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2019-02-22Florida Orange Blossom Series Winter 2019USSTTA
2018-10-26Florida Orange Blossom Series Oct Open 2018USSTTA
2018-09-21Florida Orange Blossom Series Sept Open 2018USSTTA
2018-08-17Florida Orange Blossom Series Summer Open 2018USSTTA
2018-07-20Florida Orange Blossom Series July 2018 OpenUSSTTA
2018-06-17Sunshine State Games Sandpaper Championship 2018USSTTA
2018-05-04Florida Orange Blossom Series May 2018USSTTA
2018-02-16Florida Orange Blossom Seris Feb. 2018USSTTA
2017-10-27Florida Orange Blossom Series Oct. 2017 LakelandUSSTTA
2017-08-18Florida Orange Blossom Series Aug. 2017 LakelandUSSTTA
2017-07-21Mid-Florida Tour July 2017 Lakeland TournamentUSSTTA
2017-06-17Sunshine State Games Sandpaper Championship 2017USSTTA
2017-05-05Lakeland Spring 2017 Sandpaper TT ChampionshipUSSTTA
2017-02-17Lakeland Winter 2017 Sandpaper TT ChampionshipUSSTTA
2016-10-28Lakeland Fall 2016 Sandpaper TT ChampionshipUSSTTA
2016-09-16Mid-Florida Sept 2016 Classic Sandpaper Champ.USSTTA
2016-08-12Lakeland Summer Open 2016 Sandpaper Champ.USSTTA
2016-07-15Mid-Florida July Classic Sandpaper Champ. 2016USSTTA
2016-06-18Florida Sunshine State Games 2016-Sandpaper ChampUSSTTA
2016-05-13Lakeland Spring Open 2016 Sandpaper Champ.USSTTA
2016-02-19Lakeland Winter Open 2016 Sandpaper Champ.USSTTA
2016-01-23Clearwater Winter Open 2016 SandpaperUSSTTA
2015-10-23Florida Orange Blossom Series-Fall Classic 2015USSTTA
2015-09-18Mid-Florida Sept. Classic Sandpaper Champ. 2015USSTTA
2015-08-14Florida Orange Blossom Series-Summer Classic 2015USSTTA
2015-07-17Mid-Florida July Classic Sandpaper Champ 2015USSTTA
2015-06-20Sunshine State Games 2015 Sandpaper ChampionshipUSSTTA
2015-05-01Florida Orange Blossom Series Spring Classic 2015USSTTA
2015-02-20Florida Orange Blossom Series Winter Classic 2015USSTTA
2014-10-24Florida Orange Blossom Series Fall Classic 2014USSTTA
2014-09-19Mid-Florida Sept. Classic Sandpaper Champ. 2014USSTTA
2014-08-15Florida Orange Blossom Series Summer Classic 2014USSTTA
2014-07-18Mid-Florida July Classic Sandpaper Champ. 2014USSTTA
2014-06-21Florida Sunshine State Games-Sandpaper 2014USSTTA
2014-05-02Florida Orange Blossom Series Spring Classic 2014USSTTA
2014-02-21Florida Orange Blossom Series Winter Classic 2014USSTTA
2013-09-20Florida Sandpaper Sept. Championship-2013USSTTA
2013-08-09Florida USSATT Summer ChampionshipUSSTTA
2013-07-12Mid-Florida July Classic Sandpaper Champ. 2013USSTTA
2013-06-22Florida Sunshine State Games-Sandpaper Champ. 2013USSTTA
2013-05-03Florida Sandpaper Spring Championship 2013USSTTA
2013-02-22Florida Sandpaper Winter Championship 2013USSTTA
2012-10-19Florida Sandpaper Fall Championship 2012USSTTA
2012-09-21Florida Sandpaper Sept. ChampionshipUSSTTA
2012-08-10Florida Sandpaper Summer Championship 2012USSTTA
2012-07-13Florida Sandpaper July Championship-2012USSTTA
2012-06-16Florida Sunshine State Games-Sandpaper 2012USSTTA
2012-05-18Florida Sandpaper Spring Championship-2012USSTTA
2012-02-24Florida Orange Blossom Series-Winter Classic 2012USSTTA
2011-10-21Florida Orange Blossom Series-Fall Classic 2011USSTTA
2011-08-12FL Orange Blossom Sandpaper Event-Aug. 2011USSTTA
2011-08-11The Villages RR Sandpaper Event-08-11-11USSTTA
2011-08-04The Villages RR Sandpaper Event-08-04-11USSTTA
2011-07-28The Villages Round Robin Sandpaper Event-07-28-11USSTTA
2011-07-16Lakeland FASTT Sandpaper Event-JulyUSSTTA
2011-07-15USSTTA Florida Singles Championship-JulyUSSTTA
2011-06-18Florida Sunshine State Games-Sandpaper EventUSSTTA
2011-05-14Lakeland FASTT Sandpaper Event-Spring 2011USSTTA
2011-05-13USSTTA Florida Singles Championship-Spring 2011USSTTA
2011-02-25Florida Sandpaper Singles Championship-Winter 2011USSTTA
2011-02-19Clearwater Winter Blast Sandpaper Event-2011USSTTA
2010-12-18U.S. Nationals Sandpaper EventUSSTTA
2010-10-22Florida Sandpaper Singles Championship-Fall 2010USSTTA
2010-09-24MidFlorida Fall Sandpaper Championship 2010USSTTA
2010-08-13Florida Sandpaper Singles Championship-Summer 2010USSTTA
2010-07-16MidFlorida Summer Sandpaper Championship 2010USSTTA
2010-07-03U. S. Open Sandpaper Event-2010USSTTA
2010-06-19Florida Sunshine State Games-Sandpaper Event-2010USSTTA
2010-05-14Florida Sandpaper Singles Championship-Spring 2010USSTTA
2010-02-26Florida Sandpaper Singles Championship-Winter 2010USSTTA
2009-10-23Florida Sandpaper Singles Championship-Fall 2009USSTTA
2009-08-14Florida Sandpaper Singles Championship-Summer 2009USSTTA