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Landry, Albert

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2/15/2014Bridgton Winter Carnival 2/141299±64−561243±48
11/23/2013Maine State Table Tennis Championships1351±73−521299±54
11/11/2013Maine Table Tennis Monday Night1350±75+11351±72
1/26/2013Bridgton Winter Carnaval Table Tennis 20131337±54+131350±43
11/17/2012State of Maine Table Tennis Championship 20121377±50−401337±44
11/12/2012Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1389±52−121377±49
10/21/2012MIT Fall Open 20121384±59+51389±49
10/8/2012Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1352±62+321384±57
4/29/20122012 Harvard Open1358±47−61352±41
4/16/2012Maine Table Tennis League In-House Championship1385±50−271358±45
1/30/2012Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1380±41+51385±38
1/21/20122012 Bridgton Winter Carvnival Table Tennis1386±49−61380±39
11/19/2011Maine State Table Tennis Championships1391±46−51386±39
11/6/2011MIT Fall Open 20111385±49+61391±44
10/30/20112011 NH Fall Round Robin Open1331±55+541385±48
10/10/2011Maine table Tennis League Monday Night1342±57−111331±53
6/25/2011Maine Games 20111354±48−121342±43
4/30/20112011 Harvard Open1399±49−451354±40
4/18/2011Maine Table Tennis League1438±54−391399±47
2/21/2011Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1435±48+31438±47
1/22/2011Bridgton Winter Carnival Table Tennis Tournament1446±57−111435±43
11/20/2010Maine State Table Tennis Championship1454±56−81446±48
10/24/2010MIT Fall Open 20101529±67−751454±52
4/19/2010Maine Table Tennis League In-House "Open"1478±48+511529±44
4/3/2010MIT Spring Open 20101475±51+31478±45
3/29/2010Maine Tabble Tennis League Monday night1472±51+31475±50
3/22/2010Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1478±52−61472±50
3/15/2010Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1514±54−361478±51
3/1/2010Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1509±53+51514±52
2/8/2010Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1471±53+381509±51
11/23/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1468±43+31471±42
11/21/2009State of Maine Table Tennis Championships1474±53−61468±43
11/7/2009MIT Fall Open 20091449±61+251474±51
9/28/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1404±59+451449±57
4/20/2009Maine Table Tennis League In-House Open1442±39−381404±37
4/11/2009MIT Spring Open 20091430±40+121442±38
4/6/2009Maine Table Tennis League1426±40+41430±39
3/23/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1417±38+91426±37
3/21/2009Maine Table Tennis League Spring Open1431±43−141417±38
3/16/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1425±44+61431±42
3/9/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1447±46−221425±43
2/23/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1444±44+31447±43
2/2/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1446±41−21444±41
1/26/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1446±4001446±40
1/24/2009Bridgton Winter Carnival Table Tennis Tournament1483±45−371446±40
1/19/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1511±46−281483±45
1/11/20092008 Maine State Championship1539±48−281511±45
1/5/2009Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1546±49−71539±47
12/15/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1553±48−71546±46
12/8/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1562±49−91553±47
11/17/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1539±47+231562±46
11/10/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1567±48−281539±46
11/3/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1542±48+251567±47
10/25/2008Maine Table Tennis Giant Round Robin1536±52+61542±46
10/20/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1530±53+61536±51
10/13/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1529±52+11530±52
9/29/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1441±57+881529±50
5/10/2008Maine Spring Open 20081465±43−241441±36
4/21/2008Maine Table Tennis League-End of Year Open1469±43−41465±40
4/7/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1470±42−11469±41
3/31/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1472±41−21470±40
3/24/2008Maine Table Tennist League Monday Nigh1465±42+71472±40
3/17/2008Maine Table tennis League Monday Night1468±41−31465±40
3/3/2008Maine Table Tennis Monday Night1456±40+121468±39
3/2/20082008 New Hampshire Round Robin Open1465±47−91456±40
2/18/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1459±46+61465±45
2/4/2008Maine Table tennis League Monday Night1458±45+11459±44
1/28/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1455±44+31458±44
1/21/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1442±45+131455±43
1/7/2008Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1436±44+61442±42
12/10/2007Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1436±4001436±40
12/8/2007MIT Fall Open 20071459±45−231436±40
11/26/2007Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1458±44+11459±43
11/19/2007Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1471±45−131458±42
11/17/2007Maine State Championship 20071509±51−381471±44
11/12/2007Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1525±55−161509±51
11/5/2007Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1523±55+21525±54
10/29/2007Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1557±59−341523±54
10/22/2007Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1566±60−91557±58
10/1/2007Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1544±63+221566±58
9/24/2007Maine Table Tennis League Monday Night1534±66+101544±62
4/23/2007Maine TT League In-House Tournament1528±51+61534±47
3/5/2007Maine TT Monday Night League1503±45+251528±43
2/19/2007Maine TT Monday Night League1459±46+441503±43
2/18/2007New Hampshire Round Robin Open 20071458±53+11459±46
1/29/2007Maine TT Monday Night League1426±55+321458±50
12/11/2006Maine TT Monday Night League1426±4901426±49
11/4/2006MIT Fall Open 20061403±62+231426±43
10/9/2006Maine TT Monday Night League1370±66+331403±59
4/10/2006Maine Table Tennis League In-House Open1373±46−31370±44
3/27/2006Maine Table Tennis League March 20061428±55−551373±44
2/28/2006Maine Table Tennis League February 20061448±64−201428±51
1/29/2006Maine Table Tennis League January 20061507±64−591448±61
11/30/2005Maine Table Tennis League-November1502±59+51507±58
11/14/2005Maine TT League November 11/14 20051486±60+161502±57
10/24/2005Maine TT League Oct. 24/31 20051470±62+161486±58
10/10/2005Maine TT League Oct. 10,20051512±67−421470±60
10/3/2005Maine TT League Oct. 3, 20051550±77−381512±66
9/12/2005Monday 9/121618±88−681550±76
10/23/2004Maine Fall Open1580±75+381618±57

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