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Yu, Kwok See

1993±154 2003-09-25 ITTF Junior Circuit New Zealand Junior and Cadet Open, Wellington (Girls)2154±88 2004-05-21 ITTF Junior Circuit New Caledonia Junior and Cadet Open, Noumea (Girls)2138±72 2004-08-22 ITTF Junior Circuit Canadian Junior and Cadet Open, Vancouver (Girls)2184±65 2004-09-09 China Open, Wuxi (Women)2155±59 2004-09-16 Volkswagen Open (China), Changchun (Women)2141±54 2004-09-23 Japan Open, Kobe (Women)2120±55 2004-11-28 ITTF World Junior Championships, Kobe (Girls)2145±77 2005-04-30 World Table Tennis Championships, Shanghai (Men)2190±82 2005-04-30 World Table Tennis Championships, Shanghai (Women)2213±69 2005-06-16 Chinese Taipei Open, Taipei (Women)2219±61 2005-09-08 Panasonic Open (China), Harbin (Women)2281±53 2005-09-15 Volkswagen Open (China), Shenzhen (Women)2345±59 2006-02-13 Qatar Open, Doha (Women)2406±55 2006-02-21 Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Women)2331±47 2006-06-01 Korean Open, Jeonju (Women)2307±44 2006-06-08 Chinese Taipei Open, Taipei (Women)2308±38 2006-06-15 Volkswagen Open (China), Kunshan (Women)2279±47 2006-09-14 Panasonic Open (China), Guangzhou (Women)2242±48 2006-11-08 German Open, Bayreuth (Women)2254±48 2006-12-15 Pro Tour Grand Finals, Hong Kong (Women)2241±48 2007-01-16 Croatian Open, Zagreb (Women)2334±54 2007-01-23 Slovenia Open, Velenje (Women)2294±38 2007-02-13 Qatar Open, Doha (Women)2293±36 2007-02-19 Kuwait Open, Salwa Cup (Women)2337±44 2007-04-12 Liebherr Brazilian Open, Belo Horizonte (Women)2323±39 2007-04-18 Liebherr Chile Open, Santiago (Women)2337±43 2007-06-14 Volkswagen Open - Korea, Seongnam (Women)2360±39 2007-06-21 Volkswagen Open - Japan, Chiba (Women)2347±39 2007-06-28 Volkswagen Open - China, Nanjing (Women)2356±42 2007-08-23 Chinese Taipei Open, Taipei (Women)2356±38 2007-08-29 Panasonic Open (China), Shenzhen (Women)2369±51 2007-12-13 Volkswagen Pro Tour Grand Finals, Beijing (Women)2396±58 2008-03-13 Pro Tour Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Women)2387±55 2008-03-18 Pro Tour ERKE Qatar Open, Doha (Women)2419±54 2008-05-14 Pro Tour VW China Open, Changchun (Women)2420±48 2008-05-21 Pro Tour VW Open, Yokohama (Women)2427±45 2008-05-29 Pro Tour VW Open, Daejeon (Women)2429±42 2008-06-04 Pro Tour VW Open, Singapore (Women)2412±68 2009-02-11 Pro Tour Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Women)2391±63 2009-02-17 Pro Tour Qatar Open, Doha (Women)2379±67 2009-04-28 World Table Tennis Championships, Yokohama (Women)2391±61 2009-06-03 Pro Tour China Open, Suzhou (Women)2384±60 2009-08-12 Pro Tour China Open, Tianjin (Women)2406±56 2009-08-19 Pro Tour Korea Open, Seoul (Women)2402±79 2010-05-23 World Team Table Tennis Championships, Moscow (Women)2373±67 2010-07-01 Pro Tour Japan Open, Kobe (Women)2364±61 2010-07-07 Pro Tour Egypt Open, Cairo (Women)2326±57 2010-08-11 Pro Tour Korea Open, Incheon (Women)2334±52 2010-08-18 Pro Tour Harmony China Open, Suzhou (Women)2334±59 2010-09-28 Team World Cup, Dubai (Women)2344±56 2010-10-13 Pro Tour Hungarian Open, Budaors (Women)2368±63 2011-01-18 Pro Tour Slovenia Open, Velenje (Women)2400±56 2011-01-26 Pro Tour English Open, Sheffield (Women)2375±51 2011-03-16 Pro Tour Polish Open, Wladyslawowo (Women)2392±48 2011-04-06 Pro Tour Spanish Open, Almeria (Women)2388±52 2011-05-08 World Table Tennis Championships, Rotterdam (Women)2369±53 2011-06-15 Pro Tour VW China Open, Shenzhen (Women)2359±57 2011-08-24 Pro Tour Harmony China Open, Suzhou (Women)2325±59 2011-10-19 Pro Tour Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)2344±62 2012-02-07 World Tour, Qatar Open, Doha (Women)2339±61 2012-02-14 World Tour, Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Women)2337±55 2012-02-23 Asian Championships, Macao (Women)2338±60 2012-03-25 World Team Table Tennis Championships, Dortmund (Women)2371±61 2012-04-18 World Tour, Spanish Open, Almeria (Women)2374±58 2012-05-16 World Tour, Korea Open, Incheon (Women)2365±54 2012-05-23 World Tour, China Open, Shanghai (Women)2374±52 2012-06-06 World Tour, Japan Open, Kobe (Women)2360±53 2012-08-22 World Tour, Harmony China Open, Suzhou (Women)2344±59 2013-07-08 Universiade, Kazan (Women)2279±54 2013-08-14 World Tour, Harmony China Open, Suzhou (Women)Rating History

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