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Burgmann, Luke

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2018-02-26Shepparton Summer Comp Week 51082±46−81074±43
2018-02-19Shepparton Summer Comp Week 41100±48−181082±45
2018-02-05Shepparton Summer Comp Week 21106±48−61100±46
2018-01-29Shepparton Summer Comp Week 11136±49−301106±47
2017-12-04Shepparton Spring Comp Wk. 61115±43+211136±41
2017-11-27Shepparton Spring Comp Wk. 61098±43+171115±42
2017-11-20Shepparton Spring Comp Wk. 51077±44+211098±42
2017-11-13Shepparton Spring Comp Wk. 41095±45−181077±42
2017-10-30Shepparton Spring Comp Wk. 31097±43−21095±42
2017-10-23Shepparton Spring Comp Wk. 21090±45+71097±42
2017-10-16Shepparton Spring Comp Wk. 11100±45−101090±43
2017-09-11Shepparton Winter Comp Finals1099±40+11100±39
2017-08-28Shepparton Winter Comp Semi Finals1087±39+121099±37
2017-08-21Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 141076±39+111087±37
2017-08-14Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 131074±39+21076±38
2017-08-07Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 121059±38+151074±37
2017-07-31Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 111058±38+11059±37
2017-07-24Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 101060±38−21058±37
2017-07-17Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 91053±39+71060±37
2017-06-26Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 81051±35+21053±35
2017-06-12TTV 2017 Country Champs Monday A to D21066±34−151051±32
2017-06-11TTV 2017 Country Champs Sunday A to D21108±39−421066±34
2017-06-10TTV 2017 Country Champs Saturday A to D21173±43−651108±39
2017-06-05Shepparton Club Championships1181±44−81173±42
2017-05-29Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 61180±44+11181±43
2017-05-22Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 51181±43−11180±43
2017-05-15Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 41188±44−71181±42
2017-05-08Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 31171±44+171188±43
2017-05-01Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 21180±46−91171±43
2017-04-24Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 11181±46−11180±45
2017-04-03Shepparton Summer Comp Finals1177±45+41181±43
2017-03-27Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 71170±45+71177±43
2017-03-20Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 61158±46+121170±44
2017-03-06Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 51160±45−21158±44
2017-02-27Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 41139±45+211160±44
2017-02-20Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 31157±47−181139±44
2017-02-13Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 21151±48+61157±46
2017-02-06Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 11159±50−81151±47
2016-11-21Shepparton Spring Comp Week 71152±39+71159±38
2016-11-14Shepparton Spring Comp Week 71156±40−41152±38
2016-11-07Shepparton Spring Comp Week 61150±39+61156±38
2016-10-31Shepparton Spring Comp Week 51133±39+171150±38
2016-10-24Shepparton Spring Comp Week 41142±40−91133±38
2016-10-17Shepparton Spring Comp Week 31129±41+131142±39
2016-10-10Shepparton Spring Comp Week 21129±4101129±39
2016-10-03Shepparton Spring Comp Week 11133±41−41129±40
2016-09-12Shep. Mon. Winter Grand Finals1124±39+91133±38
2016-09-05Shep. Mon. Winter Prelim Finals1125±39−11124±37
2016-08-29Shep. Mon. Winter Semi Finals1145±38−201125±37
2016-08-22Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 151146±38−11145±37
2016-08-15Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 141165±38−191146±37
2016-08-08Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 131164±37+11165±36
2016-08-01Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 121145±37+191164±36
2016-07-25Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 111138±37+71145±36
2016-07-18Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 101140±38−21138±36
2016-07-11Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 91138±37+21140±36
2016-06-20Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 81135±34+31138±33
2016-06-132016 TTV Country Champs Monday C2-D31133±32+21135±32
2016-06-122016 TTV Country Champs Sunday C2-D31183±37−501133±32
2016-06-112016 TTV Country Champs Saturday C2-D31196±41−131183±37
2016-06-06Shep. Club Championships Monday1196±4201196±40
2016-05-30Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 71195±42+11196±41
2016-05-23Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 61192±42+31195±41
2016-05-16Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 51195±44−31192±41
2016-05-09Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 41192±44+31195±42
2016-05-02Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 31189±45+31192±43
2016-04-18Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 21186±45+31189±42
2016-04-11Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 11178±45+81186±44
2016-03-21Shepparton Summer Comp W8 Finals1201±44−231178±42
2016-03-14Shepparton Summer Comp W7 Semi Final1201±4501201±43
2016-03-07Shepparton Summer Comp W61203±46−21201±44
2016-02-29Shepparton Summer Comp W51221±48−181203±45
2016-02-22Shepparton Summer Comp W41219±48+21221±47
2016-02-15Shepparton Summer Comp W31217±48+21219±47
2016-02-08Shepparton Summer Comp W21201±50+161217±47
2016-02-01Shepparton Summer Comp W11241±53−401201±49
2015-11-23Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 81243±44−21241±44
2015-11-16Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 71221±44+221243±43
2015-11-09Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 61229±45−81221±43
2015-10-27Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 41245±45−161229±43
2015-10-26Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 31236±46+91245±45
2015-10-05Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 11236±4301236±43
2015-08-31Shep. Winter Comp 2nd Semi Finals1226±39+101236±37
2015-08-24Shep. Winter Comp Semi Finals1207±38+191226±38
2015-08-17Shep. Winter Comp Round 151189±38+181207±37
2015-08-10Shep. Winter Comp Round 141169±40+201189±37
2015-08-03Shep. Winter Comp Round 131168±39+11169±38
2015-07-27Shep. Winter Comp Round 121174±40−61168±38
2015-07-20Shep. Winter Comp Round 111172±39+21174±39
2015-07-13Shep. Winter Comp Round 101176±39−41172±38
2015-06-22Shep. Winter Comp Round 91177±38−11176±35
2015-06-15Shep. Winter Comp Round 81188±38−111177±36
2015-06-08TTV Country Championships 2015 Monday C1-D21201±40−131188±36
2015-06-07TTV Country Championships 2015 Sunday C1-D21224±44−231201±40
2015-06-06TTV Country Championships 2015 Saturday C1 - D21266±51−421224±44
2015-06-01Shep Club Championships1243±54+231266±50
2015-05-25Shep. Winter Comp Round 71235±58+81243±53
2015-05-18Shep. Winter Comp Round 61223±61+121235±57
2015-05-11Shep. Winter Comp Round 51295±75−721223±60
2015-05-04Shep. Winter Comp Round 41243±87+521295±74
2015-04-27Shep. Winter Comp Round 31369±105−1261243±87
2015-04-20Shep. Winter Comp Round 21414±155−451369±105
2015-04-13Shep. Winter Comp Round 11250±250+1641414±155

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