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Tranter, John

961±140 2008-10-27 Table Tennis MN:Monday Competition League934±127 2008-11-03 Table Tennis MN:Monday Competition League875±116 2008-11-10 Table Tennis MN:Monday Competition League867±113 2008-11-17 Table Tennis MN:Monday Competition League854±109 2008-11-24 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League853±110 2008-12-09 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League849±109 2008-12-15 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League954±68 2009-01-23 2009 Minnesota State Championships1014±54 2009-05-09 2009 Minnesota Open1055±51 2009-05-19 Minnesota Tuesday Open1067±51 2009-05-26 Minnesota Tuesday Open1082±44 2009-06-02 Minnesota Tuesday Open1080±42 2009-06-16 Minnesota Tuesday Open1088±38 2009-06-23 Minnesota Tuesday Open1099±37 2009-06-27 Minnesota Saturday Open1135±38 2009-06-30 Minnesota Tuesday Open1161±43 2009-07-07 Minnesota Tuesday Open1175±46 2009-07-14 Minnesota Tuesday Open1179±46 2009-07-18 Minnesota Saturday Open1153±36 2009-07-25 Minnesota Saturday Open1159±33 2009-07-28 Minnesota Tuesday Open1163±32 2009-08-04 Minnesota Tuesday Open1189±38 2009-09-22 Minnesota Tuesday Elite, Competition and Community1177±36 2009-09-28 Table Tennis MN Competition League South1181±36 2009-10-05 Table Tennis MN Competition League South1193±37 2009-10-12 Minnesota TT Mon Competition League1187±35 2009-10-13 Minnesota Tuesday Elite, Competition and Community1172±32 2009-10-17 2009 Porky’s Minnesota Fall Classic1181±32 2009-10-19 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1180±32 2009-10-26 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1172±31 2009-10-27 Minnesota Tuesday Elite Competition Community1166±32 2009-11-09 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1172±32 2009-11-16 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1192±30 2009-11-17 Minnesota Tuesday Elite Competition and Community1206±33 2009-11-23 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1219±38 2009-11-30 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1216±34 2009-12-14 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1211±34 2009-12-28 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1191±35 2010-01-18 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1207±36 2010-01-25 Minnesota TT monday Competition League1188±34 2010-02-01 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1179±34 2010-02-08 Minnesota TT Monday Competition league1192±35 2010-02-15 Minnesota TT Monday Competition Leaue1203±42 2010-03-15 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1190±38 2010-03-22 Minnesota TT Monday Competition league1168±36 2010-03-29 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1164±37 2010-04-05 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1184±40 2010-04-19 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1176±38 2010-04-26 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1264±85 2010-05-22 Minnesota Saturday Open1248±73 2010-05-25 Minnesota Tuesday RR1349±74 2010-06-01 Minnesota Tuesday RR1376±59 2010-08-21 Saint Aldabert Table Tennis Open1347±61 2010-09-12 2010 Hai Hwa Table Tennis Tournament1414±58 2011-02-25 UMNTTC Friday League1420±55 2011-04-01 UMNTTC Friday League1377±47 2011-04-03 SATTC Sunday Round Robin1375±50 2011-04-22 UMNTTC Friday League1347±63 2011-09-30 UMNTTC Friday League1373±57 2011-10-14 UMNTTC Friday League1419±44 2011-10-21 UMNTTC Friday League Tournament1442±44 2011-11-19 Minnesota Saturday Open1467±42 2011-12-02 UMNTTC Friday League Tournament1419±64 2012-09-14 UMNTTC Friday League Tournament1383±116 2015-05-02 2015 Northfield 6th Annual Tournament1234±79 2016-05-07 7th Annual Northfield Table Tennis TournamentRating History

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