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Knight, Des

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2017-07-19BDTTA 2017 WINTER PENNANT A R111292±4201292±41
2017-06-28BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R101292±3801292±38
2017-06-252017 CVGT Bendigo Veterans1294±38−21292±37
2017-06-21BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R91292±38+21294±37
2017-06-14BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R81292±3601292±36
2017-06-12TTV 2017 Country Champs Monday A to D21299±38−71292±36
2017-06-112017 Country Championships1298±42+11299±38
2017-06-11TTV 2017 Country Champs Sunday A to D21273±50+251298±42
2017-06-10TTV 2017 Country Champs Saturday A to D21271±62+21273±50
2017-05-31BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R71267±62+41271±61
2017-05-24BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R61265±62+21267±61
2017-05-17BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R51264±61+11265±61
2017-05-10BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R41261±61+31264±60
2017-05-03BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R31258±61+31261±60
2017-04-26BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R21256±61+21258±60
2017-04-19BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant A R11256±6001256±60
2017-03-192017 CVGT Bendigo Senior Junior1283±68−271256±57
2017-03-15BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R161282±68+11283±67
2017-03-08BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R151279±68+31282±67
2017-03-01BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R141276±68+31279±67
2017-02-15BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R121272±68+41276±67
2017-02-08BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R111343±77−711272±67
2017-02-01BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R101435±86−921343±76
2016-12-07BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R91438±83−31435±81
2016-11-23BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R71437±81+11438±81
2016-11-16BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R61439±82−21437±81
2016-11-09BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R51439±8201439±82
2016-11-062016 BDTTA Club Championships1438±82+11439±82
2016-11-02BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R41436±82+21438±82
2016-10-05BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant A R11436±8001436±80
2016-09-14BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A Finals1434±79+21436±78
2016-08-31BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R181434±7801434±78
2016-08-24BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R171434±7701434±77
2016-08-17BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R161432±77+21434±77
2016-08-10BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R151432±7701432±77
2016-08-03BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R141430±77+21432±76
2016-07-27BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R131430±7601430±76
2016-07-20BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R121430±7601430±76
2016-07-13BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R111430±7501430±75
2016-06-01BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R81430±7101430±71
2016-05-25BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R71430±7101430±70
2016-05-18BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R61429±70+11430±70
2016-05-11BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R51429±6901429±69
2016-05-04BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R41428±69+11429±69
2016-05-012016 CVGT Bendigo Veterans1564±122−1361428±68
2016-04-27BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R31563±123+11564±122
2016-04-20BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R21563±12201563±122
2016-04-13BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant A R11562±122+11563±122
2016-03-16BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A Finals1562±12001562±120
2016-03-02BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R161562±12001562±120
2016-02-24BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R151562±11901562±119
2016-02-17BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R141593±137−311562±119
2016-02-10BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R131590±137+31593±136
2016-02-03BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R121590±13701590±137
2016-01-27BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R111590±13701590±137
2015-12-09BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R101590±13401590±134
2015-12-02BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R91590±13401590±134
2015-11-25BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R81590±13401590±134
2015-11-18BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R71590±13301590±133
2015-11-11BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R61588±133+21590±133
2015-11-082015 BDTTA Club Championships1678±195−901588±133
2015-11-04BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R51678±19501678±195
2015-10-28BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R41676±195+21678±195
2015-10-21BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R31676±19501676±195
2015-10-14BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R21676±19501676±195
2015-10-07BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant A R11675±195+11676±195
2015-09-16BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A Finals1675±19401675±194
2015-09-02BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R181675±19401675±194
2015-08-26BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R171675±19401675±194
2015-08-19BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R161666±196+91675±193
2015-08-12BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R151665±196+11666±195
2015-08-05BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R141646±199+191665±195
2015-07-29BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R131631±203+151646±199
2015-07-15BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R111631±20201631±202
2015-06-24BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R101629±202+21631±201
2015-06-17BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R91617±205+121629±202
2015-06-10BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R81616±206+11617±205
2015-06-03BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R71615±206+11616±206
2015-05-27BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R61582±216+331615±206
2015-05-20BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R51556±224+261582±215
2015-05-13BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R41542±231+141556±224
2015-05-06BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R31336±244+2061542±230
2015-04-29BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R21173±278+1631336±244
2015-04-22BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant A R1712±427+4611173±278

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