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Davies, Lloyd

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2017-11-28BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R7498±36−8490±34
2017-11-21BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R6499±37−1498±35
2017-11-192017 BDTTA Club Championships513±38−14499±36
2017-11-14BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R5534±40−21513±37
2017-10-31BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R4539±40−5534±38
2017-10-24BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R3543±41−4539±39
2017-10-10BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R1556±42−13543±38
2017-08-29BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R17562±36−6556±34
2017-08-22BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R16571±36−9562±34
2017-08-01BDTTA 2017 WINTER PENNANT B R13563±33+8571±32
2017-07-25BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant R12570±33−7563±31
2017-07-18BDTTA 2017 WINTER PENNANT B R11569±32+1570±32
2017-06-27BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R10574±28−5569±28
2017-06-252017 CVGT Bendigo Veterans573±29+1574±28
2017-06-20BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R9572±28+1573±27
2017-06-13BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R8576±27−4572±26
2017-06-122017 TTV Country Champs Monday D3-E6573±28+3576±27
2017-06-112017 TTV Country Champs Sunday D3-E6538±32+35573±28
2017-06-112017 Country Championships523±33+15538±32
2017-06-102017 TTV Country Champs Saturday D3-E6519±36+4523±33
2017-06-06BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R7502±37+17519±35
2017-05-30BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R6489±38+13502±36
2017-05-16BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R4491±37−2489±35
2017-05-09BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R3497±37−6491±35
2017-05-02BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R2498±39−1497±36
2017-04-18BDTTA 2017 Winter Pennant B R1522±39−24498±36
2017-03-30BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B Finals522±380522±36
2017-03-14BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R16532±37−10522±34
2017-03-07BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R15516±38+16532±36
2017-02-28BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R14527±39−11516±36
2017-02-21BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R13531±39−4527±37
2017-02-14BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R12560±40−29531±38
2017-02-07BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R11549±43+11560±39
2016-12-06BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R9551±33−2549±32
2016-11-29BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R8558±34−7551±31
2016-11-22BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R7549±34+9558±32
2016-11-15BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R6537±34+12549±33
2016-11-08BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R5528±35+9537±32
2016-11-062016 BDTTA Club Championships511±38+17528±34
2016-10-25BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R4521±38−10511±36
2016-10-18BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R3531±39−10521±37
2016-10-04BDTTA 2016/7 Summer Pennant B R1536±39−5531±37
2016-08-30BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R18529±35+7536±33
2016-08-23BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R17517±35+12529±33
2016-08-16BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R16508±36+9517±34
2016-08-09BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R15516±36−8508±34
2016-08-02BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R14496±36+20516±34
2016-07-26BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R13506±37−10496±35
2016-07-19BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R12521±37−15506±35
2016-07-12BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R11513±38+8521±36
2016-06-21BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R10516±36−3513±34
2016-06-07BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R9537±35−21516±33
2016-05-31BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R8536±35+1537±33
2016-05-24BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R7528±36+8536±34
2016-05-17BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R6547±37−19528±35
2016-05-10BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R5548±39−1547±36
2016-05-012016 CVGT Bendigo Veterans531±38+17548±37
2016-04-26BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R3552±39−21531±37
2016-04-19BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R2577±40−25552±37
2016-04-12BDTTA 2016 Winter Pennant B R1574±40+3577±39
2016-03-15BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B Finals566±39+8574±34
2016-03-01BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R15578±39−12566±36
2016-02-23BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R14547±40+31578±37
2016-02-09BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R12563±41−16547±38
2016-01-26BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R11541±41+22563±38
2015-12-08BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R10528±35+13541±32
2015-12-01BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R9522±35+6528±33
2015-11-24BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R8502±37+20522±34
2015-11-17BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R7502±370502±35
2015-11-10BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R6477±39+25502±36
2015-11-03BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R5484±39−7477±38
2015-10-27BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R4455±42+29484±38
2015-10-20BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R3469±43−14455±40
2015-10-13BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R2485±44−16469±41
2015-10-06BDTTA 2015/16 Summer Pennant B R1482±44+3485±43
2015-09-01BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R18481±40+1482±39
2015-08-25BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R17499±39−18481±38
2015-08-18BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R16503±39−4499±38
2015-08-11BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R15495±40+8503±37
2015-08-04BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R14502±40−7495±39
2015-07-28BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R13501±42+1502±39
2015-07-21BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R12518±43−17501±41
2015-07-14BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R11493±46+25518±42
2015-06-23BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R10461±47+32493±43
2015-06-16BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R9476±48−15461±46
2015-06-09BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R8507±48−31476±47
2015-06-02BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R7499±53+8507±47
2015-05-26BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R6498±54+1499±52
2015-05-19BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R5401±67+97498±53
2015-05-172015 CVGT Bendigo Veterans332±76+69401±67
2015-05-12BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R4281±99+51332±75
2015-05-05BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R3341±108−60281±99
2015-04-28BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R2247±149+94341±107
2015-04-21BDTTA 2015 Winter Pennant B R1601±248−355246±149

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