6/30/2015DTTC June league 2015 (IV)1782±37+11783±35
6/23/2015DTTC June League 2015 (IV)1774±37+81782±35
6/16/2015DTTC June League 2015 (III)1780±39−61774±36
6/2/2015DTTC June League 2015 (I)1768±39+121780±36
5/26/2015DTTC May League 2015 (IV)1769±39−11768±38
5/19/2015DTTC May League 2015 (III)1755±40+141769±37
5/5/2015DTTC May League 2015 (I)1773±40−181755±37
4/14/2015DTTC April League 2015 (II)1789±39−161773±37
4/7/2015DTTC April League 2015 (I)1785±40+41789±38
3/31/2015DTTC March League 2015 (V)1774±42+111785±39
3/22/2015DTTC March League 2015 (IV)1767±43+71774±40
3/17/2015DTTC March League 2015 (III)1757±45+101767±42
3/10/2015DTTC March League 2015 (II)1760±46−31757±44
2/17/2015DTTC February League 2015 (III)1752±45+81760±42
2/10/2015DTTC February League 2015 (II)1738±49+141752±44
2/3/2015DTTC February League 2015 (I)1736±53+21738±48
1/20/2015DTTC January League 2015 (III)1741±53−51736±51
1/13/2015DTTC January League 2015 (II)1740±58+11741±52
1/6/2015DTTC January League 2015 (I)1758±63−181740±57
12/30/2014DTTC December League 2014 (V)1862±74−1041758±62
3/4/2014DTTC March League 2014 (I)1858±40+41862±37
2/25/2014DTTC February League 2014 (IV)1851±42+71858±39
1/14/2014DTTC January league 2014 (II)1862±37−111851±34
1/7/2014DTTC January League 2014 (I)1890±38−281862±36
12/24/2013DTTC December League 2013 (IV)1893±38−31890±36
12/17/2013DTTC December League 2013 (III)1875±39+181893±37
11/19/2013DTTC November League 2013 (III)1873±36+21875±34
11/12/2013DTTC November League 2013 (II)1876±37−31873±35
11/5/2013DTTC November League 2013 (I)1889±38−131876±36
10/22/2013DTTC October League 2013 (IV)1866±37+231889±35
10/15/2013DTTC October Laegue 2013 (III)1870±38−41866±36
10/8/2013DTTC October League 2013 (II)1873±38−31870±36
10/1/2013DTTC October League 2013 (I)1880±38−71873±37
9/17/2013DTTC September League 2013 (III)1873±38+71880±36
9/10/2013DTTC September League 2013 (II)1866±39+71873±37
9/3/2013DTTC September League 2913 (I)1866±4101866±38
8/27/2013DTTC August League 2013 (iV)1890±46−241866±40
8/20/2013DTTC August League 2013 (III)1898±51−81890±45
8/13/2013DTTC August League 2013 (II)1962±62−641898±50
8/6/2013DTTC August League 2013 (I)1940±67+221962±62
7/30/2013DTTC July League 2013 (V)1907±75+331940±66
10/9/2012DTTC October Laegue 2012 (II)1922±45−151907±42
10/2/2012DTTC October League 2012 (I)1910±46+121922±44
9/18/2012DTTC September League 2012 (III)1925±47−151910±44
8/21/2012DTTC August League 2012 (III)1904±46+211925±43
8/14/2012DTTC August League 2012 (II)1903±52+11904±45
8/7/2012DTTC August League 2012 (I)1917±60−141903±51
5/15/2012DTTC May League 2012 (III)1892±54+251917±49
2/7/2012DTTC February League 2012 (I)1875±43+171892±41
12/6/2011DTTC December League 2011 (I)1872±34+31875±32
11/29/2011DTTC November League 2011 (V)1882±34−101872±32
11/27/2011Joola North American Teams1882±3401882±34
11/22/2011DTTC November League 2011 (IV)1870±34+121882±33
11/15/2011DTTC November League 2011 (III)1872±34−21870±32
11/8/2011DTTC November League 2011 (II)1860±35+121872±33
11/1/2011DTTC November Laegue 2011 (I)1876±36−161860±33
10/25/2011DTTC October League 2011 (IV)1864±37+121876±34
10/18/2011DTTC October League 2011 (III)1855±37+91864±35
10/11/2011DTTC October League 2011 (II)1890±41−351855±36
10/4/2011DTTC October League 2011 (I)1864±42+261890±40
9/27/2011DTTC September League 2011 (IV)1912±45−481864±41
9/20/2011DTTC September League 2011 (III)1926±48−141912±44
9/13/2011DTTC September League 2011 (II)1939±52−131926±46
7/19/2011DTTC July League 2011 (III)1967±46−281939±45
6/28/2011DTTC June League 2011 (III)1954±45+131967±43
6/21/2011DTTC June League 2011 (II)1937±46+171954±44
5/17/2011DTTC May League 2011 (III)1916±44+211937±41
4/5/2011DTTC April League 2011 (I)1929±39−131916±37
3/22/2011DTTC March League 2011 (IV)1937±41−81929±37
3/1/2011DTTC March League 2011 (I)1958±41−211937±38
2/15/2011DTTC February League 2011 (III)1953±43+51958±39
1/11/2011DTTC January League 2011 (II)1979±40−261953±37
12/28/2010DTTC December League 2010 (IV)1988±40−91979±38
11/30/2010DTTC November League 2010 (V)2000±37−121988±35
11/23/2010DTTC November League 2010 (IV)1984±37+162000±35
11/16/2010DTTC November League 2010 (III)1970±38+141984±36
11/9/2010DTTC November League 2010 (II)1951±39+191970±37
10/26/2010DTTC October League 2010 (IV)1940±39+111951±36
10/19/2010DTTC October League 2010 (III)1947±40−71940±38
10/12/2010DTTC October League 2010 (II)1935±42+121947±38
9/28/2010DTTC September League 2010 (IV)1951±46−161935±40
8/31/2010DTTC August League 2010 (V)1977±47−261951±42
6/29/2010DTTC June League 2010 (IV)1987±39−101977±37
6/22/2010DTTC June League 2010 (III)1986±42+11987±38
6/15/2010DTTC June League 2010 (II)1976±45+101986±41
6/1/2010DTTC May League 2010 (IV)2010±52−341976±43
5/25/2010DTTC May League 2010 (III)2026±58−162010±51
5/11/2010DTTC May League 2010 (II)2053±64−272026±56
12/29/2009DTTC December League (V) 20092058±58−52053±48
9/29/2009DTTC September (V) League 20092072±53−142058±47
7/28/2009DTTC July (IV) League 20092063±46+92072±44
7/21/2009DTTC July (III) League 20092050±46+132063±44
7/14/2009DTTC July (II) League 20092072±50−222050±45
6/30/2009DTTC June (V) League 20092096±54−242072±48
6/23/2009DTTC June (IV) League 20092085±56+112096±53
5/26/2009DTTC May (IV) League 20092065±56+202085±52
5/19/2009DTTC May (III) League 20092094±64−292065±55
5/12/2009DTTC May (II) League 20092061±72+332094±63
5/5/2009DTTC May (I) League 20092061±7102061±71
10/16/2008DTTC October (III) League 20082082±54−212061±48
10/7/2008DTTC October (II) League 20082068±56+142082±53
6/24/2008DTTC June (IV) League 20082056±43+122068±41
6/17/2008DTTC June (III) League 20082102±50−462056±42
6/10/2008DTTC June (II) League 20082090±51+122102±49
5/27/2008DTTC May (IV) League 20082075±52+152090±49
5/13/2008DTTC May (II) League 20082065±52+102075±50
3/25/2008DTTC March (IV) League 20082082±51−172065±46
3/18/2008DTTC March (III) Laegue 20082072±52+102082±50
3/11/2008DTTC March (II) League 20082049±56+232072±51
12/11/2007DTTC December (II) League 20072056±48−72049±44
10/23/2007DTTC October (IV) League 20072062±43−62056±40
10/16/2007DTTC October (III) League 20072071±46−92062±42
10/9/2007DTTC October (II) League 20072051±48+202071±45
9/25/2007DTTC September (IV) League 20072066±49−152051±46
9/18/2007DTTC September (III) League 20072085±54−192066±48
9/11/2007DTTC September (II) League 20072113±59−282085±53
5/29/2007DTTC May (IV) League 20072100±47+132113±45
5/15/2007DTTC May (II) League 20072087±47+132100±45
5/1/2007DTTC April (IV) League 20072077±46+102087±45
4/25/2007DTTC April(III) League 20072097±50−202077±46
4/17/2007DTTC April(II) League 20072081±52+162097±49
2/27/2007DTTC February (IV) League 20072063±48+182081±46
2/20/2007DTTC February (III) League 20072081±53−182063±47
2/13/2007DTTC February (II) League 20072109±59−282081±52
12/26/2006DTTC December (IV) League 20062099±55+102109±53
9/26/2006DTTC September (IV) League 20062126±46−272099±43
9/19/2006DTTC September (III) League 20062150±49−242126±45
9/12/2006DTTC September (II) League 20062145±49+52150±48
8/22/2006DTTC August (IV) League 20062138±47+72145±46
8/15/2006DTTC August (III) League 20062168±50−302138±46
7/25/2006DTTC July (IV) League 20062163±48+52168±47
7/18/2006DTTC July (III) League 20062161±47+22163±47
7/11/2006DTTC July (II) League 20062153±48+82161±46
6/27/2006DTTC June (IV) League 20062140±47+132153±46
6/13/2006DTTC June (II) League 20062159±50−192140±45
5/30/2006DTTC May (IV) League 20062192±52−332159±48
5/23/2006DTTC May (III) League 20062225±56−332192±51
5/16/2006DTTC May (II) League 20062221±56+42225±55
5/2/2006DTTC April (IV) League 20062213±57+82221±55
4/11/2006DTTC April (II) League 20062201±56+122213±54
3/21/2006DTTC March (III) League 20062199±54+22201±54
2/28/2006DTTC February (IV) League 20062195±53+42199±52
2/21/2006DTTC February (III) League 20062192±52+32195±52
2/14/2006DTTC February (II) League 20062190±52+22192±51
1/17/2006DTTC January (III) League 20062186±49+42190±48
1/10/2006DTTC January (II) League 20062182±49+42186±48
12/27/2005DTTC December (IV) League2172±48+102182±47
12/20/2005DTTC December (III) League 20052160±49+122172±47
12/13/2005DTTC December (II) League 20052143±51+172160±48
11/22/2005DTTC November (IV) League 20052134±50+92143±48
11/8/2005DTTC November (II) League 20052122±51+122134±48
9/27/2005DTTC September (IV) League 20052118±46+42122±45
9/13/2005DTTC September (II) League 20052114±45+42118±44
8/23/2005DTTC August (IV) League 20052121±47−72114±42
8/16/2005DTTC August (III) League 20052106±49+152121±46
8/9/2005DTTC August (II) League 20052116±52−102106±48
6/28/2005DTTC June (IV) League 20052110±51+62116±46
6/14/2005DTTC June (II) League 20052182±59−722110±49
5/24/2005DTTC May (IV) League 20052177±58+52182±56
5/10/2005DTTC May (II) League 20052219±62−422177±56
3/22/2005DTTC March (IV) League 20052217±57+22219±57
3/8/2005DTTC March (II) League 20052213±56+42217±55
1/18/2005DTTC January (III) 20052207±51+62213±50
1/11/2005DTTC January (II) League 20052245±55−382207±50
12/28/2004DTTC December (IV) League 20042238±55+72245±53
12/21/2004DTTC December (III) League 20042237±54+12238±54
12/14/2004DTTC December (II) League 20042237±5302237±53
11/30/2004DTTC November (V) League 20042220±54+172237±51
11/23/2004DTTC November (IV) League 20042217±54+32220±53
11/9/2004DTTC November (II) League 20042217±5202217±52
10/26/2004DTTC October (IV) League 20042187±53+302217±51
10/19/2004DTTC October (III) League 20042182±53+52187±52
10/12/2004DTTC October (II) League 20042182±5202182±52
9/28/2004DTTC September (IV) League 20042184±56−22182±51
9/21/2004DTTC September (III) League 20042172±58+122184±55
9/14/2004DTTC September (II) League 20042171±57+12172±57
8/31/2004DTTC August League (V) 20042159±57+122171±55
8/24/2004DTTC August League (IV) 20042144±59+152159±56
8/17/2004DTTC August League (III) 20042116±61+282144±58
8/10/2004DTTC August League (II) 20042099±64+172116±60
7/27/2004DTTC July League (IV) 20042098±63+12099±63
7/20/2004DTTC July League (III) 20042093±64+52098±62
6/22/2004DTTC June League (IV) 20042057±66+362093±61
6/15/2004DTTC June League (III) 20042053±67+42057±65
6/8/2004DTTC June League (II) 20042047±68+62053±66
5/11/2004DTTC May League(II) 20042047±6602047±65
1/27/2004Dynamo TTC2064±58−172047±54
1/20/2004Dynamo TTC2062±58+22064±57
1/13/2004Dynamo TTC2086±63−242062±57
8/19/2003Dynamo TTC2095±52−92086±45
8/12/2003Dynamo TTC2102±54−72095±51
7/29/2003Dynamo TTC2132±57−302102±53
7/22/2003Dynamo TTC2164±61−322132±56
7/15/2003Dynamo TTC2300±75−1362164±61

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