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Joosten, Daniel

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2017-03-21AWTTA 2017 Summer Div1 Rd7987±40−17970±37
2017-03-14AWTTA 2017 Summer Div1 Rd61021±42−34987±38
2017-03-07AWTTA 2017 Summer Div1 Rd51043±42−221021±41
2017-02-28AWTTA 2017 Summer Div1 Rd41042±43+11043±41
2017-02-21AWTTA 2017 Summer Div1 Rd31035±46+71042±42
2017-02-14AWTTA 2017 Summer Div1 Rd21095±49−601035±45
2016-11-22AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd111093±36+21095±35
2016-11-15AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd101115±37−221093±34
2016-11-08AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd91111±37+41115±36
2016-11-01AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd81108±38+31111±36
2016-10-25AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd71128±39−201108±36
2016-10-11AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd51115±38+131128±36
2016-10-04AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd41134±38−191115±37
2016-09-27AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd31136±39−21134±36
2016-09-20AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd21136±3801136±38
2016-09-13AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd11138±40−21136±37
2016-08-09AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd91136±36+21138±33
2016-08-02AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd81128±37+81136±35
2016-07-262016 Div1 Club Championships1104±38+241128±35
2016-07-14AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd71103±36+11104±36
2016-07-12AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd71112±38−91103±36
2016-07-05AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd61101±38+111112±36
2016-06-28AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd51119±37−181101±36
2016-06-21AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd41118±36+11119±36
2016-06-14AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd31120±36−21118±35
2016-06-07AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd21095±37+251120±34
2016-05-31AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd11087±37+81095±36
2016-05-17AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 GF1094±36−71087±35
2016-05-03AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 SF1090±34+41094±33
2016-04-26AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd111114±35−241090±33
2016-04-19AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd101110±35+41114±33
2016-04-12AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd91100±37+101110±34
2016-04-05AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd81108±39−81100±35
2016-03-24AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd71108±3701108±36
2016-03-22AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd71115±38−71108±36
2016-03-15AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd61107±38+81115±36
2016-03-08AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd51102±38+51107±37
2016-03-01AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd41110±40−81102±37
2016-02-25AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd31110±3901110±39
2016-02-23AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd31129±41−191110±39
2016-02-18AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd21129±4001129±40
2016-02-16AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd21125±42+41129±40
2016-02-11AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd11124±41+11125±41
2016-02-09AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd11115±44+91124±40
2015-12-15AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 GF1110±36+51115±35
2015-12-08AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 PF1109±35+11110±34
2015-12-01AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 SF1104±34+51109±34
2015-11-26AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd141103±33+11104±33
2015-11-24AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd141094±34+91103±33
2015-11-19AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd131092±34+21094±33
2015-11-17AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd131086±34+61092±33
2015-11-12AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd121085±33+11086±33
2015-11-10AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd121107±35−221085±33
2015-11-05AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd111106±35+11107±34
2015-11-03AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd111099±36+71106±34
2015-10-29AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd101097±35+21099±35
2015-10-27AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd101069±37+281097±34
2015-10-22AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd91068±36+11069±36
2015-10-20AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd91085±36−171068±36
2015-10-15AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd81085±3501085±35
2015-10-13AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd81083±35+21085±35
2015-10-06AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd71069±36+141083±34
2015-09-29AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd61060±37+91069±35
2015-09-24AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd51059±36+11060±36
2015-09-21AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd51036±38+231059±35
2015-09-15AWTTA 2015 Div 1 Club Champs.1028±39+81036±37
2015-09-07AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd41037±39−91028±38
2015-08-25AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd21037±3801037±36
2015-08-18AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd11040±40−31037±37
2015-07-14AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd 131056±35−161040±34
2015-07-07AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd121074±35−181056±34
2015-06-30AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd111087±36−131074±34
2015-06-23AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd101104±37−171087±35
2015-06-16AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd91137±37−331104±36
2015-06-02AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd81151±36−141137±34
2015-05-26AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd71161±37−101151±34
2015-05-12AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd41134±36+271161±34
2015-05-05AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd41141±37−71134±34
2015-04-30AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd31140±36+11141±36
2015-04-28AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd31131±37+91140±35
2015-04-23AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd21131±3601131±36
2015-04-21AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd21123±37+81131±36
2015-04-14AWTTA 2015 Winter Div1 Rd11117±37+61123±35
2015-03-31AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 1 Finals1112±37+51117±34
2015-03-19AWTTA 2015 Summer Div2 Rd71110±35+21112±34
2015-03-17AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 1 Rd 71089±36+211110±34
2015-03-12AWTTA 2015 Summer Div2 Rd61081±37+81089±35
2015-03-10AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 1 Rd 61091±38−101081±36
2015-03-05AWTTA 2015 Summer Div2 Rd51083±38+81091±37
2015-03-03AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 1 Rd 51088±41−51083±38
2015-02-26AWTTA 2015 Summer Div2 Rd41087±40+11088±40
2015-02-24AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 1 Rd 41032±44+551087±40
2015-02-19AWTTA 2015 Summer Div2 Rd31030±43+21032±43
2015-02-17AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 1 Rd 31021±47+91030±43
2015-02-12AWTTA 2015 Summer Div2 Rd21017±47+41021±46
2015-02-10AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 1 Rd 21029±49−121017±47
2015-02-05AWTTA 2015 Summer Div2 Rd11016±52+131029±48
2014-12-02AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Finals1025±44−91016±42
2014-11-11AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd10989±45+361025±40
2014-11-04AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd9938±52+51989±44
2014-10-28AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd8917±58+21938±51
2014-10-21AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd7902±66+15917±57
2014-10-14AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd6912±67−10902±65
2014-10-07AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd5935±70−23912±66
2014-09-30AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd4962±75−27935±69
2014-09-23AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd3920±96+42962±74
2014-09-09AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd2968±111−48920±95
2014-09-02AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd11273±125−305968±111
2014-06-222014 Albury Wodonga Senior Open1000±349+2731273±121

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