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Doller, Hank

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10/17/2016Shepparton Spring Comp Week 3847±34−11836±33
10/12/2016Nagambie Spring Comp Wk 2840±34+7847±33
10/10/2016Shepparton Spring Comp Week 2837±34+3840±34
10/5/2016Nagambie Spring Comp Wk 1838±35−1837±33
10/3/2016Shepparton Spring Comp Week 1834±35+4838±34
9/7/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 19821±31+13834±29
9/5/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Prelim Finals840±31−19821±30
8/31/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 18834±30+6840±30
8/29/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Semi Finals849±30−15834±30
8/24/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 17839±30+10849±29
8/22/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 15846±30−7839±29
8/17/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 16832±31+14846±29
8/15/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 14839±31−7832±30
8/10/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 14846±31−7839±30
8/8/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 13855±31−9846±30
8/3/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 13846±31+9855±30
8/1/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 12848±31−2846±30
7/27/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 13837±31+11848±30
7/25/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 11842±31−5837±30
7/18/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 10848±30−6842±30
7/13/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 11833±31+15848±29
7/11/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 9831±31+2833±30
6/20/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 8827±27+4831±26
6/13/20162016 TTV Country Champs Monday C2-D3828±26−1827±25
6/12/20162016 TTV Country Champs Sunday C2-D3860±28−32828±25
6/11/20162016 TTV Country Champs Saturday C2-D3875±29−15860±28
6/8/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 9877±30−2875±28
6/6/2016Shep. Club Championships Monday876±30+1877±29
6/1/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 8866±30+10876±29
5/30/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 7879±31−13866±30
5/25/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 7890±32−11879±30
5/23/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 6888±32+2890±31
5/18/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 6911±32−23888±31
5/16/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 5920±33−9911±32
5/11/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 5906±33+14920±31
5/9/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 4912±34−6906±32
5/4/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 4916±34−4912±33
5/2/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 3911±35+5916±34
4/27/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 3906±34+5911±34
4/20/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 2906±350906±33
4/18/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 2900±35+6906±34
4/13/2016Nagambie Winter Comp Wk 1875±37+25900±34
4/11/2016Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 1867±38+8875±36
3/16/2016Nagambie Summer RR WK7853±35+14867±32
3/9/2016Nagambie Summer RR WK6859±35−6853±33
3/2/2016Nagambie Summer RR WK5870±35−11859±33
2/24/2016Nagambie Summer RR WK4866±35+4870±33
2/17/2016Nagambie Summer RR WK3860±36+6866±33
2/10/2016Nagambie Summer RR WK2860±360860±34
2/3/2016Nagambie Summer RR WK1862±37−2860±35
1/27/2016Nagambie pre season wk 3881±38−19862±36
1/20/2016Nagambie pre season wk 2888±38−7881±37
1/13/2016Nagambie pre season wk 1898±38−10888±37
12/2/2015Nagambie Spring comp Wk 9894±32+4898±30
11/25/2015Nagambie Spring comp Wk 8891±32+3894±30
11/23/2015Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 8907±33−16891±31
11/18/2015Nagambie Spring comp Wk 7907±320907±32
11/16/2015Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 7909±32−2907±31
11/11/2015Nagambie Spring comp Wk 6927±33−18909±30
11/9/2015Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 6935±33−8927±32
11/4/2015Nagambie Spring comp Wk 5929±33+6935±32
11/2/2015Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 5939±34−10929±33
10/28/2015Nagambie Spring comp Wk 2,3,4929±38+10939±33
10/27/2015Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 4927±39+2929±38
10/26/2015Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 3925±39+2927±39
10/12/2015Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 2915±38+10925±37
10/7/2015Nagambie Spring comp Wk 1934±40−19915±37
10/5/2015Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 1925±41+9934±39
9/9/2015Nag. Winter Round 19947±39−22925±36
8/31/2015Shep. Winter Comp 2nd Semi Finals934±38+13947±37
8/24/2015Shep. Winter Comp Semi Finals927±38+7934±37
8/19/2015Nag. Winter Round 16940±38−13927±37
8/17/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 15932±39+8940±38
8/10/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 14918±39+14932±38
8/5/2015Nag. Winter Round 14907±39+11918±38
7/27/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 12909±40−2907±38
7/20/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 11938±40−29909±39
6/22/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 9963±37−25938±35
6/17/2015Nag. Winter Round 10956±37+7963±36
6/15/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 8963±38−7956±36
6/10/2015Nag. Winter Round 9977±38−14963±37
6/3/2015Nag. Winter Round 8972±38+5977±37
6/1/2015Shep Club Championships970±39+2972±37
5/27/2015Nag. Winter Round 7977±42−7970±38
5/25/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 7973±42+4977±41
5/20/2015Nag. Winter Round 6980±45−7973±41
5/18/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 6994±47−14980±45
5/13/2015Nag. Winter Round 5946±50+48994±46
5/11/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 5907±50+39946±50
5/6/2015Nag. Winter Round 4908±56−1907±49
5/4/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 4944±62−36908±56
4/29/2015Nag. Winter Round 3966±73−22944±61
4/27/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 31019±84−53966±72
4/22/2015Nag. Winter Round 2978±95+411019±83
4/20/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 21019±110−41978±95
4/15/2015Nag. Winter Round 1799±166+2201019±109
4/13/2015Shep. Winter Comp Round 1800±250−1799±166

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