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Rix, Adrian

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12/6/2016AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 PF1017±35−81009±34
11/29/2016AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 SF1026±35−91017±34
11/22/2016AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd111039±36−131026±33
11/15/2016AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd101035±36+41039±34
11/8/2016AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd91027±36+81035±34
11/1/2016AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd81034±36−71027±35
10/25/2016AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd71063±37−291034±35
10/18/2016AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd61072±37−91063±36
10/11/2016AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd51085±37−131072±36
10/4/2016AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd41077±38+81085±36
9/27/2016AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd31078±38−11077±36
9/20/2016AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd21054±40+241078±37
9/13/2016AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd11054±3901054±39
8/23/2016AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 PF1062±36−81054±35
8/16/2016AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 SF1068±36−61062±35
8/9/2016AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd91078±37−101068±34
8/2/2016AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd81092±37−141078±35
7/26/20162016 Div1 Club Championships1120±38−281092±36
7/12/2016AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd71150±38−301120±36
7/5/2016AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd61130±40+201150±37
6/28/2016AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd51144±41−141130±38
6/21/2016AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd41136±41+81144±39
6/14/2016AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd31110±40+261136±40
5/31/2016AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd11087±40+231110±38
5/10/2016AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 PF1087±3601087±36
5/3/2016AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 SF1082±37+51087±35
4/26/2016AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd111067±39+151082±35
4/19/2016AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd101049±39+181067±38
4/12/2016AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd91054±40−51049±38
4/5/2016AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd81068±40−141054±38
3/22/2016AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd71056±41+121068±37
3/15/2016AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd61064±41−81056±39
3/8/2016AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd51087±40−231064±40
3/1/2016AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd41108±42−211087±39
2/16/2016AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd21122±45−141108±40
2/9/2016AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd11112±46+101122±44
12/1/2015AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 SF1121±36−91112±34
11/24/2015AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd141138±35−171121±35
11/17/2015AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd131117±36+211138±33
11/10/2015AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd121104±36+131117±34
11/3/2015AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd111086±36+181104±34
10/27/2015AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd101087±37−11086±35
10/20/2015AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd91082±37+51087±36
10/13/2015AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd81072±37+101082±35
10/6/2015AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd71087±37−151072±36
9/29/2015AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd61050±38+371087±36
9/21/2015AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd51045±37+51050±36
9/15/2015AWTTA 2015 Div 1 Club Champs.1042±37+31045±36
9/1/2015AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd31056±36−141042±34
8/25/2015AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd21052±37+41056±34
8/18/2015AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd11053±38−11052±35
7/28/2015AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 PF1058±34−51053±33
7/21/2015AWTTA 2015 Winter Div 1 SF1068±34−101058±33
7/14/2015AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd 131050±35+181068±32
7/7/2015AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd121040±35+101050±33
6/30/2015AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd111051±35−111040±33
6/16/2015AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd91048±33+31051±32
6/8/2015TTV Country Championships 2015 Monday C1-D21045±33+31048±32
6/7/2015TTV Country Championships 2015 Sunday C1-D21046±34−11045±33
6/6/2015TTV Country Championships 2015 Saturday C1 - D21032±38+141046±34
6/2/2015AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd81044±40−121032±38
5/26/2015AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd71047±41−31044±38
5/12/2015AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd41033±41+141047±39
5/7/2015AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd41074±40−411033±40
4/14/2015AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd11071±39+31074±36
3/31/2015AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 1 Finals1071±3901071±36
3/17/2015AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 1 Rd 71088±39−171071±37
3/10/2015AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 1 Rd 61108±41−201088±38
2/24/2015AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 1 Rd 41113±41−51108±38
2/17/2015AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 1 Rd 31127±42−141113±40
2/10/2015AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 1 Rd 21135±44−81127±41
2/3/2015AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 1 Rd 11143±48−81135±43
11/25/2014AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd121156±39−131143±37
11/18/2014AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd111149±41+71156±38
11/11/2014AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd101129±43+201149±40
11/4/2014AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd91167±46−381129±41
10/28/2014AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd81200±52−331167±45
10/21/2014AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd71165±57+351200±51
10/14/2014AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd61153±59+121165±56
10/7/2014AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd51144±67+91153±58
9/30/2014AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd41116±86+281144±66
9/23/2014AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd3948±177+1681116±85
6/22/20142014 Albury Wodonga Senior Open1000±349−52948±173

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