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Brownlaw, Patrick

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2017-03-07AWTTA 2017 Summer Div1 Rd5766±37−4762±36
2017-03-02AWTTA 2017 Summer Div2 Rd4749±38+17766±36
2017-02-28AWTTA 2017 Summer Div1 Rd4753±39−4749±38
2017-02-23AWTTA 2017 Summer Div2 Rd3756±41−3753±38
2017-02-21AWTTA 2017 Summer Div1 Rd3758±41−2756±41
2017-02-16AWTTA 2017 Summer Div2 Rd2756±43+2758±40
2017-02-14AWTTA 2017 Summer Div1 Rd2742±44+14756±42
2017-02-07AWTTA 2017 Summer Div1 Rd 1744±44−2742±43
2016-12-13AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 GF745±34−1744±34
2016-12-01AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 SF737±32+8745±32
2016-11-29AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 SF737±320737±32
2016-11-24AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 Rd11726±32+11737±31
2016-11-22AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd11720±33+6726±32
2016-11-17AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 Rd10712±33+8720±31
2016-11-15AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd10714±33−2712±32
2016-11-10AWTTA 2016 Div2 Rd9701±33+13714±31
2016-11-08AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd9703±33−2701±32
2016-11-03AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 Rd8728±33−25703±32
2016-11-01AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd8729±33−1728±33
2016-10-27AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 Rd7728±33+1729±32
2016-10-25AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd7716±33+12728±33
2016-10-20AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 Rd6701±34+15716±32
2016-10-18AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd6701±340701±34
2016-10-13AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 Rd5712±35−11701±33
2016-10-11AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd5683±36+29712±35
2016-10-04AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd4683±340683±34
2016-09-22AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 Rd2675±33+8683±32
2016-09-20AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd2667±33+8675±32
2016-09-17AWTTA 2016 Spring Div2 Rd1688±35−21667±32
2016-09-13AWTTA 2016 Spring Div1 Rd1673±34+15688±34
2016-08-29AWTTA 2016 Winter Div3 GF670±32+3673±31
2016-08-18AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 SF671±30−1670±29
2016-08-15AWTTA 2016 Winter Div3 SF666±30+5671±30
2016-08-11AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd10644±31+22666±29
2016-08-08AWTTA 2016 Winter DIv3 Rd9635±31+9644±30
2016-08-04AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd9631±32+4635±30
2016-08-01AWTTA 2016 Winter Div3 Rd8635±31−4631±31
2016-07-282016 Div 2 Club Championships646±32−11635±30
2016-07-21AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd8632±32+14646±30
2016-07-192016 Div 3 Club Championships635±32−3632±31
2016-07-14AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd7632±32+3635±31
2016-07-11AWTTA 2016 Winter Div3 Rd7631±32+1632±31
2016-07-07AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd6619±32+12631±31
2016-07-04AWTTA 2016 Winter Div3 Rd6616±31+3619±31
2016-06-30AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd5607±31+9616±30
2016-06-27AWTTA 2016 Winter Div3 Rd5605±31+2607±31
2016-06-23AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd4598±31+7605±30
2016-06-20AWTTA 2016 Winter Div3 Rd4595±31+3598±30
2016-06-182016 Albury Wodonga Junior Championships598±33−3595±31
2016-06-16AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd3579±34+19598±32
2016-06-132016 TTV Country Champs Monday C2-D3580±33−1579±33
2016-06-122016 TTV Country Champs Sunday C2-D3568±34+12580±33
2016-06-112016 TTV Country Champs Saturday C2-D3537±34+31568±34
2016-06-06AWTTA 2016 Winter Div3 Rd2532±36+5537±33
2016-06-02AWTTA 2016 Winter Div2 Rd1522±36+10532±35
2016-05-30AWTTA 2016 Winter Div3 Rd1542±37−20522±35
2016-05-02AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 SF555±33−13542±31
2016-04-28AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd11556±33−1555±32
2016-04-25AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd11567±33−11556±32
2016-04-21AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd10575±34−8567±32
2016-04-18AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd10558±35+17575±33
2016-04-14AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd9551±36+7558±34
2016-04-07AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd8561±36−10551±34
2016-04-04AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd8558±36+3561±35
2016-03-24AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd7560±34−2558±34
2016-03-21AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd7544±34+16560±34
2016-03-17AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd6530±34+14544±33
2016-03-14AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd6521±35+9530±33
2016-03-10AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd5494±36+27521±34
2016-03-07AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd5510±37−16494±35
2016-02-29AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd4523±37−13510±35
2016-02-25AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd3521±38+2523±36
2016-02-22AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd3513±41+8521±37
2016-02-18AWTTA 2016 Summer Div2 Rd2526±42−13513±40
2016-02-15AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd2518±44+8526±41
2016-02-08AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd1537±45−19518±42
2015-11-30AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 SF535±34+2537±33
2015-11-26AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd14523±33+12535±33
2015-11-23AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd14510±34+13523±33
2015-11-16AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd13506±34+4510±33
2015-11-09AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd12512±34−6506±32
2015-11-02AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd11518±34−6512±32
2015-10-26AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd10524±35−6518±33
2015-10-22AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd9509±35+15524±34
2015-10-19AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd9495±36+14509±34
2015-10-15AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd8497±36−2495±35
2015-10-12AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd8495±36+2497±35
2015-10-05AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd7503±37−8495±35
2015-10-01AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd6515±37−12503±36
2015-09-28AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd6515±380515±36
2015-09-24AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd5497±38+18515±37
2015-09-22AWTTA 2015 Div 3 Club Champs505±40−8497±38
2015-09-17AWTTA 2015 Div2 Club Champs507±39−2505±39
2015-09-10AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd4488±39+19507±38
2015-09-08AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd4481±42+7488±38
2015-09-03AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd3489±42−8481±41
2015-08-31AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd3494±45−5489±42
2015-08-27AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd2479±47+15494±44
2015-08-24AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd2452±49+27479±46
2015-08-17AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd1438±54+14452±48
2015-07-23AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 SF407±54+31438±51
2015-06-25AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd11379±56+28407±51
2015-06-18AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd10388±57−9379±55
2015-06-17AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd9343±61+45388±57
2015-06-04AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd8367±63−24343±60
2015-05-28AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd7367±620367±62
2015-05-14AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd5369±61−2367±60
2015-05-07AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd4370±60−1369±60
2015-04-23AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd2375±60−5370±59
2015-03-16AWTTA 2015 Summer Div3 Rd7365±61+10375±56
2015-03-09AWTTA 2015 Summer Div3 Rd6313±67+52365±60
2015-03-02AWTTA 2015 Summer Div3 Rd5369±78−56313±66
2015-02-23AWTTA 2015 Summer Div3 Rd4393±91−24369±77
2015-02-16AWTTA 2015 Summer Div3 Rd3415±115−22393±91
2015-02-09AWTTA 2015 Summer Div3 Rd2295±170+120415±115
2015-02-02AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 3 Rd 1413±277−118295±170

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