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Schindler, Christine

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2017-03-20Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 6594±34−3591±30
2017-03-112017 Croydon Masters Veterans Open608±32−14594±32
2017-03-06Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 5601±33+7608±31
2017-02-27Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 4613±33−12601±31
2017-02-252017 Victorian Closed Veterans Championships622±33−9613±32
2017-02-20Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 3641±34−19622±32
2017-02-13Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 2629±37+12641±33
2017-02-06Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 1620±37+9629±35
2017-01-28Melbourne Open 2017608±38+12620±36
2016-11-30Nagambie Spring Comp Wk 9606±27+2608±26
2016-11-262016 Albury Wodonga Veterans Tournamnet608±27−2606±26
2016-11-23Nagambie Spring Comp Wk 8614±27−6608±26
2016-11-21Shepparton Spring Comp Week 7619±28−5614±27
2016-11-16Nagambie Spring Comp Wk 7609±27+10619±26
2016-11-14Shepparton Spring Comp Week 7593±29+16609±27
2016-11-09Nagambie Spring Comp Wk 6589±29+4593±28
2016-11-07Shepparton Spring Comp Week 6592±30−3589±29
2016-11-02Nagambie Spring Comp Wk 5585±31+7592±29
2016-10-31Shepparton Spring Comp Week 5582±33+3585±30
2016-10-222016 Australian Veterans Championships582±310582±31
2016-10-12Nagambie Spring Comp Wk 2577±30+5582±29
2016-10-10Shepparton Spring Comp Week 2575±32+2577±30
2016-10-05Nagambie Spring Comp Wk 1575±320575±30
2016-10-03Shepparton Spring Comp Week 1559±34+16575±32
2016-09-112016 Geelong Open Veterans Championships561±30−2559±29
2016-09-07Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 19565±29−4561±28
2016-08-31Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 18565±290565±27
2016-08-24Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 17571±28−6565±27
2016-08-22Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 15563±29+8571±28
2016-08-21MPTTA Veterans Tournament 2016564±28−1563±28
2016-08-17Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 16561±28+3564±27
2016-08-15Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 14566±28−5561±28
2016-08-10Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 14575±28−9566±27
2016-08-08Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 13577±28−2575±28
2016-08-072016 Yarrawonga Mulwala Open Senior Championships576±28+1577±28
2016-08-03Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 13575±29+1576±27
2016-08-01Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 12564±30+11575±28
2016-07-27Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 13557±30+7564±28
2016-07-25Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 11558±30−1557±29
2016-07-20Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 12566±31−8558±29
2016-07-18Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 10558±32+8566±30
2016-07-162016 Victoria Open Vets558±310558±31
2016-07-13Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 11553±32+5558±30
2016-07-11Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 9558±33−5553±32
2016-06-20Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 8558±280558±28
2016-06-132016 TTV Country Champs Monday E1-E6562±27−4558±26
2016-06-122016 TTV Country Champs Sunday E1-E6565±27−3562±26
2016-06-122016 Victorian Country Championships579±28−14565±27
2016-06-112016 TTV Country Champs Saturday E1-E6577±28+2579±27
2016-06-08Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 9582±28−5577±27
2016-06-06Shep. Club Championships Monday587±28−5582±28
2016-06-05Ballarat Vets 2016597±28−10587±28
2016-06-01Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 8604±29−7597±27
2016-05-30Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 7617±29−13604±28
2016-05-292016 Sunbury Vets Open623±30−6617±29
2016-05-25Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 7637±30−14623±29
2016-05-23Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 6631±30+6637±29
2016-05-18Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 6621±29+10631±29
2016-05-16Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 5622±29−1621±29
2016-05-11Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 5616±29+6622±28
2016-05-09Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 4608±30+8616±29
2016-05-04Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 4613±30−5608±28
2016-05-02Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 3614±29−1613±29
2016-05-012016 CVGT Bendigo Veterans622±30−8614±29
2016-04-27Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 3618±30+4622±29
2016-04-20Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 2605±30+13618±28
2016-04-18Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 2607±30−2605±29
2016-04-162016 Dandenong Veterans Open615±31−8607±29
2016-04-13Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 1621±31−6615±30
2016-04-11Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 1629±32−8621±31
2016-03-21Shepparton Summer Comp W8 Finals635±28−6629±27
2016-03-16Nagambie Summer RR WK7641±28−6635±27
2016-03-14Shepparton Summer Comp W7 Semi Final641±280641±27
2016-03-122016 Croydon Masters Open Veterans639±29+2641±28
2016-03-09Nagambie Summer RR WK6633±29+6639±28
2016-03-07Shepparton Summer Comp W6646±30−13633±28
2016-03-02Nagambie Summer RR WK5650±29−4646±28
2016-02-29Shepparton Summer Comp W5649±29+1650±29
2016-02-282016 Victorian Closed Veterans647±30+2649±29
2016-02-24Nagambie Summer RR WK4658±30−11647±29
2016-02-22Shepparton Summer Comp W4669±30−11658±29
2016-02-17Nagambie Summer RR WK3664±31+5669±29
2016-02-15Shepparton Summer Comp W3661±31+3664±30
2016-02-10Nagambie Summer RR WK2675±31−14661±30
2016-02-08Shepparton Summer Comp W2675±310675±31
2016-02-04Shepparton Thursday RR Wk3676±32−1675±30
2016-02-03Nagambie Summer RR WK1668±34+8676±31
2016-02-01Shepparton Summer Comp W1678±35−10668±33
2016-01-28Shepparton Thursday RR Wk2684±37−6678±35
2016-01-27Nagambie pre season wk 3657±39+27684±36
2016-01-21Shepparton Thursday RR Wk1652±40+5657±38
2016-01-20Nagambie pre season wk 2647±41+5652±40
2016-01-13Nagambie pre season wk 1653±42−6647±40
2015-12-02Nagambie Spring comp Wk 9638±35+15653±34
2015-11-282015 Albury Wodonga Veterans650±35−12638±34
2015-11-25Nagambie Spring comp Wk 8626±36+24650±34
2015-11-23Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 8629±36−3626±36
2015-11-18Nagambie Spring comp Wk 7627±36+2629±35
2015-11-16Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 7639±36−12627±35
2015-11-11Nagambie Spring comp Wk 6620±37+19639±35
2015-11-09Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 6615±38+5620±37
2015-11-04Nagambie Spring comp Wk 5588±39+27615±37
2015-11-02Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 5592±39−4588±38
2015-10-242015 Australian Veterans Championships593±37−1592±37
2015-10-12Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 2584±36+9593±35
2015-10-07Nagambie Spring comp Wk 1578±36+6584±35
2015-10-05Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 1573±37+5578±36
2015-09-20MPTTA 2015 Vets566±35+7573±34
2015-09-09Nag. Winter Round 19563±34+3566±33
2015-09-02Nag. Winter Round 18566±33−3563±32
2015-08-26Nag. Winter Round 17555±32+11566±31
2015-08-19Nag. Winter Round 16550±32+5555±30
2015-08-17Shep. Winter Comp Round 15556±32−6550±31
2015-08-12Nag. Winter Round 15539±32+17556±30
2015-08-10Shep. Winter Comp Round 14554±33−15539±31
2015-08-05Nag. Winter Round 14555±32−1554±32
2015-08-03Shep. Winter Comp Round 13555±320555±32
2015-07-29Nag. Winter Round 13535±32+20555±31
2015-07-27Shep. Winter Comp Round 12543±33−8535±32
2015-07-22Nag. Winter Round 12541±32+2543±31
2015-07-20Shep. Winter Comp Round 11531±34+10541±32
2015-07-15Nag. Winter Round 11499±33+32531±33
2015-07-122015 Victorian Open Veterans Tournament493±33+6499±33
2015-06-272015 Aussie Table Tennis Croydon Masters Veterans498±31−5493±30
2015-06-22Shep. Winter Comp Round 9502±30−4498±29
2015-06-17Nag. Winter Round 10496±29+6502±29
2015-06-15Shep. Winter Comp Round 8513±30−17496±29
2015-06-14Ballarat Vets 2015503±30+10513±30
2015-06-10Nag. Winter Round 9509±30−6503±29
2015-06-08TTV Country Championships 2015 Monday504±31+5509±29
2015-06-07TTV Country Championships 2015 Sunday507±33−3504±30
2015-06-072015 Victorian Country Championships509±34−2507±33
2015-06-06TTV Country Championships 2015 Saturday500±36+9509±34
2015-06-03Nag. Winter Round 8510±37−10500±36
2015-06-01Shep Club Championships531±39−21510±36
2015-05-31Sunbury Open Veterans 2015531±390531±39
2015-05-27Nag. Winter Round 7521±40+10531±39
2015-05-25Shep. Winter Comp Round 7519±40+2521±40
2015-05-20Nag. Winter Round 6531±45−12519±39
2015-05-18Shep. Winter Comp Round 6524±47+7531±44
2015-05-172015 CVGT Bendigo Veterans531±49−7524±47
2015-05-13Nag. Winter Round 5473±55+58531±48
2015-05-11Shep. Winter Comp Round 5470±56+3473±55
2015-05-06Nag. Winter Round 4388±68+82470±56
2015-05-04Shep. Winter Comp Round 4345±76+43388±68
2015-04-29Nag. Winter Round 3357±79−12345±76
2015-04-22Nag. Winter Round 2380±101−23357±79
2015-04-20Shep. Winter Comp Round 2475±110−95380±101
2015-04-192015 Victorian Closed Veterans478±112−3475±110
2015-04-15Nag. Winter Round 1382±155+96478±112
2015-04-13Shep. Winter Comp Round 1572±172−190382±155
2015-03-082015 Geelong Open Veterans615±189−43572±170
2014-11-292014 Albury Wodonga Veterans Championships800±250−185615±185

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