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Woods, Rick

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2017-08-24AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 RdGF622±35+8630±34
2017-08-10AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 RdSF622±340622±33
2017-08-03AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 Rd14622±350622±33
2017-08-01AWTTA 2017 Winter Div1 Rd14627±35−5622±34
2017-07-27AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 Rd13620±35+7627±34
2017-07-20AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 Rd12633±35−13620±34
2017-07-13AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 Rd11619±35+14633±34
2017-07-11AWTTA 2017 Winter Div1 Rd11622±35−3619±34
2017-07-06AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 Rd10633±35−11622±34
2017-06-29AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 Rd9649±35−16633±34
2017-06-22AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 Rd8640±35+9649±34
2017-06-15AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 Rd7650±34−10640±33
2017-06-08AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 Rd6634±35+16650±33
2017-06-01AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 Rd5624±36+10634±33
2017-05-25AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 Rd4612±36+12624±34
2017-05-18AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 Rd3633±38−21612±35
2017-05-16AWTTA 2017 Winter Div1 Rd3637±38−4633±37
2017-05-11AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 Rd2644±39−7637±37
2017-05-09AWTTA 2017 Winter Div1 Rd2662±40−18644±38
2017-05-04AWTTA 2017 Winter Div2 Rd1657±41+5662±39
2017-03-30AWTTA 2017 Summer Div2 Rd8645±37+12657±34
2017-03-23AWTTA 2017 Summer Div2 Rd7669±38−24645±35
2017-03-16AWTTA 2017 Summer Div2 Rd6680±39−11669±37
2017-03-09AWTTA 2017 Summer Div2 Rd5689±41−9680±37
2017-03-02AWTTA 2017 Summer Div2 Rd4669±42+20689±40
2017-02-23AWTTA 2017 Summer Div2 Rd3666±42+3669±41
2017-02-16AWTTA 2017 Summer Div2 Rd2698±44−32666±40
2017-02-14AWTTA 2017 Summer Div1 Rd2702±45−4698±44
2017-02-09AWTTA 2017 Summer Div2 Rd1662±47+40702±44
2016-11-24AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 Rd11663±35−1662±34
2016-11-17AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 Rd10633±37+30663±34
2016-11-10AWTTA 2016 Div2 Rd9615±37+18633±35
2016-11-03AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 Rd8623±37−8615±36
2016-10-27AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 Rd7630±39−7623±36
2016-10-25AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd7631±39−1630±38
2016-10-20AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 Rd6612±40+19631±38
2016-10-13AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 Rd5630±40−18612±39
2016-09-20AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd2630±360630±36
2016-09-17AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 Rd1647±37−17630±35
2016-08-25AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 PF660±34−13647±32
2016-08-18AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 SF665±34−5660±33
2016-08-11AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd10652±35+13665±33
2016-08-09AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd9656±35−4652±34
2016-08-04AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd9647±35+9656±34
2016-07-282016 Div 2 Club Championships646±34+1647±34
2016-07-21AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd8652±34−6646±33
2016-07-14AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd7633±35+19652±32
2016-07-12AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd7633±340633±34
2016-07-07AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd6631±34+2633±33
2016-07-05AWTTA 2016 Winter Div1 Rd6620±35+11631±34
2016-06-30AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd5633±36−13620±34
2016-06-23AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd4630±36+3633±35
2016-06-16AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd3648±37−18630±35
2016-06-09AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd2655±37−7648±36
2016-06-02AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd1661±38−6655±36
2016-05-19AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 GF659±37+2661±35
2016-05-05AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 SF658±35+1659±34
2016-04-28AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd11643±36+15658±34
2016-04-21AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd10646±37−3643±35
2016-04-14AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd9626±38+20646±36
2016-04-07AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd8644±39−18626±37
2016-03-24AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd7650±39−6644±37
2016-03-17AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd6637±39+13650±38
2016-03-10AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd5634±41+3637±38
2016-03-08AWTTA 2016 Summer Div1 Rd5612±41+22634±40
2016-02-25AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd3635±42−23612±39
2016-02-18AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd2637±44−2635±41
2016-02-11AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd1637±470637±42
2015-11-26AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd14645±36−8637±35
2015-11-19AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd13652±36−7645±34
2015-11-12AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd12660±35−8652±34
2015-11-05AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd11658±36+2660±34
2015-10-29AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd10667±35−9658±34
2015-10-22AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd9661±36+6667±34
2015-10-20AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd9668±36−7661±35
2015-10-15AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd8662±37+6668±35
2015-10-13AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd8666±37−4662±37
2015-10-08AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd7690±37−24666±36
2015-10-01AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd6716±37−26690±36
2015-09-24AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd5709±39+7716±36
2015-09-17AWTTA 2015 Div2 Club Champs709±390709±37
2015-09-10AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd4737±39−28709±38
2015-09-03AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd3727±40+10737±38
2015-09-01AWTTA 2015 Spring Div1 Rd3733±40−6727±39
2015-08-27AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd2753±43−20733±39
2015-08-20AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd1739±44+14753±41
2015-06-25AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd11734±36+5739±34
2015-06-18AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd10732±36+2734±34
2015-06-17AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd9734±38−2732±36
2015-06-04AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd8757±38−23734±35
2015-05-28AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd7776±39−19757±36
2015-05-22AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd6788±40−12776±38
2015-05-14AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd5809±41−21788±38
2015-05-07AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd4808±41+1809±40
2015-04-30AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd3810±42−2808±40
2015-04-23AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd2817±44−7810±41
2015-03-19AWTTA 2015 Summer Div2 Rd7799±40+18817±38
2015-03-12AWTTA 2015 Summer Div2 Rd6802±42−3799±39
2015-03-05AWTTA 2015 Summer Div2 Rd5788±43+14802±41
2015-02-26AWTTA 2015 Summer Div2 Rd4790±45−2788±42
2015-02-19AWTTA 2015 Summer Div2 Rd3801±47−11790±44
2015-02-12AWTTA 2015 Summer Div2 Rd2811±50−10801±46
2015-02-05AWTTA 2015 Summer Div2 Rd1819±55−8811±49
2014-11-11AWTTA 2014 Spring Div1 Rd10821±43−2819±43

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