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Hives, Shantelle

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2017-12-04Shepparton Spring Comp Wk. 6652±41+7659±40
2017-11-27Shepparton Spring Comp Wk. 6640±42+12652±40
2017-11-20Shepparton Spring Comp Wk. 5630±43+10640±41
2017-11-13Shepparton Spring Comp Wk. 4648±43−18630±41
2017-10-30Shepparton Spring Comp Wk. 3647±42+1648±41
2017-10-23Shepparton Spring Comp Wk. 2637±42+10647±40
2017-10-16Shepparton Spring Comp Wk. 1650±44−13637±41
2017-09-11Shepparton Winter Comp Finals677±39−27650±38
2017-08-28Shepparton Winter Comp Semi Finals663±38+14677±37
2017-08-21Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 14677±38−14663±36
2017-08-14Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 13670±38+7677±36
2017-08-07Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 12666±37+4670±36
2017-07-24Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 10652±35+14666±34
2017-07-17Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 9646±35+6652±34
2017-06-26Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 8649±32−3646±30
2017-06-19Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 7644±31+5649±30
2017-06-122017 TTV Country Champs Monday D3-E6654±30−10644±29
2017-06-112017 TTV Country Champs Sunday D3-E6658±32−4654±30
2017-06-102017 TTV Country Champs Saturday D3-E6696±37−38658±32
2017-06-05Shepparton Club Championships706±41−10696±36
2017-05-29Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 6703±40+3706±40
2017-05-22Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 5699±40+4703±39
2017-05-08Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 3686±38+13699±37
2017-05-01Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 2679±38+7686±37
2017-04-24Shepparton Winter Comp Wk 1689±39−10679±37
2017-04-03Shepparton Summer Comp Finals686±37+3689±35
2017-03-27Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 7672±37+14686±35
2017-03-20Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 6651±38+21672±36
2017-03-06Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 5635±38+16651±35
2017-02-27Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 4627±39+8635±36
2017-02-20Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 3614±41+13627±38
2017-02-13Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 2604±42+10614±39
2017-02-06Shepparton Summer Comp Wk 1583±45+21604±41
2016-11-21Shepparton Spring Comp Week 7574±34+9583±32
2016-11-14Shepparton Spring Comp Week 7590±34−16574±32
2016-11-07Shepparton Spring Comp Week 6597±35−7590±33
2016-10-31Shepparton Spring Comp Week 5603±35−6597±33
2016-10-24Shepparton Spring Comp Week 4608±36−5603±34
2016-10-17Shepparton Spring Comp Week 3599±37+9608±35
2016-10-10Shepparton Spring Comp Week 2586±38+13599±36
2016-10-03Shepparton Spring Comp Week 1573±39+13586±37
2016-09-05Shep. Mon. Winter Prelim Finals574±34−1573±34
2016-08-29Shep. Mon. Winter Semi Finals572±33+2574±33
2016-08-22Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 15556±33+16572±31
2016-08-16Shep. Wed. Winter Comp Wk 14548±33+8556±32
2016-08-15Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 14535±34+13548±32
2016-08-09Shep. Wed. Winter Comp Wk 14526±33+9535±32
2016-08-08Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 13514±34+12526±33
2016-08-072016 Yarrawonga Mulwala Open Senior Championships513±35+1514±34
2016-08-01Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 12512±34+1513±34
2016-07-26Shep. Wed. Winter Comp Wk 13519±34−7512±33
2016-07-25Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 11495±35+24519±33
2016-07-18Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 10483±35+12495±34
2016-07-12Shep. Wed. Winter Comp Wk 11484±34−1483±34
2016-07-11Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 9479±35+5484±34
2016-06-21Shep. Wed. Winter Comp Wk 10480±31−1479±31
2016-06-20Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 8481±32−1480±30
2016-06-15Shep. Wed. Winter Comp Wk 9486±31−5481±30
2016-06-132016 TTV Country Champs Monday E1-E6491±31−5486±30
2016-06-122016 TTV Country Champs Sunday E1-E6533±34−42491±31
2016-06-112016 TTV Country Champs Saturday E1-E6526±38+7533±34
2016-06-06Shep. Club Championships Monday531±38−5526±37
2016-05-31Shep. Wed. Winter Comp Wk 8532±37−1531±37
2016-05-30Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 7531±37+1532±37
2016-05-24Shep. Wed. Winter Comp Wk 7507±37+24531±36
2016-05-23Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 6510±38−3507±37
2016-05-17Shep. Wed. Winter Comp Wk 6512±37−2510±37
2016-05-16Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 5501±39+11512±37
2016-05-10Shep. Wed. Winter Comp Wk 5503±38−2501±38
2016-05-09Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 4499±39+4503±38
2016-05-03Shep. Wed. Winter Comp Wk 4511±39−12499±38
2016-05-02Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 3507±41+4511±39
2016-04-26Shep. Wed. Winter Comp Wk 2519±41−12507±40
2016-04-19Shep. Wed. Winter Comp Wk 2512±41+7519±40
2016-04-18Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 2513±42−1512±41
2016-04-12Shep. Wed. Winter Comp Wk 1514±41−1513±41
2016-04-11Shep. Mon. Winter Comp Wk 1475±45+39514±41
2016-03-21Shepparton Summer Comp W8 Finals490±44−15475±42
2016-03-14Shepparton Summer Comp W7 Semi Final496±44−6490±43
2016-03-07Shepparton Summer Comp W6502±44−6496±43
2016-02-29Shepparton Summer Comp W5518±44−16502±43
2016-02-22Shepparton Summer Comp W4482±49+36518±43
2016-02-15Shepparton Summer Comp W3468±54+14482±48
2016-02-08Shepparton Summer Comp W2485±55−17468±53
2016-02-01Shepparton Summer Comp W1502±57−17485±54
2016-01-28Shepparton Thursday RR Wk2507±75−5502±57
2015-11-23Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 8539±75−32507±68
2015-11-16Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 7564±81−25539±74
2015-11-02Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 5624±86−60564±79
2015-10-27Shepparton Spring Comp Wk 4595±107+29624±86
2015-08-17Shep. Winter Comp Round 15500±150+95595±103

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