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2020-09-14Lab League RD5TTWAWAAUS
2020-09-07Lab League RD4TTWAWAAUS
2020-08-31Lab League RD3TTWAWAAUS
2020-08-30Juniors Grand Prix FinalsTTWAWAAUS
2020-08-17Lab League RD2TTWAWAAUS
2020-08-16Junior Grand Prix RD3TTWAWAAUS
2020-08-10Lab League RD1TTWAWAAUS
2020-08-09Juniors Grand Prix RD2TTWAWAAUS
2019-12-06TTWA End of Year OpenTTWAWAAUS
2019-11-18TTWA 2019 Spring Round 7TTWAWAAUS
2019-11-11TTWA 2019 Spring Round 6TTWAWAAUS
2019-11-04TTWA 2019 Spring Round 5TTWAWAAUS
2019-10-28TTWA 2019 Spring Round 4TTWAWAAUS
2019-10-21TTWA 2019 Spring Round 3TTWAWAAUS
2019-10-14TTWA 2019 Spring Round 2TTWAWAAUS
2019-10-07TTWA 2019 Spring Round 1TTWAWAAUS
2019-09-292019 Batavia OpenTTWAWAAUS
2019-09-20TTWA 2019 Grand Prix FinalsTTWAWAAUS
2019-09-13Juniors Grand Prix - Final RoundTTWAWAAUS
2019-09-082019 Scarborough OpenTTWAWAAUS
2019-08-242019 WA Open Country TeamsTTWAWAAUS
2019-08-242019 WA OpenTTWAWAAUS
2019-08-222019 WA Open VeteransTTWAWAAUS
2019-08-19TTWA 2019 Winter Round GFTTWAWAAUS
2019-08-12TTWA 2019 Winter Round PFTTWAWAAUS
2019-08-092019 Grand Prix Round 4TTWAWAAUS
2019-08-06TTWA 2019 Winter Round SFTTWAWAAUS
2019-08-03TTWA 2019 Top 8TTWAWAAUS
2019-07-29TTWA 2019 Winter Round SFTTWAWAAUS
2019-07-22TTWA 2019 Winter Round 14TTWAWAAUS
2019-07-15TTWA 2019 Winter Round 13TTWAWAAUS
2019-07-12TTWA 2019 Winter Round SFTTWAWAAUS
2019-07-08TTWA 2019 Winter Round 12TTWAWAAUS
2019-07-01TTWA 2019 Winter Round 11TTWAWAAUS
2019-06-302019 Fremantle OpenTTWAWAAUS
2019-06-24TTWA 2019 Winter Round 10TTWAWAAUS
2019-06-17TTWA 2019 Winter Round 9TTWAWAAUS
2019-06-10TTWA 2019 Winter Round 8TTWAWAAUS
2019-06-072019 Grand Prix Round 3TTWAWAAUS
2019-06-03TTWA 2019 Winter Round 7TTWAWAAUS
2019-06-022019 Southwest OpenTTWAWAAUS
2019-05-27TTWA 2019 Winter Round 6TTWAWAAUS
2019-05-20TTWA 2019 Winter Round 5TTWAWAAUS
2019-05-192019 Armadale OpenTTWAWAAUS
2019-05-13TTWA 2019 Winter Round 4TTWAWAAUS
2019-05-06TTWA 2019 Winter Round 3TTWAWAAUS
2019-05-02TTWA 2019 Juniors Grand Prix Round 2TTWAWAAUS
2019-04-29TTWA 2019 Winter Round 2TTWAWAAUS
2019-04-15TTWA 2019 Winter Round 1TTWAWAAUS
2019-04-12TTWA 2019 Grand Prix Round 2TTWAWAAUS
2019-03-25TTWA 2019 Summer Round 7TTWAWAAUS
2019-03-18TTWA 2019 Summer Round 6TTWAWAAUS
2019-03-11TTWA 2019 Summer Round 5TTWAWAAUS
2019-03-08TTWA 2019 Juniors Grand Prix - Round 1TTWAWAAUS
2019-03-01TTWA 2019 West Coast OpenTTWAWAAUS
2019-02-25TTWA 2019 Summer Round 4TTWAWAAUS
2019-02-18TTWA 2019 Summer Round 3TTWAWAAUS
2019-02-172019 Maccabi OpenTTWAWAAUS
2019-02-11TTWA 2019 Summer Round 2TTWAWAAUS
2019-02-08TTWA 2019 Grand Prix Round 1TTWAWAAUS
2019-02-04TTWA 2019 Summer Round 1TTWAWAAUS
2018-12-10TTWA 2018 Spring B Round 10TTWAWAAUS
2018-12-03TTWA 2018 Spring B Round 9TTWAWAAUS
2018-11-26TTWA 2018 Spring B Round 8TTWAWAAUS
2018-11-19TTWA 2018 Spring B Round 7TTWAWAAUS
2018-11-12TTWA 2018 Spring B Round 6TTWAWAAUS
2018-11-05TTWA 2018 Spring B Round 5TTWAWAAUS
2018-10-29TTWA 2018 Spring B Round 4TTWAWAAUS
2018-10-22TTWA 2018 Spring B Round 3TTWAWAAUS
2018-10-15TTWA 2018 Spring B Round 2TTWAWAAUS
2018-10-08TTWA 2018 Spring B Round 1TTWAWAAUS
2018-09-232018 Batavia Coast OpenTTWAWAAUS
2018-09-092018 Scarborough OpenTTWAWAAUS
2018-08-31TTWA 2018 Winter FinalsTTWAWAAUS
2018-08-202018 WA OpenTTWAWAAUS
2018-07-30TTWA 2018 Winter Round 14TTWAWAAUS
2018-07-23TTWA 2018 Winter Round 13TTWAWAAUS
2018-07-222018 Fremantle OpenTTWAWAAUS
2018-07-16TTWA 2018 Winter Round 12TTWAWAAUS
2018-07-09TTWA 2018 Winter Round 11TTWAWAAUS
2018-07-02TTWA 2018 Winter Round 10TTWAWAAUS
2018-07-012018 Southwest OpenTTWAWAAUS
2018-06-25TTWA 2018 Winter Round 9TTWAWAAUS
2018-06-18TTWA 2018 Winter Round 8TTWAWAAUS
2018-06-11TTWA 2018 Winter Round 7TTWAWAAUS
2018-06-04TTWA 2018 Winter Round 6TTWAWAAUS
2018-05-28TTWA 2018 Winter Round 5TTWAWAAUS
2018-05-21TTWA 2018 Winter Round 4TTWAWAAUS
2018-05-202018 Armadale OpenTTWAWAAUS
2018-05-14TTWA 2018 Winter Round 3TTWAWAAUS
2018-05-07TTWA 2018 Winter Round 2TTWAWAAUS
2018-04-30TTWA 2018 Winter Round 1TTWAWAAUS
2018-04-282018 Mandurah Open Table Tennis ChampionshipsTTWAWAAUS
2018-04-15TTWA 2018 West Coast Open ChampionshipsTTWAWAAUS
2018-04-02TTWA 2018 Summer Round 9TTWAWAAUS
2018-03-26TTWA 2018 Summer Round 8TTWAWAAUS
2018-03-19TTWA 2018 Summer Round 7TTWAWAAUS
2018-03-12TTWA 2018 Summer Round 6TTWAWAAUS
2018-03-05TTWA 2018 Summer Round 5TTWAWAAUS
2018-02-26TTWA 2018 Summer Round 4TTWAWAAUS
2018-02-19TTWA 2018 Summer Round 3TTWAAUSAUS
2018-02-12TTWA 2018 Summer Round 2TTWAAUSAUS
2018-02-05TTWA 2018 Summer Round 1TTWAAUSAUS
2017-10-03Perth Spring Pennants 2017TTWAWAAUS
2017-09-10TTWA 2017 WA Open Championships - JuniorsTTWAAUS
2017-09-09TTWA 2017 WA Open Championships - GradedTTWAAUS
2017-09-08TTWA 2017 WA Open Championships - VeteransTTWAAUS
2017-09-07TTWA 2017 WA Open ChampionshipsTTWAAUS
2017-08-08Perth Winter Pennants 2017 Rounds 9-14TTWAWAAUS
2017-07-07Perth Grand Prix - All RoundsTTWAAUS
2017-07-02Fremantle Open 2017TTWAWAAUS
2017-06-19Perth Winter Pennants round 8TTWAAUS
2017-06-11Southwest Open WA 2017TTWAWAAUS
2017-05-22Perth Winter Pennants 2017 rd 4-7TTWAAUS
2017-05-21Scarborough Table Tennis TournamentTTWAAUS
2017-04-17Perth Winter Pennants 2017 Round 1-3TTWAAUS
2017-03-28Perth Summer Pennants 2 2017TTWAAUS
2017-02-01Perth summer Pennants 2017TTWAAUS
2016-10-31Perth Spring Pennants Wk 5 - 10TTWAAUS
2016-10-10Perth Spring Pennants Wk 2-4TTWAAUS
2016-10-09West Coast OpenTTWAWAAUS
2016-10-03Perth Spring Pennants 2016 Wk 1TTWAAUS
2016-09-09WA State Championships Finals NightTTWAAUS
2016-09-05WA State Championships Under 13/15/18/21TTWAAUS
2016-09-04WA State Championship Country EventTTWAAUS
2016-09-03WA State Championships B & C Grade SinglesTTWAWAAUS
2016-09-02WA State Championships Over 50/60/70/75TTWAAUS
2016-09-01WA State Championships O30 & O40TTWAAUS
2016-08-15TTWA 2016 Winter Pennants FinalsTTWAAUS
2016-07-25TTWA 2016 Winter PennantsTTWAAUS
2016-07-22TTWA 2016 Grand Prix FinalsTTWAAUS
2016-06-22Perth Winter Pennants Wk 9 -TTWAAUS
2016-06-14Perth Winter PennantsTTWAWAAUS
2016-06-05Fremantle OpenTTWAWAAUS
2016-06-04Fremantle Open U1513 Vets GradedTTWAWAAUS
2016-05-27Perth Grand Prix Round 4 & 5TTWAAUS
2016-05-15Armadale OpenTTWAWAAUS
2016-05-02Perth Winter Pennants 2016 Wk 1 - 8TTWAWAAUS
2016-04-29WATTA 2016 Grand Prix Round 3TTWAAUS
2016-04-24Scarborough Open 2016TTWAAUS
2016-03-18WATTA 2016 Grand Prix Round 2TTWAAUS
2016-02-26WATTA 2016 Grand Prix Round 1TTWAAUS
2016-02-01TTWA 2016 Summer PennantsTTWAWAAUS
2015-09-01TTWA 2015 Winter Pennant FinalsTTWAWAAUS