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Benton, D’Lana

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2017-02-20AWTTA 2017 Summer Div3 Rd3333±43+19352±40
2017-02-13AWTTA 2017 Summer Div3 Rd2345±46−12333±42
2017-02-06AWTTA 2017 Summer Div3 Rd1316±51+29345±45
2016-11-14AWTTA 2016 Spring Div3 Rd10313±39+3316±38
2016-11-07AWTTA 2016 Spring Div3 Rd9305±40+8313±38
2016-10-31AWTTA 2016 Spring Div3 Rd8303±42+2305±39
2016-10-24AWTTA 2016 Spring Div3 Rd7315±42−12303±40
2016-10-17AWTTA 2016 Spring Duv3 Rd6336±45−21315±41
2016-10-03AWTTA 2016 Spring Div3 Rd4340±45−4336±43
2016-09-19AWTTA 2016 Spring Div3 Rd2341±47−1340±43
2016-07-04AWTTA 2016 Winter Div3 Rd6349±35−8341±34
2016-06-27AWTTA 2016 Winter Div3 Rd5360±35−11349±33
2016-06-20AWTTA 2016 Winter Div3 Rd4352±35+8360±34
2016-06-182016 Albury Wodonga Junior Championships368±38−16352±34
2016-06-06AWTTA 2016 Winter Div3 Rd2363±36+5368±35
2016-05-30AWTTA 2016 Winter Div3 Rd1343±37+20363±35
2016-05-18AWTTA 2016 Summer Div4 GF322±37+21343±35
2016-05-04AWTTA 2016 Summer Div4 SF309±36+13322±34
2016-04-27AWTTA 2016 Summer Div4 Rd11310±34−1309±34
2016-04-25AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd11317±35−7310±34
2016-04-20AWTTA 2016 Summer Div4 Rd10317±340317±34
2016-04-18AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd10326±35−9317±34
2016-04-13AWTTA 2016 Summer Div4 Rd9335±34−9326±33
2016-04-11AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd9327±35+8335±34
2016-04-06AWTTA 2016 Summer Div4 Rd8310±35+17327±34
2016-04-04AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd8316±36−6310±35
2016-03-23AWTTA 2016 Summer Div4 Rd7359±35−43316±33
2016-03-16AWTTA 2016 Summer Div4 Rd6359±340359±33
2016-03-14AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd6352±35+7359±33
2016-03-09AWTTA 2016 Summer Div4 Rd5350±34+2352±34
2016-03-07AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd5338±35+12350±34
2016-03-02AWTTA 2016 Summer Div4 Rd4319±36+19338±34
2016-02-29AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd4333±37−14319±35
2016-02-24AWTTA 2016 Summer Div4 Rd3356±37−23333±36
2016-02-22AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd3330±39+26356±37
2016-02-17AWTTA 2016 Summer Div4 Rd2344±40−14330±38
2016-02-15AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd2363±42−19344±40
2016-02-10AWTTA 2016 Summer Div4 Rd1363±410363±41
2016-02-08AWTTA 2016 Summer Div3 Rd1354±43+9363±41
2015-12-07AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 PF358±32−4354±32
2015-11-30AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 SF359±31−1358±31
2015-11-25AWTTA 2015 Spring Div4 Rd14366±31−7359±30
2015-11-23AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd14371±31−5366±30
2015-11-19AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd13372±31−1371±30
2015-11-18AWTTA 2015 Spring Div4 Rd13381±31−9372±30
2015-11-16AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd13372±32+9381±31
2015-11-11AWTTA 2015 Spring Div4 Rd12367±31+5372±30
2015-11-09AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd12368±32−1367±31
2015-11-04AWTTA 2015 Spring Div4 Rd11363±31+5368±30
2015-11-02AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd11378±32−15363±30
2015-10-28AWTTA 2015 Spring Div4 Rd10375±31+3378±31
2015-10-26AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd10362±32+13375±31
2015-10-22AWTTA 2015 Spring Div2 Rd9362±310362±31
2015-10-21AWTTA 2015 Spring Div4 Rd9350±32+12362±31
2015-10-19AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd9352±33−2350±32
2015-10-14AWTTA 2015 Spring Div4 Rd8347±33+5352±32
2015-10-12AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd8351±33−4347±32
2015-10-07AWTTA 2015 Spring Div4 Rd7335±33+16351±32
2015-10-05AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd7333±34+2335±33
2015-09-28AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd6336±33−3333±32
2015-09-23AWTTA 2015 Spring Div4 Rd5329±33+7336±32
2015-09-22AWTTA 2015 Div 3 Club Champs331±34−2329±33
2015-09-162015 Div4 CC326±34+5331±32
2015-09-09AWTTA 2015 Spring Div4 Rd4314±33+12326±32
2015-09-08AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd4311±35+3314±33
2015-09-02AWTTA 2015 Spring Div4 Rd3303±35+8311±34
2015-08-31AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd3306±35−3303±34
2015-08-26AWTTA 2015 Spring Div4 Rd2292±35+14306±34
2015-08-24AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd2288±36+4292±34
2015-08-19AWTTA 2015 Spring Div4 Rd1273±36+15288±34
2015-08-17AWTTA 2015 Spring Div3 Rd1271±38+2273±36
2015-07-29AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4 PF272±35−1271±34
2015-07-22AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4 SF265±35+7272±34
2015-07-15AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4 Rd14258±35+7265±34
2015-07-08AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4 Rd13257±36+1258±34
2015-07-01AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4 Rd12235±36+22257±34
2015-06-26AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4 Rd11238±37−3235±35
2015-06-24AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4 Rd10231±38+7238±36
2015-06-202015 Albury Tournament244±40−13231±37
2015-06-10AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4 Rd9245±38−1244±38
2015-06-03AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4 Rd8258±38−13245±37
2015-05-27AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4 Rd7272±39−14258±37
2015-05-20AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4 Rd6295±39−23272±37
2015-05-13AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4Rd5296±41−1295±38
2015-05-06AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4 Rd4282±43+14296±39
2015-04-29AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4 Rd3286±43−4282±41
2015-04-23AWTTA 2015 Winter Div2 Rd2290±43−4286±42
2015-04-22AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4 Rd2273±46+17290±43
2015-04-15AWTTA 2015 Winter Div4 Rd1259±48+14273±45
2015-03-18AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 4 Rd 7274±46−15259±43
2015-03-16AWTTA 2015 Summer Div3 Rd7286±48−12274±45
2015-03-11AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 4 Rd 6293±52−7286±47
2015-03-09AWTTA 2015 Summer Div3 Rd6285±53+8293±51
2015-03-04AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 4 Rd 5296±56−11285±52
2015-03-02AWTTA 2015 Summer Div3 Rd5251±57+45296±55
2015-02-23AWTTA 2015 Summer Div3 Rd4234±63+17251±56
2015-02-18AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 4 Rd 3201±70+33234±62
2015-02-16AWTTA 2015 Summer Div3 Rd3265±75−64201±70
2015-02-11AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 4 Rd 2225±93+40265±75
2015-02-09AWTTA 2015 Summer Div3 Rd2341±112−116225±93
2015-02-04AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 4 Rd 1211±148+130341±112
2015-02-02AWTTA 2015 Summer Season Div 3 Rd 1314±226−103211±148

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