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Connor, Isabella

All Events
2018-03-102018 Croydon Masters Junior Championships774±34−19755±34
2018-03-07BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant A R15755±37+19774±34
2018-02-28BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant A R14756±37−1755±35
2018-02-21BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant A R13751±39+5756±36
2018-02-172018 JUNIOR SENIOR TOURNAMENT757±40−6751±38
2018-02-14BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant A R12777±42−20757±39
2018-01-31BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant A R10790±42−13777±39
2018-01-26Melbourne Open 2018790±410790±41
2017-12-06BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant A R8778±33+12790±31
2017-11-29BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant A R7756±33+22778±31
2017-11-22BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant A R6751±33+5756±31
2017-11-192017 BDTTA Club Championships739±35+12751±32
2017-11-15BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant A R5741±35−2739±34
2017-11-112017 Kilsyth Junior Senior Open740±37+1741±34
2017-11-08BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant A R4736±39+4740±37
2017-10-25BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant A R3724±38+12736±36
2017-10-11BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant A R1715±37+9724±36
2017-09-06BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R18718±31−3715±30
2017-09-05BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R18712±31+6718±30
2017-08-30BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R17702±30+10712±30
2017-08-29BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R17705±31−3702±30
2017-08-262017 Geelong Open Senior & Junior Championships692±31+13705±30
2017-08-22BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R16694±30−2692±30
2017-08-16BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R15686±29+8694±29
2017-08-15BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R15681±30+5686±29
2017-08-08BDTTA 2017 WINTER PENNANT B R14680±29+1681±28
2017-08-062017 Yarrawonga Mulwala Table Tennis Junior Open706±31−26680±29
2017-08-02BDTTA2017 WINTER PENNANT A R13690±31+16706±30
2017-08-01BDTTA 2017 WINTER PENNANT B R13703±31−13690±31
2017-07-25BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant R12710±31−7703±30
2017-07-152017 Australian National Junior Championships723±32−13710±28
2017-06-27BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R10713±29+10723±28
2017-06-20BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R9710±28+3713±27
2017-06-13BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R8712±27−2710±26
2017-06-122017 TTV Country Champs Monday D3-E6719±27−7712±26
2017-06-112017 TTV Country Champs Sunday D3-E6714±29+5719±27
2017-06-112017 Country Championships700±30+14714±29
2017-06-102017 TTV Country Champs Saturday D3-E6681±32+19700±30
2017-06-06BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R7672±32+9681±31
2017-05-30BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R6663±31+9672±30
2017-05-16BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R4665±29−2663±28
2017-05-09BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R3655±28+10665±27
2017-05-062017 Victorian Open Junior Championships635±28+20655±27
2017-05-02BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R2626±28+9635±27
2017-04-292017 Albury Wodonga Junior630±31−4626±27
2017-04-18BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R1632±30−2630±28
2017-04-152017 Dandenong Junior Open641±30−9632±29
2017-04-02MPTTA 2017 Open Junior and Para651±29−10641±27
2017-03-30BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B Finals633±31+18651±29
2017-03-192017 CVGT Bendigo Senior Junior621±31+12633±29
2017-03-14BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R16611±31+10621±30
2017-03-122017 Croydon Masters Junior Open614±32−3611±31
2017-03-07BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R15601±33+13614±31
2017-03-04Ballarat Junior Senior Tournament 2017603±34−2601±32
2017-02-28BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R14597±35+6603±34
2017-02-262017 Victorian Closed Juniors599±37−2597±35
2017-02-21BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R13597±38+2599±36
2017-02-14BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R12590±39+7597±37
2017-02-07BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R11608±42−18590±38
2017-01-28Melbourne Open 2017631±42−23608±40
2016-12-06BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R9647±35−16631±32
2016-11-29BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R8630±35+17647±33
2016-11-15BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R6642±34−12630±32
2016-11-062016 BDTTA Club Championships651±36−9642±32
2016-10-18BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R3638±33+13651±32
2016-10-11BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R2623±33+15638±32
2016-10-04BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R1611±33+12623±32
2016-09-13BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B Finals605±29+6611±28
2016-09-102016 Geelong Open Juniors, Seniors & Para601±30+4605±28
2016-09-032016 Melbourne Junior Open607±29−6601±28
2016-08-30BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R18589±29+18607±28
2016-08-23BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R17582±28+7589±27
2016-08-16BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R16585±27−3582±26
2016-08-142016 CVGT Bendigo Juniors & U21586±28−1585±27
2016-08-09BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R15580±28+6586±27
2016-08-062016 Yarrawonga Mulwala Open Junior Championships593±31−13580±27
2016-08-02BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R14590±30+3593±30
2016-07-26BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R13585±29+5590±29
2016-07-19BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R12578±29+7585±28
2016-07-12BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R11585±28−7578±27
2016-07-092016 Australian National Junior TTC580±30+5585±27
2016-06-21BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R10581±26−1580±25
2016-06-182016 Albury Wodonga Junior Championships590±26−9581±25
2016-06-132016 TTV Country Champs Monday E1-E6591±26−1590±25
2016-06-122016 TTV Country Champs Sunday E1-E6575±27+16591±25
2016-06-122016 Victorian Country Championships575±290575±27
2016-06-112016 TTV Country Champs Saturday E1-E6558±31+17575±29
2016-06-07BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R9545±32+13558±30
2016-05-31BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R8528±32+17545±30
2016-05-282016 Sunbury Junior Open525±33+3528±31
2016-05-24BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R7513±33+12525±32
2016-05-17BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R6494±33+19513±31
2016-05-142016 Ballarat Junior/Senior Championships507±34−13494±32
2016-05-10BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R5510±34−3507±33
2016-05-03BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R4491±35+19510±32
2016-04-302016 MPTTA Junior Open489±37+2491±34
2016-04-26BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R3481±38+8489±36
2016-04-232016 Victorian Open Junior Championships471±41+10481±37
2016-04-19BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R2470±43+1471±40
2016-04-12BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R1467±45+3470±42
2016-03-262016 Dandenong Junior Open455±47+12467±43
2016-03-19WTTA Junior Tournament 2016377±60+78455±46
2016-03-132016 Croydon Masters Open Junior374±63+3377±59
2016-02-23BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R14379±62−5374±61
2016-02-212016 Victorian Closed Juniors398±65−19379±62
2016-02-16BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R13364±77+34398±65
2015-12-02BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R9365±71−1364±70
2015-11-17BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R7382±73−17365±69
2015-11-082015 BDTTA Club Championships360±115+22382±72
2015-11-03BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R5454±143−94360±115
2015-02-222015 CVGT Bendigo Juniors & U21 Tournament1002±445−548454±131

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